Online Sale

Istanbul Property’s online consultancy service will be ready to fulfill your wishes with Professional experts and experienced advisors. 

Our services will be helpful for you no matter where you live around the world, to guarantee you hassle-free real estate ownership. Istanbul Property’s online consultation services will not only encourage you to buy a property but also enables you to get the high-quality support you need, by being with you at every stage. In addition, advisory regarding commercial real estate, home purchases, Property Law, investment in Turkey, and ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, will be provided as well. All your questions will be answered decently and thoughtfully by our skillful team. 

What are the Advantages of Istanbul Property’s Online Sales Services? 

The Advantages of our Online Sales Services are listed below:

  • Getting a high level of property consultation services remotely.
  • Benefiting from Istanbul Property’s multi-languaged experienced advisors, they can serve you 24/7, in Arabic, English, Russian, Farsi/Persian, French, Chinese, and other languages.
  • You can reach our Professional team, by placing a request using the “get help” section on Istanbul Property’s website, or the dedicated WhatsApp service line.
  • Protecting the privacy of your information during the overall transactions, since we consider your safety among our critical priorities.

Who Can Get Istanbul Property’s Online Sales Services?

People who can get online sale services are listed below:

  • People who have questions about real estate transactions, and need informative consultation,
  • People who want to invest abroad, but do not know how to,
  • People who need help with the steps to be followed while buying real estate,
  • People who require support in matters such as property sales, real estate management, investments, etc,
  • People who seek to find answers to all their questions from experienced and trusted resources, such as Istanbul Property’s advisors.

Are Istanbul Property‘s Online Sales Services Paid?

Whether you reside in Turkey or abroad, you can contact Istanbul Property’s consultation team for help and support, without paying any consulting fee.

Thanks to this free consultancy opportunity, you can contact and interact with a resourceful team that will help you regardless of your location, business, and budget, without paying any cost.

What Does Istanbul Property Online Sales Service Include?

Istanbul Property online sales services are listed below:

  • Online Property Sale: Through this service, you can get special offers on the units for sale, with extra discount rates. Since the services are provided online, you will take the advantage of eliminating travel costs and browsing multiple offers.
  • Turkish Citizenship by Investment: Turkey is an intercontinental country with a strategic location and unique socioeconomic status, attractive geography, and international touristic sites. Therefore, lots of foreigners decide to settle in this country and obtain citizenship which comes with various privileges. If you are one of these people, Istanbul Property is the right guide to escort you during this process.
  • Property Management: Property management is the most important step after purchasing property in a foreign country. Hence, Istanbul Property will support you with its expert team and offer significant advantages over individual work.
  • Legal Services: Istanbul Property’s team will make it easy for you to handle your transactions by providing legal advice that allows you to move forward on a legitimate basis, and protect your rights at all times

What are the Steps of Istanbul Property’s Online Services?

The steps of our online sales services are listed below:

  • Help you decide on the city most suitable for your lifestyle,
  • Guide you during virtual property visits via video call or other platforms,
  • Assist you to inspect projects’ details, to find the one that matches your requirements,
  • Negotiate the price and payment terms,
  • Supervise the overall buying process.

The Project that is Selected Can be Changed Later?

Of course, it can, like every other investment opportunity, might change and innovation is possible, and will try to offer you a better service. So that, if there is a change, it will be positive and we are working for it. There is always room for change and innovations, as long as it serves the purpose of offering you better options. We are dedicated to following up with necessary changes that will have a positive impact on the overall process.

How to Sign Contract Papers during Online Sales Service?

This process can be done by giving power of attorney rights to a lawyer who will perform the signing procedures on behalf of the clients.

How to Pay for Online Sale Services?

You can safely perform the payment transaction through a wire transfer from your bank account in a timely fashion.

Does the Payment use Installment Terms During Online Sales?

The payment terms are decided per Project, as those options differ from one plan to another. Therefore, you can contact us at any time to inquire about such information.

What Does Istanbul Property Guarantee During Online Sales?

Istanbul Property has been providing real estate investment consultancy services since 2009. The company’s Sales network has been spreading throughout Turkey to create a wide real estate portfolio. Our team, who specializes in business management, has been making success in this field for years. Istanbul Property established innovative and reliable foundations to bring fresh blood to Turkey’s real estate sector.

Providing superior service and ensuring customer satisfaction, are the two pillars of our brand. Thus, All legal phases will be planned by your wishes and desires, and your investment safely.