About Istanbul Property

As Istanbul Property, we have been providing real estate investment consultancy services since 2009, a sales network spread throughout Turkey and a wide real estate portfolio. 

As a team that does its job with passion, we base our stance in the real estate sector on dynamic, innovative, and reliable foundations. In this process, we adopt new technologies that are constantly developing and we take care to use more effective and efficient ways while doing our work.

Today, we are proud to have more than 1000 projects, especially in Istanbul, in our portfolio. With the investment consultancy and immigration services we provide as a company, we have a large family of more than 400 business partners around the world.

We offer a new generation of real estate consultancy services to our customers with an understanding that embraces the precious values ​​of the country and knows the geography they live in very well. Within the scope of the services we offer to our customers; we provide full support in all aspects including trading, investment, investment management, after-sales support, and even citizenship of the Republic of Turkey.

We are proud of being one of the leading real estate companies in Turkey as a result of our professional real estate consultants and the consultancy services we provide with the effect of new generation marketing techniques.

What is Istanbul Property's Mission?

As an Istanbul Property family, guide our customers in the real estate market in Turkey. We see you as a part of our family on this path that we dedicate ourselves to, and we aim to walk together by guiding you on this path with our expertise.

What is Istanbul Property’s Vision?

Our vision is to break new ground with pioneering ideas in the real estate industry. In this context, we aim to make our company the number one choice for real estate buyers and investors all over the world, both in the real estate market in Turkey and in our company. 

What are the Advantages of Istanbul Property?

Istanbul Property is a leading company that shapes the real estate market in Turkey and strives to further develop its market volume and potential with each passing day. With its potential, it provides the following advantages to investors.

  • Reliability: We offer a high level of service to our customers, especially in the large real estate market in Turkey. We have provided support to our customers from many parts of the world, who dream of owning a house in Turkey, achieving the house of their dreams, and making high-profit investments.
  • Working with a Prestigious Company: You will have the privilege of working with one of the most prestigious brands in Turkey. And this will bring you many advantages.
  • The Diversity of the Project: We provide services with projects that have the potential to meet all the expectations of our customers with our wide product range. We are working for the satisfaction of our customers with our project portfolio covering the whole of Turkey, especially in 7 metropolitan cities.
  • Real estate buying alternatives: The Internet has caused a change in the way of searching for real estate, just like the change in every subject. In this context, Istanbul Property has created a strong online asset portfolio by following the latest developments in the market and making progress in parallel with technological developments.
  • Experienced and Multilingual Consultancy: Our experienced and well-trained real estate consultants, serve in Arabic, English, French, Russian, Persian, Azerbaijani, and Turkish languages, with the passion and motivation to share their knowledge and skills to meet all the expectations of our customers and real estate investors.
  • Specialized Departments: Every department within our company, working in harmony and integration with each other, serves a common purpose to fulfill the main mission of the company.

Is Istanbul Property Trustworthy?

Istanbul Property has a reliable image in the real estate market. Our company is proud to say that more than 85% of its new customers are gained from reference customers, with its reputation built on customer satisfaction. The professionalism and success we have gained in this sector, which we have been serving since 2009 with the mission of customer satisfaction, continues to grow exponentially with each day.

What is the Difference between Istanbul Property from Other Real Estate Companies?

Buying real estate is a very serious step that will have a direct impact on your life. In this process, the most important issue is that you should pay attention to working with a professional and reliable company among hundreds of unqualified and untrusted agencies in the market. 

First of all, it should be stated that with years of experience, Istanbul Property is a well-established company that has been representing Turkey and Istanbul in the real estate sector worldwide since 2009.

Istanbul Property continues to increase its brand value day by day by improving itself with its headquarters in Istanbul and other branches in Turkey from the past to the present. Our passion for the real estate sector in Turkey and the success we have achieved in terms of consultancy are the most important features that enable us to stay at the top in this sector and grow.

One of the most important features that distinguish Istanbul Property from other real estate companies is its experienced team that shares its common vision and goals. Our team has a high-performance level that can be described as unique with the effect of team spirit. Along with all this, we owe our leading position in the Turkish real estate market providing special prices and conditions and offering unique opportunities to our customers.

The most important factor that makes a company strong and successful is the integrity it provides within itself. Istanbul Property has strong collaborative management established between managers and employees. This allows managers and their teams to combine strengths and increase the efficiency of the company while making it possible to overcome existing weaknesses as a team.

How to Become an Istanbul Property Customer?

Our agency department provides services to potential customers who are actively interested in the Turkish real estate market. In addition to this process, our colleagues meticulously analyze our customers who reach us through our website, social media accounts, e-mail addresses, or phone calls. In this way, we can offer the most suitable service for them.

Who Can Be an Istanbul Property Customer?

Istanbul Property serves investors and real estate owners from all over the world. With our wide range of real estate options, we appeal to the tastes and expectations of buyers from many segments.

What are Istanbul Property Real Estate Projects?

Istanbul Property provides services to its customers with many projects such as rental guarantee projects, government-guaranteed projects, and sea view residences for sale in Turkey.

How Do Istanbul Property Determine Property Prices?

In Istanbul Property, the prices of real estate projects are determined depending on more than one factor. The most important points to be considered in determining real estate prices can be examined as follows.

The district where the project is located is very effective in determining the price. Housing prices increase according to their proximity to the city centers, structures representing the city, tourist spots, public transportation centers, active routes, and social sharing areas. As you move away from the city center and towards suburban areas, a noticeable decrease in prices is observed.

When determining the price of a house, its visual appeal, aesthetic potential, the details of the construction processes, and the quality of the materials are the technical factors taken into consideration. In the valuation process, the price can also be greatly affected by space layout and interior design. In the case of a residence or building complex, the location of the property, the floor it is located on and the adjacent details are important in terms of price.

Expected financial gain and return potential at the investment point are also the details that raise the price.

How to Buy Real Estate from Istanbul Property?

Some details should be known to become an Istanbul Property customer. After choosing the investment option suitable for you, a residence permit application should be made to the necessary authorities. After that, an account should be opened in a bank in Turkey. The investment can then be finalized after all required application documents (including required certificates and translations) have been produced. All necessary support in this process is provided by our consultants.

What are Istanbul Property’s Services During Sales?

Istanbul Property offers the following services to its customers during the sale:

  • 7/24 Real Estate Consulting,
  • Call center service in 7 different languages,
  • Professional field sales team service in 7 different languages,
  • VIP Transportation service,
  • Legal support for citizenship application procedures,
  • After-sales service, including opening a bank account, obtaining a tax number, title deed, rental, and resale,
  • Guaranteed and fast commission payment,
  • Brings customers together with its product variety
  • Offers a wide range of products such as commercial, residential, and investment purposes projects suitable for a citizenship application to the customer in the service process,
  • Strict relationship management,
  • Rapid response and crisis management.

What is Istanbul Property After Sales Services?

As Istanbul Property, we provide you with full after-sales support. Our sales consultants are actively dealing with all kinds of needs of our customers during the sales process and after the sale. In this process, as Istanbul Property, we offer a comprehensive service to our customers, from obtaining a tax number and opening a bank account to providing support in paperwork and procedure processes for citizenship transactions. In addition, we provide support and legal consultancy services with our legal department for all these processes. Our Real Estate Group After Sales Department supports you in property management and related matters. The after-sales support you may need for the rental or resale of your properties if required is within the scope of the after-sales services and without any extra charge.

How Many Employees Does Istanbul Property Have?

Istanbul Property, which has been serving in the real estate sector in Turkey since 2009, offers its customers an exclusive and high-quality service with its nearly 200 employees.

What are the Expertise Areas of Istanbul Property Employees?

Istanbul Property, with employees who have advanced competence and experience in their field, in 7 main departments: Customer Services – Call Center, Sales Consultants, Regional Team, Agencies Department, After Sales Department, IT and Marketing, Legal Consultancy, and Finance Department. It provides a multi-language service, primarily in Arabic, English, French, Russian, Persian, Azerbaijani and Turkish.

Who are Istanbul Property’s Partners?

As a company, Istanbul Property collaborates and establishes partnerships with real estate agents, immigration companies, investors, and free agents from all over the world. With the partnership program realized within the Istanbul Property, it offers a profitable partnership opportunity to the partners it will walk within this process. In this context, we become the investors’ partners in Turkey and help them choose the most suitable property for the customer. We contribute to meeting their needs in marketing processes, in partnership with all kinds of financial support.

Where is Istanbul Property’s Headquarters?

Istanbul Property headquarters is located in Istanbul. The full address of the company is as follows.

Atakoy 7-8-9-10. Kisim Mah. Cobancesme E-5 Yanyol Street No:20 Atakoy Towers Block:B Floor:14 Flat: 154 Bakirkoy / Istanbul.

What is Istanbul Property’s Phone Number?

Istanbul Property serves its customers with a large call center team working 24/7. Our team in our call center has a staff of native speakers of English, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Urdu, French, and Turkish. The phone numbers where you can reach us are as follows:

  • Tel No: +90 212 482 00 22
  • Whatsapp Hotline: +90 530 223 33 53

What are Istanbul Property’s Social Media Accounts?

As Istanbul Property, the links to our current accounts on social platforms are as follows:

What are Istanbul Property’s Working Hours?

Istanbul Property provides its customers with real estate consultancy services 7 days a week.