Online Consultancy

Owning real estate is a process that requires you to make critical decisions. You may need a real estate consultant to assist you in this process. Istanbul Property, with professional consultants and advanced technological infrastructure, facilitates this process and provides the solution you expect.

Istanbul Property, with its online consultancy service, is an experienced company that has been leading online real estate buying and selling in Turkey since 2009. To date, Istanbul Property has assisted more than 670 online clients in choosing the right project.

What are the Advantages of Online Consulting Services?

Istanbul Property real estate consultants, using the technology infrastructure very efficiently; provide a comprehensive service on real estate management, lucrative marketing opportunities, short-term sales periods, and strategic investment decisions. It is also the most reliable real estate company in Turkey. In this respect, the advantages provided by Istanbul Property to its customers can be listed as follows:

  • Istanbul Property, with its wide real estate portfolio, offers its customers the most reliable service and special price offers as a result of high guaranteed special discount rates.
  • Thanks to the online service it provides, helps you eliminate travel expenses that may arise during the real estate purchase and sale process.
  • It provides its customers with more than 857,000 qualified consultancy services on an average of more than 200 real estate projects in an annual period.
  • To its customers in its services; It offers multi-language support in Arabic, English, Russian, Persian, French, Chinese, and many other languages.
  • The average experience of our real estate consultants in the sector throughout our company is 5 years. With the experience of our consultants, you can be sure that the support you will receive from our real estate consultants will be accurate and with maximum transparency.
  • Our customers’ privacy and security are always our priorities. In this context, we use communication channels that provide the highest security and privacy standards to ensure communication between us and our customers.
  • Our company aims to be with you at all times with its 24/7 service understanding.

How to Get Istanbul Property Online Consulting Service?

It is very easy to access the services provided by Istanbul Property. You can contact us by filling out the form on the website of our company to directly reach the consultancy service provided by our real estate consultants and to be informed about the best real estate options. After you fill out the form, our real estate consultants will contact you. In addition, you can get support via our company’s live WhatsApp option, our e-mail addresses, all of our social media platforms, and alternative communication channels such as direct chat. Our company will contact you as soon as possible with a 24/7 service.

Who Can Get Istanbul Property’s Online Consulting Service?

Istanbul Property can serve investors from all over the world and people who are considering owning a home. With its wide range of real estate, it provides services that appeal to the taste and expectations of people from many segments at the point of owning real estate.

Is Istanbul Property Online Consulting Service Paid?

Istanbul Property does not charge its customers any extra fees for the service it provides from the beginning to the end of the real estate purchase process. In other words, this whole process is offered to customers free of charge.

How Long Does Istanbul Property Online Consulting Services Take?

As Istanbul Property, we provide a service that continues from the very beginning to the end of the real estate purchase and sale process for our customers with whom we work. Thus, the process may vary.

Are Istanbul Property Consultants Professional?

Istanbul Property, with its qualified and experienced employees in the field, is expert and experienced in 7 main departments: call center-customer services, real estate consultants, regional teams, agency management department, after-sales process department, informatics, marketing department, legal department, and finance department. With our current experienced team, we always stand by our customers and serve with a full support understanding in this complex process. 

In Which Languages Can You Get Online Consulting From Istanbul Property?

Istanbul Property provides multi-language services, primarily English, Arabic, Persian, Russian, French, Azerbaijani, and Turkish.

What Does Istanbul Property Online Consulting Service Include?

As Istanbul Property, we provide support to our customers to make the right decision about buying and selling real estate and investing with high returns. We have brought together the best real estate experts to provide the best service to our customers. The scope of the online consultancy service you will receive from our consultants as Istanbul Property can be listed as follows:

  • Commercial real estate purchase and sale, 
  • Housing purchase and sale,
  • Land purchase and sale,
  • Residential or commercial real estate transactions,
  • Property law and legal support during the entire real estate acquisition process,
  • Sales and lease agreements,
  • High-return investment to be made in Turkey and other countries,
  • Support in obtaining Turkish citizenship and residence permit.