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                Panoramic Sea View Villas with Luxury Services in Buyukcekmece, istanbul
                • $1,063,000
                Panoramic Sea View Villas with Luxury Services in Buyukcekmece, istanbul

                Experience the ultimate in luxury living and secure Turkish citizenshi...

                Panoramic Sea View Villas with Deluxe Features in Buyukcekmece, Istanbul
                • $1,550,000
                Panoramic Sea View Villas with Deluxe Features in Buyukcekmece, Istanbul

                Discover luxury villa residences at Sea Blue Mimarsinan with captivati...

                Luxurious Villas With Premium Amenities in Beylikduzu, Istanbul
                • $1,315,000
                Luxurious Villas With Premium Amenities in Beylikduzu, Istanbul

                Experience upscale living at Lovin Maris with spacious villas, stunnin...

                Luxurious Apartments and Villas in the Asian Side in Pendik, Istanbul
                • $688,000
                Luxurious Apartments and Villas in the Asian Side in Pendik, Istanbul

                The projects is a very big project that does not have many residents a...

                Unmatched Elegance and Luxury Surrounded by Greenery in Eyupsultan, Istanbul
                • $670,000
                Unmatched Elegance and Luxury Surrounded by Greenery in Eyupsultan, Istanbul

                Discover the epitome of luxury living in Istanbul at our exquisite res...

                Luxurious Independent Villas In The Heart of The Belgrad Forest in Zekeriyaköy, Istanbul
                • $1,605,000
                Luxurious Independent Villas In The Heart of The Belgrad Forest in Zekeriyaköy, Istanbul

                An independent villa inside the Belgrad Forst surrounded by breathtaki...

                Luxurious Villas in the Wonderful Green Göktürk Eyüp Sultan, Istanbul
                • $2,600,000
                Luxurious Villas in the Wonderful Green Göktürk Eyüp Sultan, Istanbul

                A high-end villa complex with a beautiful and attractive finishing and...

                Forest View Duplex Apartments in Sariyer, istanbul
                • $997,000
                Forest View Duplex Apartments in Sariyer, istanbul

                Villa apartments for sale in Sariyer, Istanbul. Forest View properties...

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                Things to Consider While Buying a Villa in Istanbul

                A large garden, comfort, privacy, and more. Villa projects are generally the number one choice of those who are tired of the city chaos and intense tempo. With their architectural style and marvelous aspects of design, villa-type residences have the characteristics of residences that many people want to live in. The villas have undergone hundreds of years of change from the past to the present, and have taken their final form and now offer their users the opportunity to live in a stylish, modern, and at the same time comfortable environment.

                Many villa projects carried out in Istanbul give those who want the opportunity that lives in their own dream house. The real estate sector offers many options to customers in the city center of Istanbul or away from the city crowd. Villa-type residences that are suitable for all income levels and provide high living standards to their customers. You can experience the tranquility of the sea blue in Istanbul or revive with the green of the forest. You can live your dream with new projects rising in Istanbul.

                Especially if you are considering buying a villa-type residence, there are some points that you should pay attention to. These issues that need attention are examined at two separate points.

                Points to be considered regarding the outdoor usage area are listed below.

                • Car park
                • Garden

                Points to be considered regarding the interior usage area are listed below.

                • Facade and location
                • Building materials
                • Floor coverings
                • Systems that provide heating and cooling
                • Lighting systems
                • Blinds
                • Walls
                • Security system
                • Technologically based system

                The price of the residences, on the other hand, varies depending on the region, where the perception of luxury increases and which has different themes with its architectural features. Alternatives are also available for customers who cannot afford regional and design luxury villas and housing due to high payment plans. Istanbul’s real estate market, which offers affordable prices for those who want to own a house, is waiting for its buyers with its wide portfolio. For those who dream of villas, by offering affordable price advantages with new projects. It allows you to achieve your dreams.

                Prices of villas in Istanbul vary according to the characteristics of the building and the region they are located in. If we make a general analysis of villa prices in Istanbul, the starting prices in popular projects that risen recently. It varies between 6,000,000 (331.029,00 USD) – 9,800,000 (863,390 USD) at the Beylikduzu location. On the other hand, starting prices of new projects that have risen in Sariyer, another region with a wide variety of villas, vary between 15.890.000 (876.675,14 USD) – 50.000.000 (2.758.575,00 USD). Prices may vary depending on the exchange rate.

                How Are Villa Prices Determined in Istanbul?

                Living in a villa-type residence provides comfort, privacy, and many more advantages. As the features that make the villas stand out; Living in harmony with nature, a calm, peaceful, and personalized lifestyle, having a self-sufficient plan systematically, and architectural diversity can be expressed. The properties of the house to be purchased directly affect its price. The factors affecting the price of houses in Istanbul are as follows;

                • The location of the villas in Istanbul: The location of the villa, proximity to the city center, or distance are the most important features that affect the price. Especially in Istanbul, it is observed that the prices of villas close to the center are higher than those in distant locations. The location of the buildings as a historical and cultural center, nature, or sea view are the factors that directly affect the price.
                • The advantages of using the villa: The net and gross area of ​​the villa for indoor and outdoor use, internal partitions, presence of unusable dead spaces, etc. situations are the features that affect the price of the villa. These features play an active role in increasing or decreasing the price.
                • Villa’s design and luxury details: All luxury details in design and construction affect the price. The material, which covers the façade and visible surfaces in each section, is visually important for the villa. Therefore, a villa in Turkey is a good investment. 
                • Supply and demand balance: We cannot limit this situation only to Istanbul. As in many investment instruments, the supply-demand balance directly affects the price in the real estate sector. To put it briefly, the decrease in the number of existing villas in Istanbul will cause a direct increase in villa prices.

                What are the Price Ranges of Villas in Istanbul?

                The average sales prices by the district in Istanbul are as follows:

                District Name

                Average selling price (TL)

                Average construction area (m2)

                m2 selling price (m2)



                (3.038.166 USD)


                57.000 (5.021 USD)



                (1.757.616 USD)


                35.000 (3.083 USD)



                (1.242.225 USD)


                30.000 (2.643 USD)



                (3.044.773 USD)


                54.000 (4.757 USD)



                (1.168.220 USD)


                25.500 (2.246 USD)





                16.000 (1.409 USD)



                (144.485 USD)


                8.000 (704 USD)

                Prices may vary depending on the exchange rate.

                What are the Advantages of Buying a Villa Istanbul?

                Owning a villa in Istanbul is the dream of many people around the world. Owning a villa in this city, which attracts attention all over the world, provides many advantages to the owner of the villa. These advantages are generally as follows,

                • The point where history and today’s World encounter: Having the privilege of owning a villa in a city that has hosted many civilizations from past to present.
                • The variety in the structures of Istanbul and the features of these structures are suitable for your taste: It is possible to find examples of villas suitable for every taste and taste in Istanbul.
                • Transportation convenience from one place to another: Istanbul offers a variety of transportation options to homeowners. Getting from one point of the city to another is very easy. If you want, you can easily use the facilities such as the subway, bus, or Metrobus for transportation and this makes your daily life much easier.
                • The advantages it provides at the point of investment: The value of Istanbul being a popular city and the villas with more design features provide advantages to the buyers at the point of investment. Also, cheap houses in Istanbul are considered to be a good investment possibility.
                • Every opportunity you need is very close to you: Shopping centers, artistic and cultural centers, and areas with historical textures are all very close, so it is extremely easy to reach all of them.

                Who can buy a Villa in Istanbul?

                Istanbul has been among the favorite cities of the world throughout history. This city, which has always been eye-catching throughout history, has attracted people’s attention from all sides. Living in Istanbul today, as in the past, is the dream of many people. Especially many foreigners who come to Turkey for sightseeing and tourist purposes want to own a house in Istanbul. At this point, villa-type residences, which impress with their comfort and design, are highly preferred. Foreign citizens can buy a house in Turkey within the legal limits, but there are some terms and conditions for this. The ability of foreigners to buy a house was provided by the law numbered 2644. Today, in line with the adjustment made in the law, the reciprocity requirement for foreign real persons to acquire real estate in our country has been abolished. In addition to the convenience of buying a house provided to foreigners, there are also some conditions.

                These conditions are as follows;

                • Being a citizen of one of the 183 countries that have the unconditional right to acquire real estate in Turkey,
                • The total area of ​​the immovable to be purchased does not exceed 30 hectares, (even if it is in different cities, it is the general total of the purchased properties.)
                • Permission must be obtained from military authorities. The property to be purchased must not be within the borders of the security zone.

                In which districts can I buy a villa in Istanbul?

                It is possible to come across modern and comfortable villa projects in every region of Istanbul. There are many options for owning a house in this city, which is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Villa projects in these regions allow householders to escape from the tiring pace of the city without leaving the city. As Istanbul Property, we aim to bring you your dream home with our wide portfolio of villas in Istanbul. We aim to give you the best service with our villa projects in the following regions.

                The regions we serve are listed below;

                • Beylikduzu,
                • Maltepe,
                • Cekmekoy,
                • Buyukcekmece,
                • Sariyer,
                • Beykoz,
                • Bahcesehir

                Can I become a Turkish citizen by purchasing a villa in Istanbul?

                For foreign citizens to create a title deed registration, a minimum of 400,000 USD or an equivalent foreign currency and Turkish lira is required, provided that the property will not be sold for three years.

                After paying at least $400,000 or equivalent in another US foreign currency and Turkish Lira for floor altitude, the contract must state that the property in Turkey cannot be transferred or abandoned for 3 years. The decision on registration should be made by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. 

                Is there a villa tax in Istanbul?

                Real estate with a building tax value exceeding 5,277,000 TL (464.909 USD) in Turkey is referred to as “valuable housing tax”. Villa-type residences that fit this definition are taxed. In this context, the payment rates are “between 5.227.000 TL (464.909 USD)  and 7.841.000 TL (690.800 USD), those up to 3.455.000 TL (304.389 USD) per thousand for the portion exceeding 5.227.000 TL (464.909 USD), 7.841.842 TL (690.874 USD), for those with more than 6.455.000 TL (568.692 USD) per thousand, 23.526 TL (2.072 USD) for 10.455.000 TL (921.096 USD), 10 per thousand for the excess.

                Do foreigners pay villa tax in Istanbul?

                For all immovable properties located within the borders of Turkey, there is an obligation to pay property tax by the law numbered 1319. The owner of the property is considered a taxpayer. In this context, foreign nationals are considered taxpayers for the real estate they own.

                What are the features of villas in Istanbul?

                You can sip your coffee in front of the unique blue of the Bosphorus, feel enchanted in a magical atmosphere in the historical texture, and feel that you live in the unique texture of Istanbul. In addition to all these, the real estate market in Istanbul offers a comfortable life with solutions suitable for all your luxury needs.

                When it comes to the features that luxury must-have in Istanbul, many details should be reviewed in terms of the basic features of the villa such as a swimming pool, garden, landscape, large living area, jacuzzi, construction history, quality of the materials used, and design.

                What is Life like in Villas in Istanbul?

                Villas in Istanbul give their users the chance to be close to the ground and see the sky when viewed from the window. These modern villas are classified as luxury properties in Istanbul, with top-class amenities and features.

                It is a free living space for families with children. You will lead a better quality of life with your family, children, and pets. You will not have a problem with noise. With the advantage of no noise and having a wide usage area, it is perfect for using in big events and hosting friends with the warmth of home. Parking is no longer a problem. The design and location of the villa make you feel as if you are on vacation at any moment.

                The villa you choose by your personality and lifestyle will give you the pleasure of enjoying life.

                Are there social activities in the villas in Istanbul?

                The size and general characteristics of the villa you are considering changing the variety of activities. Although there are differences, in general, all-villa examples in Istanbul offer unique activity opportunities. It is possible to find examples of villas with social activity opportunities in Istanbul, where you can have a pleasant time at the same time that suits your tastes. Looking at the examples of villas in Istanbul, many villas have pools, jacuzzis, landscaped gardens, and areas for your children to run around with pleasure. Along with all these, according to your preference; You can feel the history in the Bosphorus part of the city or find peace in nature.

                Are the villas in Istanbul suitable for children?

                More care should be taken when choosing house buyers with children. Children’s use areas and the security situation in the area where they will spend time are very important. And villas in Istanbul offer their buyers systems where they can live with their children in safety and peace. In addition, the social areas where children can spend time are just some of the privileges that the villas offer to their users and their families.

                Is it safe to buy a villa in Istanbul?

                Buying a villa in Istanbul does not pose a risk as long as it is followed the rule. As long as the procedure is followed and reliable companies are worked with, there will be no problem in buying a villa in Istanbul. The sector history of the company you are considering buying a villa for is very important. You can choose your dream house from the exclusive villa catalog of Istanbul Property.

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