Things to Know About Izmir

| Created : 2023-03-02
| Updated : 2024-02-27
Created : 2023-03-02
Updated : 2024-02-27

Izmir, Turkey's third largest city, 

Izmir is a modern, developed, and vibrant city in Turkey. It is home to the Çeşme Peninsula, known for its beautiful beaches and thermal centers, and Ephesus, one of the largest cities in the world during the Roman period.

Where is Izmir? 

İzmir is located in the Aegean Region, one of the seven regions of Turkey. This province is located in the Coastal Aegean Section of the Aegean Region. The provinces surrounding İzmir are Aydın, Balıkesir, and Manisa. This province has a coast to the Aegean Sea.

How Many Districts Does Izmir Have?

İzmir has 30 districts. These are: Aliağa, Balçova, Bayındır, Bayraklı, Bergama, Beydağ, Bornova, Buca, Çeşme, Çiğli, Dikili, Foça, Gaziemir, Güzelbahçe, Karabağlar, Karaburun, Karşıyaka, Kemalpaşa, Kınık, Kiraz, Konak, Menderes, Menemen, Narlıdere, Ödemiş, Seferihisar, Selçuk, Tire, Torbalı and Urla.

What is Izmir's Most Famous Place?

Izmir Clock Tower, the most famous landmark of Izmir, was built in 1901 by the Ottoman Sultan II. A masterpiece built to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Abdülhamit's accession to the throne.

Which part of Izmir is more Beautiful?

The most beautiful place in Izmir is not one but thousands! We have listed a few of them for you. The most beautiful places in Izmir are listed below.

  • Kordon
  • Izmir Martyrs Street
  • Gazi Women's Street
  • Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar
  • Historical elevator
  • Cave of the Seven Sleepers
  • Izmir Clock Tower
  • Dario Moreno Street
  • Karagol Nature Park
  • Sirince Village

What is Izmir's Population?

As one of the leading cities in terms of economic, historical, and socio-cultural aspects, İzmir has a population of 4,462,056 as of 2022.

What is Izmir’s Surface Area?

The surface area of İzmir is 11.891 km².

What are the Seasonal Characteristics of Izmir?

In İzmir, which is in the Mediterranean climate zone, summers are hot and dry, and winters are warm and rainy. The fact that the mountains extend perpendicular to the sea and the plains reach the threshold of Inner-Western Anatolia allows the marine influences to spread to the inner parts.

What are the Most Famous Meals of Izmir?

Izmir cuisine fascinates everyone with its taste. We have listed below for you the famous dishes of Izmir cuisine, which contains many flavors such as Arapsaçı, Hibiscus, Cibez, Şevket-i Bostan, Radish herb, and Hot onion.

The famous meats of Izmir are listed below:

  • Stuffed Meat Bread
  • Izmir meatball
  • Boyoz
  • Eggplant Shake
  • Milky Flounder
  • Izmir Bite
  • Izmir Bomb
  • Sea Beans with Olive Oil
  • Izmir Dove
  • Burnt Ravioli

Which Hotels Are in Izmir?

The best hotels in İzmir are listed below:

  • Alakapi Hotel
  • Radisson Izmir Aliaga
  • Magic Book Coffee Guest House
  • Dmira Boutique Hotel Alaçatı
  • Sureyya Hanım Boutique Hotel Alaçatı
  • Sakli Tas Konak Hotel Urla
  • Chakra Suites Urla
  • Grand Hotel Ontur
  • Ilica Spa&Thermal Resort Hotel
  • Casa De Playa Hotel
  • Kairaba Alacati Beach Resort
  • Mark Warner Phokaia Beach Resort
  • Kalem Island Oliviera Resort

Izmir History

The old city of Izmir (Smyrna) was founded on a peninsula with an area of approximately one hundred acres, located in the northeast of the bay. During the following centuries, today's Bornova plain was formed with the mile brought by the Meles Stream and the floods from today's Yamanlar Mountain, and the half island turned into a hill. The area around Bayraklı/Tepekule Mound, which was identified as the first settlement in İzmir, has been a dense slum area since 1955. The Turkish Historical Society and the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums (then General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums) contributed greatly to the first excavations here.

Ancient Civilizations Lived in Izmir

It is believed that the first founders of İzmir were the Amazons. Another one develops around the name of the legendary Phrygian king Tantalus. In another narrative in the myths, it is stated that the founders of the city were Leleges.

The finds obtained during the excavations in Bayraklı show that the foundation of İzmir dates back to BC. He explains that it goes back 3000 years; Research shows that İzmir is an Aeolian city. Although it was within the domain of the Hittite Empire for a while (2000-1200 BC), it is known that the feature of being an Aeolian city continued until the Ionians took over the city. BC Around 800 BC, the Ionians, who wanted to expand their commercial activities to the last point of the Izmir Bay, captured this Aeolian city on their border. The capture of Izmir by the Ionians, who had a well-functioning trade network through their overseas colonies, caused a rapid transformation in the history of the city. The city prospered and developed in a short time through trade.

The wealth of the city mobilized the neighboring Lydians and they went to war with the people of Izmir. BC. In 610-600, the Lydian armies succeeded in seizing the city. The Lydians then ravaged and destroyed the city. However, the people of Izmir succeeded in re-establishing their city. The collapse of old Izmir is one of the results of the Persian invasion of Anatolia. As a result of the attack of the Persian armies, BC. Izmir was destroyed in 545. After this destruction, no more urban settlements could be formed in the settlement area in Bayraklı. The most important legacy remaining from this first period of Izmir is the city itself.

The re-establishment of Izmir is connected to the Alexandros of Macedonia, known as Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great at the beginning of the Iranian campaign, BC. After defeating the Persian Empire's army in Anatolia in 334, he advanced on Ephesus with his armies. When he came to the Izmir region during this operation, according to the legend, he wanted the new Izmir to be established on Pagos Mountain, based on a dream he had around the present Kadifekale (Pagos Mountain).

Izmir, I.O. III. At the beginning of the century, on the advice of the Ephesians, he was accepted as the thirteenth member of the union between the Ion cities. Izmir, which was later connected to the Kingdom of Pergamon, BC. King of Pergamon III in 133. In accordance with Attalos' will, when it joined the Roman Empire, it became a part of the Roman lands along with other Ionian cities. Roman Empire AD It split in two in 395. In this division, Anatolia, and therefore İzmir, took place within the lands of Eastern Rome. With the collapse of Western Rome in AD 476, Eastern Rome became the ruler of the region. İzmir continued to exist as an important commercial city.

The attacks of the Sassanids in 608 were followed by Arab raids that would continue for a while, starting from 637. During the Umayyad campaign in 665, Izmir fell into the hands of the Arabs.

What are the Features of Izmir?

Aristotle once spoke highly of Alexander the Great, stating that the cities in which he ruled, including the one in Izmir, were built under the most beautiful skies and in the most exquisite climate on Earth. He emphasized that seeing Izmir was essential to completeness.

Victor Hugo, despite never having seen it in person, praised Izmir as a 'princess' and even wrote a poem in its honor. Izmir, often referred to as 'the pearl of the Aegean Sea,' is Turkey's third-largest city. It holds a unique position as a border city and a vital transit hub for various regions. With a history spanning over 8,500 years, Izmir boasts a remarkable wealth of history and culture.

Some of the Features of İzmir are listed below:

  • Ancient History
  • Capital of Important Civilizations
  • Seasonal Features
  • Tourist City and Attractions
  • Seas and Beaches
  • Natural Wonders
  • Nature Parks
  • Bays
  • World Famous Ancient Cities
  • Castles
  • Warm People
  • Educated People

Historical Places of Izmir

Historical Places in İzmir are listed below:

  • Agora
  • Smyrna (Tepekule- Bayraklı)
  • Ephesus (Selcuk)
  • Pergamon (Pergamum)
  • Red Courtyard (Serapeion) (Pergamon)
  • Erythrai (Ildırı) (Cesme)
  • Klaros (Mendres)
  • Klazomenai (Urla)
  • Metropolis (Torbali)
  • Teos (Seferihisar)
  • Ulucak Mound (Kemalpasa)
  • Lebedos (Menderes)
  • Kolophon (Değirmendere-Menderes)
  • Larissa (Menemen)
  • Notion (Meander)
  • Mosques Masjids
  • Churches
  • Synagogues Synagogues
  • Fountains, Sabils, Fountains
  • Aqueducts and Bridges

What Are The Museums in Izmir?

The museums in İzmir are listed below:

  • Izmir Mask Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Fine Arts Park
  • Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum
  • Izmir Archeology Museum
  • Izmir Ethnography Museum
  • Izmir History and Art Museum
  • Izmir Ataturk museum
  • Izmir Trade History Museum
  • Ege University Natural History Museum
  • Natural Stone and Technologies Museum
  • İnciraltı Maritime Museum
  • Ege University Museum of Book and Paper Arts
  • Sirkehane - Ege University Ethnography Museum
  • Arkas Naval History Center
  • Police Memorial House
  • Faculty of Letters Antiquities Collection
  • Bornova City Archive and Museum
  • TCDD Museum and Art Gallery
  • Izmir Women's Museum
  • Ümran Baradan Game and Toy Museum

What are the Things you Need to know Before Coming to Izmir?

Whether you're on vacation for a short time or you're going to start living in Izmir in a short time, don't go to Izmir without learning some of the things that make Izmir, Izmir.

Although the city center of Izmir changes according to its location; It is more affordable compared to Istanbul. A weekend will be enough to visit the Izmir city center. However, if you want to visit the towns; We recommend that you set aside at least 5-6 days.

Choosing Göztepe to stay in the city center of İzmir, not Karşıyaka; will make it easier for you to reach places to visit. If you want to visit all the mentioned regions in Izmir, it would be better to rent a car or go in your own car. It would be more reasonable to plan your trip to the city center of Izmir and the towns as separate holidays. If you are visiting an ancient city in the summer, do not forget to use sun protection. If you are going to focus on the ancient city and museum tour, you should get a museum card. Do not forget to take comfortable shoes and a hat for sunny days.

How Many Tourists Come to Izmir Annually?

According to the 2022 data of the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, a record was broken in the number of foreign tourists visiting İzmir with 1 million 465 thousand 6 people. With 690 thousand 988 domestic tourists, the total number of tourists who came to the city last year was 2 million 155 thousand 994.

How to Get to the City Center from Izmir Airport?

You can reach the city center by Havaş buses that depart every hour from Izmir airport to the city center, taxis operating 24/7, public buses, and the metro. Urban transport offers a variety of public transport such as taxis and minibusses, buses, public buses, taxis, and trams.

How to Provide Transportation in Izmir?

İzmir is a well-equipped city in terms of transportation opportunities. It is possible to reach every district from the center by bus, metro, ferry, and private minibus services.

Taxi Prices in Izmir

According to the new tariff approved by the Izmir Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), the taxi opening fee is $0,37, the fare per kilometer is $0,69 and the hop-on hop-off fee is $1,59.

Izmir Bus Ticket Prices

İzmir bus ticket price is $0,48.

Which Universities Are Located in Izmir?

The universities in İzmir are listed below:

  • Ege University
  • Dokuz Eylul University
  • Izmir Institute of Technology
  • Izmir Katip Celebi University
  • Bakircay University
  • Izmir Democracy University
  • National Defense University Air Petty Officer Vocational School
  • Health Sciences University Izmir Faculty of Medicine
  • Izmir University of Economics
  • İzmir Concept Vocational School
  • Yasar University
  • Turkish Aeronautical Association University
  • Faculty of Air Transport
  • Izmir Tinaztepe University

What is the Development Level of Izmir's Industry?

According to the general trade system data, İzmir realized an export worth 14.8 billion dollars in 2021. With this figure, İzmir ranked second after Istanbul in the ranking of the provinces with the highest exports in Turkey. According to both customs data and general trade system data, İzmir is a city with a foreign trade surplus.

The total number of vehicles transported in İzmir by Ro-ro ships in 2020 is 58,600, which corresponds to 11.6% of the 504,752 vehicles in Turkey. The installed wind energy power in İzmir is 1,874 MWm as of 2021, which corresponds to 17.7% of Turkey's total of 10,585 MWm.

The number of companies with foreign capital in İzmir has reached 2,822 as of 2020. According to the general trade system, 1.3 billion dollars of exports and 1 billion dollars of imports were made from İzmir. When the data obtained from the customs gates in İzmir are analyzed, it is seen that 2.6 billion dollars of exports and 1.9 billion dollars of imports are realized.

As of January 2021, Turkey's exports are 17.6 billion dollars and its imports are 27.8 billion dollars. Accordingly, the share of İzmir in exports was 7.4% and its share in imports was 3.6%. According to customs data, the share in exports was 14.8% and the share in imports was 6.8%. There are a total of 17 Organized Industrial Zones in İzmir, including 3 Agricultural Specialized OIZs, 1 Plastic Specialization, and 1 Chemistry Specialization. Of the OIZs, 13 are in operation, 2 are in planning, and 2 are in expropriation. İzmir stands out with its 3 free zones, 4 technology development zones, industrial sites, ports, energy resources, and many more. (resource:

What is the Development of Healthcare Industries in Izmir?

In terms of health facilities, positive developments have been observed in İzmir in recent years. The city has 48 hospitals, including public, 25 private, and 23 state hospitals, and a bed capacity of 11,421. In addition to these, 6 Oral and Dental Health Centers, 28 Branch Centers, 44 Medical Centers, 781 physician's offices, and 32 Polyclinics serve.

What are the House Rental Prices in Izmir?

The monthly rental price in Izmir is 450.04 dollars.

How to Buy a House in Izmir?

When buying a house in İzmir, even around the world there are plenty of things to consider. Prepare an appraisal report on the property you have decided on, whether it is suitable for the project in the municipality, the building registration document, the title deed details, and whether there is a mortgage or foreclosure decision on the house. Even if you are not going to use a loan, you should get an appraisal report from appraisal companies. Never pay cash in hand and do not underestimate the price of the real estate at the deed. Consult your real estate agent to be informed about property insurance and property tax.

What are the Points to Consider While Buying a House in Izmir?

Izmir, one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, adorns the dreams of hundreds of thousands of people living in other cities, as well as the pleasant life opportunities it offers to the people of Izmir.

When buying real estate in Izmir, the main topics that consumers focus on are location, correct price, financing conditions, earthquake resistance, social life opportunities, infrastructure, and transportation capabilities.

What are the Reliable Real Estate Sites to Buy a House in Izmir?

If you are going to buy real estate from a construction company, you should look at the reputation, awareness, public news, and completed works of that company. Istanbul Property is a leader in its field and is a reliable real estate company with thousands of customers. Our company, which puts customer satisfaction in the first place, has been interested in the advantages it offers to you.