Cheap Apartments near Istanbul for Turkish Citizenship in Bursa, Turkey (IP-5007)

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  • 24/7 Security Systems
  • Fitness and GYM
  • Garden
  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Swimming Pool
  • Turkish Bath
  • Walking Tracks
  • Turkish Citizenship

What is Yükselenpark Hürriyet in Osmangazi, Bursa?

Yükselenpark Hürriyet is a residential compound that allows families and investors to buy real estate in Bursa at convenient prices. The huge construction project offers a tranquil, contemporary living experience, surrounded by government facilities and a breathing green space.

The complex comprises 260 apartments, the layouts of these apartments range from 2,3, and 4-bedroom single-floor apartments, as well as 4,5, and 6-bedroom duplex apartments. These Yükselenpark Hürriyet apartments are very spacious, as the smallest 2-bedroom apartment starts at 100 meters square net, while the biggest 6-bedroom duplex can reach 490 square meters net. The apartments are equipped with double-glazed windows, full kitchens excluding the refrigerator, and huge balconies or terraces of 33 square meters to start with.

Yükselenpark Construction's project portfolio comprises residential, commercial, and industrial structures. The company is dedicated to using energy-efficient building materials and technologies, and it places a high value on sustainability.

Where is the Location of Yükselenpark Hürriyet?

Yükselenpark Hürriyet is located in the Osmangazi district of Bursa, Turkey. It is a short drive from the city center, the airport, and several metro stations. Yükselenpark Hürriyet is also close to several schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. It is a great location for those who want to be close to all the amenities that Bursa has to offer.

Here's a look at the compound's proximity to important locations:

  • Bursa city center: 3.5 km (10 minutes by car)
  • Bursa Yenişehir Airport: 70 km (45 minutes by car)
  • Şehreküstü metro station: 1.5 km (5 minutes by car)
  • Acemler metro station: 2.5 km (7 minutes by car)

What are the Features, and the Facilities Offered in Yükselenpark Hürriyet?

The Yükselenpark Hürriyet residential compound features the following attributes and  social facilities: 

  • 7-medium rise block
  • The blocks range between 9 and 10 stories high
  • Total 260 apartments 
  • Duplex options on the top floors 
  • Huge balconies
  • High-quality materials, high-end finishes, and luxurious designs.
  • Double Glazed Walls 
  • Earthquake-resistant building techniques
  • Full social amenities,
    • Indoor Swimming Pool
    • Fitness Center
    • Outdoor Playground
    • Sauna
    • Turkish Bath
    • 24/7 Security
    • Closed Parking Areas for the residents only
    • Commercial shops under the project 
    • Excellent location
    • 50% green spaces 

What are the Reasons for Buying Property in Turkiye from Yükselenpark Hürriyet?

There are several reasons why you might want to buy property from Yükselenpark Hürriyet, including:

  • The compound is located in a desirable area of Bursa.
  • The apartments are well-designed and spacious.
  • The residence has all the important amenities.
  • The residential construction is a good investment opportunity.

For Whom is Yükselenpark Hürriyet Suitable for Purchase?

These apartments in Turkey are suitable for:

  • Investors that want to buy-to-let
  • Families with children 
  • Investors who are interested in the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program.

Is Yükselenpark Hürriyet suitable for those who want to be Turkish citizens?

Yes, buying property from Yükselenpark Hürriyet can be a good way to qualify for Turkish citizenship. The Turkish government has a program that grants citizenship to foreigners who invest a certain amount of money in real estate in Turkey.
Below are the benefits of the Turkish citizenship: 

  • Visa-free travel to 119 countries: Turkish citizens can travel to 119 countries without a visa, including the European Union, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Access to quality education: Turkey has a well-developed education system, with numerous universities ranked among the best in the world. Turkish citizenship allows you to access affordable education for yourself and your family.
  • Healthcare: Turkey has a comprehensive healthcare system, with universal coverage for Turkish citizens and permanent residents. This means you can access quality healthcare without the high costs associated with private insurance in many countries.
  • Investment opportunities: Turkey offers a variety of investment opportunities, from real estate to stock markets. Turkish citizenship can make it easier for you to invest in these opportunities.
  • Business opportunities: Turkey is a rapidly growing economy with a young and educated population. Turkish citizenship can open doors to business opportunities in Turkey and beyond.
  • Cultural immersion: Turkey is a land of rich history and culture, with a diverse population and stunning natural beauty. Turkish citizenship allows you to immerse yourself in Turkish culture fully.
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