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by Murat Padar | 2023-01-18

What is Real Estate?

Real estate covers land and permanent add-ons on the land such as water resources, trees, minerals, buildings, houses, fences, bridges, etc., which were built by human hands and/or are located on the land that exists in nature itself.

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Property Management Everything You Need to Know

Property management is a complex and multi-faceted field, and property managers need to have a strong understanding of the industry as well as the specific property they are managing.

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by Murat Padar | 2023-02-13

What are the Advantages of Owning a Home in Turkey?

Turkey, with its climate that has four different seasons, multiculturalism, covered with sea, historical buildings, cultural and international activities many more reasons for owning a house.

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by Murat Padar | 2023-02-14

What are the Best Holiday Spots in Turkey?

Turkey’s best holiday spots are much more than you can imagine and it is a hidden paradise, indeed.

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by Murat Padar | 2023-02-16

Best Places to Live in Turkey: A Guide to Choose City in Turkey

Turkey has a unique atmosphere and has many of the best places to live in and as well as there are many reasons why it is unique.

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by Murat Padar | 2023-02-17

What are the Things to Know Before Moving to Turkey?

Turkey is a unique country with its history, historical places, its people, foods, holy places, a culture different than any other cultures around the world, and so on.

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by Murat Padar | 2023-03-01

Things to Know About Bursa

Bursa real estate, buy home in Bursa, Real estate in Turkey

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by Murat Padar | 2023-03-02

Things to Know About Izmir

Izmir, Turkey's third largest city, is a modern, developed, and at the same time busy commercial center.

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by Murat Padar | 2023-03-07

Things to Know About Muğla

Muğla, one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, offers many activity alternatives to tourists and locals. The city, which hosts nearly 8 million tourists every year with its unique beauties, nature, and fascinating landscapes

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by Murat Padar | 2023-03-08

What is the Cost of Buying Property in Turkey

Cost of Buying Property in Turkey, Real estate in Istanbul, Turkey

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by Murat Padar | 2023-03-09

What are the Best Places to Buy Property in Turkey?

There are many benefits of buying a house in Turkey. These benefits are listed below. • Beachside Lifestyle in Turkey • Tourism Let Income • Ideal Long-Term Turkish Investment • Easy Property Buying Process

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by Murat Padar | 2023-03-14

Property Insurance in Turkey

How Property Insurance Work in Turkey, How DASK Work in Turkey?

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by Murat Padar | 2023-03-15

What is Property Tax

In short, we can express the property tax as the tax that must be paid annually for the immovables owned by the person. With real estate; fixed assets such as houses, land, garden, and office.

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