After Sale Service

Istanbul Property maintains solid after-sales services by prioritizing customer satisfaction policies. In addition to standard processes such as flat delivery organization, follow-up with transactions within the scope of contractors’ commitment, and project management; it also provides support in official matters, especially the ones related to the transfer of title deeds, the support provided in obtaining a Turkish residence permit and this process is carried out under the guidance of veteran lawyers specialized in citizenship issues. The After-sales services covering all these processes are among the support privileges provided to ensure customer satisfaction.

What are the Advantages of Istanbul Property‘s After-Sales Services?

After choosing the real estate of your dreams among the wide range of projects proposed by Istanbul Property, the service we provide does not end here. After the finalization of the sales transactions, the second phase of our services begins. At this stage, the advantages of our after-sales services can be listed as follows:

  • Support provided in the process of applying for a residence permit after purchasing a residence in Turkey.
  • Helping the process of obtaining Turkish Citizenship, handled by specialized lawyers, experienced in such issues.
  • Helping the process of supplying furniture and decoration works, with the best prices and quality guarantee, to satisfy homeowner tastes and requirements.
  • Prevent financial setbacks, by being in touch with you regarding the regular progress of your payments and installment plans.
  • If the construction process of the real estate you have purchased has not been completed, support will be provided until the project is fully ready, by regularly sharing up-to-date photos and videos of the project with you.
  • In case of a possible resale or lease of your property, support is provided to ensure that this process is properly managed.

How to Get Istanbul Property‘s After-Sales Services? 

If you choose among the wide product range of Istanbul Property while owning real estate, you can benefit from the after-sales service provided by our company’s qualified expert staff of consultants. Our experts will provide you with 24/7 customer-oriented support through the call center team members who strive to achieve optimum customer satisfaction.

You can benefit from our real estate after-sales services by contacting our consultants via our relevant call center numbers.

Who Can Get Istanbul Property’s After-Sales Services?

Our company, which serves people from different backgrounds and nationalities with its wide range of real estate, is dedicated to meeting customers’ expectations while purchasing their dream property. At this point, you only need to purchase real estate through Istanbul Property to meet the criteria that qualify you to benefit from the offered after-sales services.

What Does Istanbul Property‘s After-Sales Service Include?

The service provided by the real estate consultant during the purchase process does not end with the signing of the sales agreement. Because some needs may arise at this stage. These needs start from helping you to find a company for furniture to the maintenance needs for the real estate you buy. In the case of postponed payments, it constitutes a wide range of payment follow-up activities. Moreover, those services also include guiding you to the acquisition rights of residence permits and Turkish Citizenship.

The advantages of the after-sales services we offer to our customers who choose to purchase real estate among the wide range of options offered by our company can be listed as follows:

1. Property Management

Property management is a service provided within Istanbul Property‘s after-sales policies.

While conducting property management activities, Istanbul Property’s expert real estate consultants will manage the properties sold by the company on behalf of the owners, to ensure that all the transactions related to the property are carried out properly.

We provide property management services of such criteria within the scope of our after-sales plans to real estate owners who want to earn passive income but do not have the time and experience for the said activities. This service preserves the value of real estate investment.  Property Management includes helping its customers who want tenants for a house or want to sell it as well as fees, these are included in our Property management services. 

Property management support is to be provided in many areas from routine maintenance of the real estate you own to your purchase-sale or investment-oriented transactions.

2. Turkish Citizenship

As Istanbul Property, our qualified lawyers specializing in Turkish Citizenship issues will advise who decides to choose a project from the company’s portfolio. The overall transactions will be carefully monitored during that process.

Applying for citizenship is a broad subject that includes a process that requires knowledge and experience in terms of official transactions.

3. Help with the Application for Residence Permit in Turkey

Istanbul Property cooperates with a highly experienced law firm that specializes in legal formalities, and offers a wide range of services to its foreign customers, from obtaining a residence permit in Turkey to solving problems arising from visa violations and citizenship procedures.

To achieve customer satisfaction, our consultants work in harmony with each other and do their best to match requirements and results.

4. Open a Bank Account

Most financial transactions are performed using bank accounts these days. Our team of consultants is ready to assist you with opening an official bank account, and provide the necessary support in case potential problems may occur.

5. Insurance Transactions and Taxes

Carrying out insurance transactions for the house belongings, and follow-up with annual real estate taxes. And following up with your real estate-related invoices, etc. For further information just contact our customer service department.