Property Management

Founded in 2009, Istanbul Property is a market leader real estate agency based in Turkey. With a team of highly qualified experts, Istanbul Property is offering a wide range of services including property selling, online sale, online consultancy, presentations and field visits, after-sale, and legal services.

Owning real estate is a process that requires you to make critical decisions. You may need a real estate consultant to assist you in this process. Istanbul Property, with its expert real estate consultants and advanced technological infrastructure, facilitates this process for you and provides the solution you expect.

Istanbul Property, is for you to manage the real estate buying-selling and leasing transactions, which is a very complex and arduous process, smoothly and successfully; it aims to provide you with the best service through its experienced consultant staff, and a wide range of real estate and artificial intelligence technologies. Istanbul Property, with its online consultancy service, is an experienced company that has been leading online real estate buying and selling in Turkey since 2009 and has assisted more than 670 online clients in choosing the right project.

Property management is the most important thing after buying a property in a foreign country. Many investors who are considering entering the Turkish real estate market are unsure of how to proceed, some of them are taking the approach investing individually, but others find the process hard and not secure, so instead of that, they are choosing to partner with a specialized real estate investment management company that offers important advantages over individual work.

Real estate investment management can provide investors with access to markets that they find difficult to find or enter, provide high-quality management and distinctive advice, and provide joint investment options to facilitate new investors in what companies with full experience do. A high return on investments you can guarantee by starting with the right property management.

Trusted by numerous clients, Istanbul Property guarantees 100% client satisfaction and is committed to providing professional services that exceed your expectations for more than 13 years.

As Istanbul Property, the scope of the service we offer continues even after our customers own real estate. After our comprehensive services are provided by our expert real estate consultants, we also maintain our after-sales services by prioritizing customer satisfaction. In addition to standard processes such as after-sales process, flat delivery organization, follow-up of the transactions within the scope of the contractor’s commitment, and project management: It also provides support in official matters, especially the transfer of title deeds, the support provided in obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, and the citizenship process of the Republic of Turkey, which is carried out by lawyers specialized in citizenship issues. After-sales services covering all these processes are among the services provided to ensure customer satisfaction.

The service provided by the real estate consultant during the real estate purchase or rental process does not end with the signing of the sales or rental agreements. Because some needs may arise after the signature is signed. These needs start from the selection of furniture to the maintenance needs of the real estate you buy; In the case of deferred payment, it constitutes a wide range from payment follow-up to the acquisition of the right of citizenship and residence permit. Istanbul Property provides service with an expert staff that will support you even after sales in such matters that require attention, knowledge, and experience.

We provide our clients with a wide range of legal support services through our specialized team of experienced Turkish lawyers with long experience in dealing with all aspects of real estate transactions.

Our team will provide you with legal advice that ensures that you move forward on a legal basis that guarantees your rights in every step. For example, when you buy a property in Turkey, you must extract the Title Deed and other routine procedures related to it, so we advise you to go to the notary to issue a power of attorney that allows us to follow the procedures for you.

We at Istanbul Property® dedicate a full legal team to your real estate transactions to satisfy all matters related to real estate ownership, residency, or obtaining Turkish citizenship and support during all stages of the legal procedures without any additional fees and to fully guarantee your rights.

What is Property Management Service?

Property management is the daily oversight of residential, commercial, or industrial real estate by a third-party contractor. In general, property managers are accountable for continuing maintenance, security, and upkeep of properties as well as daily repairs. They often work with those who own investment assets including shopping malls, industrial parks, private home communities, and apartment and condominium buildings.

Their primary responsibilities include managing regular activities given by the owners and maintaining the value of the assets they manage while generating income.

The services that property managers provide might be advantageous to many kinds of property owners.

For instance, landlords employ property management companies for a variety of reasons. Some people may have a variety of rental properties in their portfolios but lack the time or know-how to manage individual renters and keep the homes in good condition. Some owners simply care about renting out their homes and making money off of them. When this occurs, they employ qualified property managers. Additionally, absentee landlords hire property management services. Some property management organizations cater to single property owners who rent out a single rental, such as a holiday house.

Due to the complicated federal regulations that apply to rental properties, which need specialist knowledge, property owners who take part in affordable housing initiatives frequently hire property management services. Some brokers who specialize in real estate also manage rental properties. For instance, a broker in a resort town could offer property management services in addition to buyer and seller agent services. In such circumstances, the real estate broker lists, displays, leases, and manages vacation rentals on behalf of a variety of property owners.

How Does Property Management Service Work?

By taking on several activities, property management businesses reduce the workload for property owners. They are compensated by landlords to handle both regular business and emergencies. A contract will include payment conditions and a precise list of duties that will be assigned to the management business.

Companies can either hire their employees or partner with multiple contractors to complete projects. Many people engage in both. For instance, a business may hire a handyman to clean the corridors and foyer, mow the yard, and perform minor repairs. For larger repairs or to prepare a unit for a new tenant, they could employ a qualified carpenter, plumber, or cleaning staff.

Property management companies often provide the following services:

  • Conducting background checks on new renters,
  • When tenants leave, clean the flats and prepare them for future occupants,
  • Creating lease paperwork,
  • Rent collection, banking, and bookkeeping,
  • Responding to requests for maintenance and repairs,
  • Grounds and common areas upkeep (lawn care, snow removal, sweeping, etc.),
  • Prospective renters are advertised and shown flats,
  • Handling late payments, tenant conflicts, and, if required, evictions.

Property management businesses may undertake any or all of these activities, depending on the amount of engagement desired by the landlord. Some property owners, for example, may want to handle tenant screening themselves to guarantee that persons residing in their rental properties fit their particular standards.

There are also full-service property management organizations that can handle everything. When property managers take on these chores and perform them successfully, it relieves the property owner of a significant burden. They have someone else to rely on for not just mundane but also unpleasant tasks such as dealing with a problematic tenant or initiating eviction procedures.

This does not imply that the owner is unaware of what is going on at the property. There should still be plenty of contact with the firm, and the owner should have the last word on major issues. However, in many circumstances, all that the landlord has to do is to wait for the direct deposit of rent money into their account.

What do We offer You in Property Management Services?

We provide the following services to our clients listed below:

  1. Property Management

Istanbul Property after-sales property management is a service that implies the real estate we sell is maintained by our real estate professionals on behalf of the owner, and we ensure that different transactions relating to the property are completed. Our property managers specialized in property management strive to make real estate purchased for investment the most rewarding investment for their owners.

We provide property management services with these qualifications as part of our after-sales service to real estate owners who wish to earn passive income but lack the time and chance to do so. This service ensures that the value of the real estate investment is preserved. With this service, our property managers oversee all leasing operations rather than the owner. This service is provided to real estate owners professionally by the property manager, who administers the whole life cycle of the real estate you own via us.

  1. Turkish Citizenship 

As Istanbul Property, we assist our customers who hold real estate via our firm with all transactions related to obtaining Turkish citizenship through our lawyers who specialize in citizenship problems. Applying for citizenship is a vast subject that demands transactional knowledge and expertise. At this stage, our legal office is prepared to give you all of the assistance you require.

  1. Help with the Application for Residence Permit in Turkey

Istanbul Property, which has a specialist legal practice in its sector, provides a wide variety of services to its foreign national customers, ranging from getting a residence permit in Turkey to resolving issues originating from visa breaches and citizenship procedures.

Our consultants, working in tandem, accept our clients' aims and ideas as their own, and always strive for the greatest outcomes and customer satisfaction in this regard. As Istanbul Property, we take care to use the evidence we've gathered by tracking current industry changes and combining it with our skills and experience most suitably and effectively to fulfill the demands of our clients.

  1. Open a Bank Account

Bank transactions and creating a bank account are the steps in the after-sales consultancy process that form the financial part of the business. In such cases, our consulting team will give you all the assistance you require. The initial stage in this procedure is to establish a bank account. Our consulting team is available to help you at this time to assist in the event of any potential concerns.

     5. Insurance Transactions and Taxes

Carrying out insurance transactions for the house's contents, as well as following up on annual real estate taxes. Following up on your real estate-related invoices, for example. Contact our customer service department for more information.

Why Should You Benefit from Our Property Management Service?

We will provide you with the greatest experience possible and will support you every step of the way.

After the project is completed, we will provide our investors with the most suitable assistance through our investment management services, such as reselling or renting your homes if desired, and we will supply you with the most profitable proposals for high ROI.

We will not only find an acceptable renter for your properties, but we will also follow up on all connected things on your behalf, and we will keep you completely informed. Furthermore, we have various projects that provide our clients with a rental or resale guarantee as soon as they purchase the property.

We will advise you on the greatest and most advantageous offerings that meet your budget and maximize your income.

In Istanbul Property®, we have various possibilities for serving our clients, one of which is the concept of hotel apartments, which is becoming increasingly popular in new developments, particularly in Istanbul.