Legal Services

We provide our clients with a wide range of legal help services through our specialized group of qualified Turkish attorneys with in-depth experience managing all areas of real estate transactions. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys can provide you with all the support you require throughout your journey, from counseling through legal proceedings. 

What Legal Services Do Istanbul Property Offer? 

Istanbul Property commits a full legal team to your real estate transactions to fully protect your rights and satisfy all issues relating to real estate ownership, residency, or obtaining Turkish citizenship. This support is provided at no additional cost at all stages of the legal process. The Legal Services Istanbul Property offers are listed below:

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of property in Turkey,
  • Monitoring title deed issues and related legal issues,
  • Prepare the sales agreements for active construction projects and related documents,
  • Use legal or mediation processes to settle real estate conflicts,
  • Legal counsel for Turkish businesses,
  • Establishment of businesses in Turkey,
  • Opening up more offices for a business in Turkey,
  • Create shareholder-specific agreements,
  • Heredity and related issues.

Why Should You Get Legal Support From Istanbul Property?

To ensure that you proceed on a strong legal basis that preserves your rights at every stage, our professionals will provide you with legal advice. For instance, you must complete certain formalities when buying a home in Turkey, therefore we advise you to go to the notary and receive a power of attorney so that we may carry out the necessary steps on your behalf.

What is Real Estate Law in Turkey?

The Real Estate Laws in Turkey are listed below:

The Flexibility of the Ownership Law for Foreigners in Turkey: With the passage of this law, Turkey has granted reciprocity-free property ownership rights to nationals of 183 other nations. The primary goal of passing this law, which made it possible for foreigners to purchase property in Turkey, was to enhance investor interest in the real estate market. The law's cancellation of the reciprocity requirements for foreign investors is its most significant provision.

Can Foreign Companies Buy a Property in Turkey?:  Under special legal provisions (Tourism Marketing Law No. 2634, Industrial Areas Law No. 4737, Oil Law No. 6326), foreign commercial companies that have the status of legal entities and are incorporated by the laws of their home country are permitted to own real estate in Turkey, as stated in Article 35 of the Turkish Real Estate Law. Other business entities founded outside of the country are not permitted to own real estate in Turkey. 

The Real Estate Ownership Law for Foreign Companies in Turkey: According to article 36 of the law, if a company founded in Turkey has foreign capital and the majority of its board of directors are foreigners or if a foreign legal entity or international corporation owns 50% or more of the company's capital, the right of the company to own real estate is restricted to the extent necessary to carry out the activities specified in the company's contract.

The Turkish Law Regarding the Empty Lands: According to Article 35 of the Real Estate ownership Law, projects that will be developed on vacant, undeveloped lands that were purchased by the concerned ministries within two years of the date of purchase must be submitted by foreign individuals or foreign companies established by the laws of their country. By Circular No. 1734 of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Civilization, the Department of Real Estate Department must receive the registration information in the following format when approving projects that will be constructed on vacant lots that are not yet built (the project was approved by the Ministry, date, day, etc.)

The Real Estate Department will be contacted by the local administrative units of the Ministry of Finance regarding the liquidation of the property if the permitted projects are not reported or are not finished within two years, which shall be two years from the date of purchase.

Legal Procedures for Foreign Property Ownership in Turkey under Dissemination No.1734: Considering the ownership arrangements in light of the nationality of the (applicant).

Determining if the subject property is situated in a forbidden military zone, a military security zone, or at a key location. Consider the actions related to determining ownership of 30 hectares that were indicated in the prior circular. Properties acquired in contravention of Article 35 of the Real Estate Law or properties utilized in a manner inconsistent with the aims of the purchase would be subject to liquidation, according to a circular released by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Turkey Property Purchase Requirements for Foreigners: The laws and decrees section of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers has kept a list of the nations whose nationals are permitted to own real estate in Turkey in its archives and has not made it available to the public; however, the information contained in the classifications listed below has been obtained from the press and has no official legal standing.

According to the findings of journalistic surveys and research conducted in this respect, 129 nations now have the freedom to own property in Turkey, compared to 52 countries that have placed limits and requirements on their citizens' ability to do so.