Let Us Be Your Real Estate Partner In Turkey

Istanbul Property is one of the leading real estate companies in Turkey, currently based in Istanbul, providing real estate investment consultancy for over 13 years. Being one of the oldest and most reliable companies in this business, Istanbul Property offers a professional, high-quality service to its investors. Furthermore, as a result of its corporate culture evolved throughout the years, Istanbul Property provides a wide range of business networks of partners and developers to its investors.

Since the beginning of our journey, we have provided consultancy to thousands of real estate investors globally. Building upon the reputation that has been created over the years through the satisfaction of our clients, Istanbul Property has become a prestigious brand name representing the Turkish real estate market in the world. 

Currently, we have more than 1000 projects in our portfolio, most notably in Istanbul. We have built an extensive network of over 400 business partners around the world composed of real estate companies, investment consultancy, and immigration companies. We support our partners with their clients with digital and conventional marketing tools/materials and cooperate with them in events and international expositions.  

What are the Services Provided by Istanbul Property?

Istanbul Property offers a fully professional and comprehensive service to its clients. Our long-standing corporate tradition helped us develop an all-encompassing service mentality since we put the satisfaction of our clients above all else. We provide real estate consultancy in 7 different languages, 24 hours and seven days a week. Thanks to the innovative nature of Istanbul Property, we always follow the latest trends in technology and provide 3D property tours, online sales, and many other novelties for our customers. 

When a client comes to Istanbul to visit properties, with the awareness of how important this process is for the client, we provide VIP transportation service to them from the moment they land at Istanbul airport up until the end of their visit. Our professional sales team, rigorously appointed according to the language that the client prefers, accompanies them during their visits to the properties they are interested in. Since Istanbul is a huge Metropol bridging Asia and Europe together, we would do anything that we can to facilitate investors’ stay in our beautiful city. We use our years-long relations with developers and construction companies to acquire the best offers for clients.  

Istanbul Property’s sales consultants will take care of every need of the client during and after the sales. Istanbul Property extensively serves its clients by helping them to obtain a tax number, to open a bank account, and to handle their paperwork for the citizenship procedures if they wish.  We also provide legal consultancy for all these processes. Furthermore, the After Sales Department of Istanbul Property supports the client on property management issues and provides help in renting or reselling their properties if it is needed. Even more so, all these extra services will be provided without requesting any extra fee.

What services Does Istanbul Property provide to Investors?

Istanbul Property offers 4 key features to its partners that are essential for a thriving business and a successful partnership. Four key features are listed below:

1. High degree of transparency

We follow the transparency rules by using the below tools: 

  • Enhanced CRM system
  • Fully automated CRM reporting

Trust is everything. It is a must in every successful business and partnership. Throughout the year Istanbul Property has experienced this and noticed the importance of trust among partners. Having a good reputation and good references is something, but we wanted to move one step further and provide our partners with a high degree of transparency and reachability over our daily work. That is why we have developed our fully automated CRM system which is enabling our partners to track the status of their clients and receive automated updates about their processes. With the account, we provide they can log in to a dashboard where they could follow all their clients on one screen. This way, information about every new development about their client will be shared with our partners transparently and simultaneously. They can follow reports about phone calls, appointments, sales, and payment processes of their clients. 

2. Top-level professionalism

This subject includes the following:

  • 24/7 Real Estate Consultancy
  • Call center service in 7 different languages
  • Professional area sales team service in 7 different languages
  • VIP Transportation service
  • Legal service for citizenship application procedures
  • After-sales service includes opening a bank account, obtaining tax numbers, obtaining title deeds, and renting and resale services.
  • Guaranteed and rapid commission payment

To be the best, you have to work with the best. We believe the professionalism we provide is the main reason that made Istanbul Property such a big and prestigious brand in the real estate business. We begin our service when our call center reaches the client for the first time. Istanbul Property is distinguished from its competitors by its large call center team working 24/7. Our call center team is composed of native speakers of English, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Urdu, French and Turkish languages. After every call, our colleagues register a report to the system which will be delivered to our partners automatically by our CRM system. 

We welcome investors to the airport and provide VIP transfers between the airport, hotel, and the projects they want to visit. Our professional and experienced sales team, working in the field, will be taking care of your investors at every step. 

We offer citizenship services for clients who wish to apply for Turkish Citizenship. Besides that our after-sales team provides property management services, and manages other processes such as opening a bank account, obtaining the title deed, obtaining tax numbers, rental services, and resale services.  

We guarantee to deliver your commission payment in the fastest way possible, as soon as we receive it from the construction companies. The good news is, that this process is facilitated by the strong relations that we have established with the developers over the years. 

3. An extensive portfolio

Our portfolio comprises the following:

  • More than 600 projects in Istanbul
  • Over 1000 projects in Turkey
  • Suitable projects for every budget type
  • Suitable projects for residential, commercial, and investment purposes
  • Suitable projects for citizenship application

Every day hundreds of new clients reach out to Istanbul Property to receive a professional real estate consultancy from our experts. Having a vast range of projects is a must to satisfy the various types of needs and desires of our clients. Istanbul Property comes to the fore as a leading real estate company among others by offering more than 1000 properties for every kind of client. Istanbul Property not only offers apartments and villas to its clients but also commercial properties and lands for every budget. Our portfolio includes special projects for high-budget investments with high capital appreciations, projects with high rental yields, properties suitable for citizenship applications, and projects for residential purposes. Briefly, we satisfy every demand that a client might have with our extensive portfolio suitable for all budgets. 

4. Providing support

The support we provide includes: 

  • Providing marketing materials for our partners
  • Sharing a wide range of portfolios
  • Rigorous relationship management
  • Rapid response and crisis management

Istanbul Property puts a lot of importance on its relationship with its partners, and with its business network. We consider strong partnership relations with the partners as an important part of our success and an integral part of our business model. Having more than 400 partners around the world requires rigorous and careful relationship management. Our partnership department meticulously works on this issue and tries to satisfy the demands and solve the possible problems of our partners. Besides managing the relations with our partners, we provide proactive support. In cooperation with our marketing team, the agency department feeds its partners with marketing materials and provides marketing strategy support. We believe that a win-win relationship is the backbone of our business and that we are stronger together. 

How Istanbul Property selects Real Estate Investors?

Istanbul Property is cooperating with real estate agencies, portals, immigration companies, investors, and freelance agents from all around the world. Our agency department proactively seeks possible new partners who can have potential clients interested in the Turkish real estate market. Besides this process, our colleagues also rigorously analyze partnership offers coming to us via our website, social media accounts, email addresses, or phone call. We select our partners according to their seriousness, work ethics, and drive for success. 

What are the Advantages of Being an Istanbul Property Real Estate Investor?

Istanbul Property is the leading company that is shaping the real estate business in Istanbul and tirelessly pushing to improve the market capacity and capabilities. Thus it offers the following advantages to its investors:

  • Working with one of the most prestigious brand names in Istanbul and Turkey
  • Profiting from Istanbul Property’s extensive business network
  • Profiting from the good relations that Istanbul Property established with the developers
  • The high degree of transparency
  • Well-educated team
  • Profiting from marketing materials and strategies that our marketing department provides
  • Commission payment transfer in the fastest way possible

We provide the best service and support in Turkey to our partners because in Istanbul Property we consider strong partnership relations as one of the main pillars of our long-term success. The importance we put into our partnerships is the biggest advantage that our partners have. We give our best to satisfy our partner's desire for transparency through our CRM system. Our call center and area sales teams, which are taking care of the clients of our partners, are highly experienced and well-educated experts in their domains. Thus we offer a high level of satisfaction to the customers and that way to our partners as well.  

Istanbul Property does not expect only from its partners, but it tries to satisfy their expectations as well. We provide them with marketing materials, brand new social media posts, and special projects created by our marketing department, several times every week. We share our portfolio with our partners to help them satisfy any kind of client with any kind of demand.

Istanbul Property name is one of the most reputable brand names in this business and our prestige helps us to have good relations with the developers and construction companies in Turkey. Our success makes us an indispensable actor for the new construction projects in the process of marketing their properties. Another advantage that Istanbul Property partners have is our sensitivity in transferring the commission shares of our partners in the fastest way possible.  

What are the Requirements to be an Istanbul Property Real Estate Investor?

You could be either working alone as a freelancer, or you can own a company, it does not matter to us. Istanbul Property welcomes every agent that is interested in this business and that has potential clients interested in Turkey and the Turkish real estate market. 

What is the Difference between Istanbul Property from Other Real Estate Companies?

Istanbul Property is separated from other real estate companies in Turkey with several features and working principles. To begin with, Istanbul Property started this business when there is only a few companies were around to sell properties to foreigners in Istanbul. We have gained experience over the years and Istanbul Property is still representing Turkey and Istanbul in the real estate business around the world after 13 years. This makes us the most reliable and experienced partner for those who want to cooperate with a real estate company in Turkey.

Secondly, there is no other company in Turkey that has a business and partnership network as large as Istanbul Property. We consider healthy relations with our partners vital for our company’s business. That is why we have developed our fully automated CRM system which offers to partners a high degree of transparency. Furthermore, differently from most real estate companies, Istanbul Property has a separate department for only Partnership related issues and managing its relations with its partners. The expertise that we have gained in relationship management with our partners helps us in this process.

What is Istanbul Property Real Estate Partner Program?

Istanbul Property partnership program offers a profitable special relationship with your company. We become your partner in Turkey and help you to provide the most suitable property for your client. We provide all kinds of material support to our partners and prioritize the satisfaction of their needs in marketing processes. We guarantee a professional service and a transparent partnership in which we would share the commission payments in the fastest way possible. We have established long-term profitable partnerships all around the world over the last 13 years, and we are looking forward to being your partner too.