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Istanbul is Turkey's most dynamic real estate market, with big property and infrastructure projects being built daily. As a result, everyone thinks of Istanbul as a dream destination for those looking to buy a home and get rid of their rent obligations. Whether it's homeowners searching for an excellent social life or investors looking for a steady income stream, there's something for everyone.

There are many topics to consider while buying a property in Istanbul; we can list things like:

  • Defining the purposes of buying the property: The first thing to consider is why you purchase the home. Is this going to be your permanent address? Will you be renting it? Alternatively, you might resell it. In other words, will the property function as your new residence, or will it only be another investment opportunity? This is crucial since it will affect the property's location, budget, and logistics. Not every neighborhood is the same. Some places, for example, are more suited to family lifestyles, while others are better suited to retail malls.
  • Performing thorough research: Purchasing a home is a multi-step procedure. It would help if you researched and occasionally sought advice from competent real estate brokers. Do not be enticed by online marketing ads offering to acquire a property with a view of the Mediterranean beaches, which are known for their year-round sunshine. The best practice is to go to the property and verify whether or not the claims are accurate and the property matches what you've been promised. Visit several homes, evaluate multiple offers, broaden your possibilities, and do your math before committing to a purchase.
  • Investigate and look into all the details: If you come upon the perfect deal and it appears too good to be true, it probably is. It would help if you reconsidered your position. Although the rates in some sections of Istanbul, particularly in new living centers and emerging neighborhoods, are relatively inexpensive, you should be aware that some properties lack the necessary paperwork, such as planning approvals. This could land you in legal difficulty, and you won't be able to apply for a title deed. Some contractors build unlawfully and then sell the homes to foreigners and inexperienced people.
  • Choose your real estate agent wisely: We all know that the Istanbul real estate market is in the midst of a boom. As a result, many organizations are converting to handle this domain. Every day, we hear about a new real estate agent or a contractor who promises us incredible deals. It would help if you did not always believe everything you hear. Check your real estate agent's credibility and ensure they have the proper contacts to assist you in obtaining an entirely legitimate, sold deal.
  • For more security, hire a specialized lawyer: Hiring a private lawyer to take on the burden of property status inquiry and ensure that all relevant procedures are carried out legally may appear too expensive. However, this may help to minimize further financial costs associated with bad behavior. The lawyer will also assist with accelerating military cleansing procedures and reducing potential delays.

Istanbul is home to various projects with varying concepts and quality standards that may meet most needs at reasonable costs. Most new modern projects are in the form of serviced compounds and complexes with a flexible plot design. There is something for everyone, from affordable studio apartments to luxurious lofts and a penthouse with expansive terraces. Commercial units such as stores and shopping centers may be included in these developments. People looking to buy private properties such as independent residences and upscale villas with landscaped gardens might benefit from large-scale developments. On the other hand, inclusive centers and home office buildings built throughout Istanbul in popular neighborhoods serve corporate sectors and commercial reasons.

The pricing range of property for sale in Istanbul varies based on the market values, such as location and view, quality of construction techniques and materials, the level of available services, and proximity to social amenities. According to the (Endeksa) statistical website, the annual average price for a house in Istanbul is around 3,000,000 Turkish lira.

Similar concepts of construction and property projects in Istanbul can also be found in other provinces with metropolitan centers like Antalya, Alanya, Izmir, and Bursa.

How are the Prices of Properties in Istanbul Determined?

Multiple factors determine the pricing of property projects in Istanbul; below are the most critical ones that directly relate to those figures:

The district in which the project is located determines the price. At the same time, costs are higher near the city center, landmarks, tourism destinations, transit hubs, and social amenities; prices are more affordable as you move away toward suburban areas. Not to add, those properties with a view of the sea or the countryside command higher prices.

The location of a property in a building or a residential complex, the floor on which it is placed, and the associated neighboring destinations are all crucial. In normal structures, flats on lower floors are usually more expensive. In newer structures, higher levels with excellent views command higher costs. Aspects such as the flats, whether ventilated or illuminated, play a role in deciding property values in Istanbul.


The sort of property is determined by what is in high demand in a given neighborhood. Some areas have a higher concentration of in-complex flats, while others have a higher concentration of luxury villas with sea views or commercial stores near the Metro Station. In addition, villas for sale in Istanbul are constructed to meet comfortability criteria.

The price of a home is influenced by its visual appeal and the quality of its building processes and materials. The appraisal process is also heavily influenced by the interior design and layout of spaces.

The prospect of expected financial gains influences the price, particularly in desirable neighborhoods near the city center.

The newer the property, the more it leans toward the upper end of the pricing range due to various factors, not only in Istanbul but around the world as well.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Istanbul?

Buying a property in Istanbul is increasingly becoming everybody's dream these days. This city portrays favorable social, economic, and geographical properties that appeal to people seeking to own private homes, profit from rental investments, or other opportunities. Among the countless benefits of buying a property in Istanbul:

  • Location Advantages: Istanbul is the center of Turkey and its vast doorway to the world outside, bridging two of the world's largest and most dynamic continents (Europe and Asia). From Istanbul, you can contact millions of customers and investors from all around the world. Whether you're looking to buy a property as an investment or a home in one of the world's most famous tourist destinations, we can help. Istanbul is everyone's favorite, regardless of their cultural background.
  • Nature Elements: Another incentive to select Istanbul above other property markets is the area's distinctive natural features. Despite Istanbul's high population density, you will always be surrounded by fresh air breezes, bright sunlight, and stunning scenery. The city's seaside roadways include vistas of azure oceans that create a one-of-a-kind ambiance. The picturesque Bosphorus Marinas, Marmara Beach, and the Black Sea attract tourists and investors who may get everything they need in one location.
  • Economic Aspects: Istanbul is the financial epicenter of Turkey. This city serves as a hub for domestic, international, industrial, and commercial operations, as well as multinational corporations and foreign investors. Due to the easy selling of Istanbul homes, which are always in high demand, being located within such a gold mine helps to reduce the risk element for property investors.
  • Metropolitan privileges: The multi-dimensional transit channels (Subway, Metro-bus, Tramway, Trains, Boats, and Ferry) and high-quality infrastructural facilities are among the other elements that encourage the decision to buy a home in Istanbul. In addition, the location is convenient to various public services, including healthcare and educational institutions, entertainment and amusement parks, local retail complexes, and worldwide brand stores.
  • Stable Living Expenses: Istanbul offers the same luxury and modern living experiences at nearly half the price of other prominent European cities. Thanks to the flexible market prices, everyone can fit their budgets depending on where and how they want to live in Istanbul. Especially for foreign residents who can take advantage of the favorable exchange rates between the US Dollar and the Euro.

The attributes listed above make Istanbul one of the most straightforward answers to the age-old question, "Where should I buy a house in Turkey?" Being surrounded by beautiful scenery, being close to crucial life facilities, engaging with a friendly social milieu, and having a stable economy that leads to average expenditure levels all sound like the refuge we all imagine.

What are the Features of Property Located in Istanbul?

The real estate in Istanbul, Turkey, stands out among the other cities. Recently, buying an apartment in Istanbul has been a hot topic among those looking to make a real estate investment or build their dream home. The majority of sales and rental investments are made in the city's most desirable locations, which are determined by the qualities that this portion of Turkey has to offer, such as:

  • The general areas of properties: One of the unique features of Istanbul's real estate projects is the variety of available residential apartments within the same project. There is something for everyone, From standard studio apartments to mega-sized luxury villas with complete private facilities. This impacts the population positively since it provides a space for people of all incomes and social backgrounds. The quality of someone's life can be decided by which opportunities they choose. This includes deciding on the neighborhood, property attributes, location, and other criteria. In large housing projects in Istanbul, the average size of a property is roughly (100 m2).
  • The property view: The property's view is another crucial aspect of Istanbul's market. This factor significantly impacts the unit's market value. Panoramic Sea and City View projects are always in high demand, as they are associated with luxury living and high social standards. Before those lists, there are villas with direct access to private beaches or beautiful green forest settings and penthouses with shimmering city lights.
  • The quality of life: Istanbul is an all-size living environment that fits all, with its enormous geographical shapes, diversity of social life models, and flexible living expense patterns. The varied urban fabric, from posh neighborhoods to rapidly growing centers of residential suburbia, is served by social, medical, and educational resources across the city. Thanks to reliable transit networks, the entire civilian system is connected.

What are the reasons for buying property in Istanbul?

According to real estate investment statistics, Istanbul is the most desired destination for local and foreign property purchasers of Turkish real estate. Many factors contribute to this city's popularity as a leader in Turkey's housing initiatives, including:

  • Continuous Transformational development: Every day, a slew of new initiatives for various objectives start-up throughout Istanbul. In the property project games, upgrades to metropolitan infrastructure, new transit facilities, and the urbanization of newly emerging areas, particularly on the city's outskirts, are all important. Connecting developing suburban districts (such as Beylikduzu and Esenyurt) to major shopping and nightlife centers in the city's center while remaining remote enough to sleep soundly at night is also important.
  • The potentiality of economic growth: Considering the 2024 vision plans and analyzing the Turkish market's general economic state, we conclude that now is the best time, particularly for property investors, to begin investing in this magnificent domain. Istanbul proved to be a risk-free investment that pays off after surviving the underlying worldwide financial troubles.
  • Profitable sales: Although this solely applies to investors and real estate agents, it is nonetheless a distinct feature that has grown in prominence due to Istanbul's attractiveness. Keeping a home for more than five years will also save you money on capital gains tax, which is a big plus for anyone looking to buy real estate in Istanbul. There's never been a better moment to buy because of the increasing market, coupled with the incentives to purchase and the Turkish government's present goals to raise national per capita income to be more in line with Europe.
  • The icon of business, heritage, and tourism: You do not need to rent your home to take advantage of the lucrative business options of Istanbul's dynamic markets. Istanbul's status as Turkey's throbbing heart, assisted by fast-growing projects for the city's future, confirms the city's potential for expansion. A future financial hub the size of Wall Street means that anyone purchasing real estate in Istanbul will almost certainly witness an increase in the value of their home in the short term. Istanbul is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, thanks to its rich History dating back to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. For investors, purchasing a house in Istanbul provides both a vacation home and a viable business opportunity. Not to mention the breathtaking vistas and sceneries that will be available from your property, villas for Sale in Istanbul, such as Sariyer, may meet such aesthetics by exhibiting old styles, reflecting Ottoman Era architecture, and, at the same time, overlooking the gorgeous Bosporus.

What is the Material of the Properties in Istanbul?

Istanbul property projects are well-known throughout Turkey for their unique plots, contemporary interior designs, and high-quality materials utilized during construction. To precisely conform with the given plans, the project architect, control engineer, and quality control architect should be exclusively involved in the construction materials selection process.

The General Technical Specification of the Ministry of Public Works determines the acceptability of rough construction materials such as stone, rock, clay, sand, gravel, cement, briquette, brick, aerated concrete, blocks, timber, rebar, steel mesh, concrete nail, construction nail, and mosaic. The type of property also determines the sort of material chosen. While the walls of villas for sale in Istanbul may be built with rare natural stones, economy flats within modern complexes are built with regular bricks and binding materials.

The construction materials are classified as follows:

  • Gypsum is a substance formed by pulverizing gypsum stone. This substance, which is used in mold extraction during construction works, hardens when combined with water. It comes in different forms, such as Gypsum Plaster, Drywall, and Plasterboard Profile Materials, used in residential units' internal and external parts.
  • Paint: Paints Used for both interior and exterior walls have unlimited color options and content features with today's technology.
  • Glass: Glass is made by mixing silica sand with potash and melting it at high temperatures. It is a fragile, transparent, hard, and waterproof material.
  • Cement is a powder-group construction material that gains binding properties when combined with water. Depending on the conditions, different types of cement have varying levels of solidification. It is one of the most used materials in the construction industry.
  • Iron Steel: It is among the structural components of buildings. It is put into the concrete to prevent slipping in reinforced concrete structures. It's also used to create sold interior and external security doors.
  • Natural Stones: Natural stones are composed of minerals. The ones suitable for use in construction are called natural building blocks. They can be used in the foundation, wall, floor, or roof coverings of construction. They are also used in Bathrooms and kitchens as main surfaces.
  • Aluminum is among the preferred construction materials, as it is very light and easy to process. Aluminum, the most used metal in Istanbul's housing projects after iron and steel, transmits heat and electricity at a high level and has a very high boiling point.
  • Elevator: With the development of the construction sector, it is available in all-new generation apartments. It has become an industry in its field.
  • Lighting: As the building sector develops, lighting products, which have developing technology, are also among the construction materials.
  • Wood: Wood is among the organic-based building materials and is practical and natural. It is one of the oldest building materials.

What are the Property Options in Istanbul?

The most significant trait of Istanbul's property market is its diversity. Countless options suit everyone based on design, budget, utility, and quality standards. You can find:

  • Apartments and flats: Apartments and flats are within fully serviced housing compounds, stand-alone towers, and independent residential buildings. Those units range in levels of quality and facilitation, from economy studio apartments to luxury, 5-star hotel-like serviced penthouses. Cheap property can also be available without compromising quality elements.
  • Detached Villas and House Properties: With views over the city lights, landscaped green spaces, lakes, or direct access to the beach. Villas for sale in Istanbul are usually designed with high-end luxury aspects in mind: first-class finishing, inclusive facilities, and top-quality decorations.
  • General-purpose business centers and home office towers: These satisfy modern corporate environments. They are located inside the city center near dynamic life hubs and transportation channels.
  • Shopping centers: Shopping centers contain all-purpose commercial units and attentively designed stores. They are situated mainly by main roads and social attraction spots, opposite vital highways and intersection traffic points.

Who is suitable to Own a property in Istanbul?

Based on the previously detailed characteristics of Istanbul city, mainly manifesting in the conformable lifestyle and versatile opportunities, Istanbul property projects cater to all homeowners and potential investors. The following groups of people tend to head toward Istanbul to purchase real estate that can be classified into:

  • Real Estate Investors: Whether investing in hotel residences or small apartments in the suburbs, Istanbul is gradually building solid proof to earn the reputation of being a great investment choice in the Real estate world. Thanks to the promising local economy, sophisticated modern construction projects, and wide range of prices that may conform to every budget.
  • Business people and standard workforce: The diverse work prospects and fertile land appropriate for small, medium, and large-scale company enterprises are two of the most convincing reasons to relocate to Istanbul.
  • People looking for a balanced lifestyle: Small to medium-wage families pick Istanbul as their new home because of the mix of magnificent nature, refreshing weather, adaptive living expenses, and excellent social standards. They do not have to sacrifice high living standards due to financial constraints.
  • Luxury Seekers and Retirees: Istanbul hosts elite real estate projects that satisfy exceptional tastes. Deluxe villas are just a few steps away from dazzling Bosporus waterfronts, exclusive penthouses with 5-star hotel services, and more. Those real estate types draw the attention of VIP life seekers and retired civilians dreaming about spending quality time with their loved ones away from the crowds.
  • People who seek to be Turkish citizens: Foreigners from white-listed countries can seek Turkish citizenship after meeting specific criteria according to Turkish civil law. Purchasing real estate in Turkey is one of the most common ways to meet the application's stipulated conditions.

Are Properties Located in Istanbul Suitable for Those Who Want to Be Turkey Citizens?

Yes, properties located in Istanbul are suitable for applying for Turkish citizenship. However, other financial considerations and ownership obligations should be considered to fully comply with the current legal clauses of the application process.

Turkish citizenship is one of the most sophisticated titles in the world, as it comes with many benefits, including the list below.

  • Ability to visit more than 110 countries visa-free for Personal and more than 146 Business passports. Besides, there is the potential to include EU countries shortly.
  • Besides owning such a prestigious passport, it provides the safety of guaranteed investment returns.
  • Quick Citizenship and Passport issuance process, down to 3-4 months only.
  • Multi-nationally and Wealth disclosure-free authorizations.
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Quality Education for the whole family.
  • Pension system benefits.
  • Safety, democracy, and freedom.

What are the Advantages of Property Buyers in Istanbul?

Living in Istanbul is unlike anything else in Turkey. On so many levels, this metropolis's vibrant texture attracts many individuals who want to live there and experience the pleasures of such a life. The following are some of the key advantages of living in Istanbul.

  • The hub of culture and tourism: Istanbul is a one-of-a-kind destination in which to reside since it connects the East and the West by connecting Asia, Europe, and Africa. Life in Istanbul is unique because there is always a combination of modern and traditional, low-cost and high-end, laid-back and conservative. Furthermore, Istanbul is home to two of the world's most dynamic and highly capable airports (Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport), which provide direct international flights to destinations worldwide, making travel more accessible for tourists and permanent inhabitants.
  • Rich History and sightseeing: Istanbul's strategic location, encompassing the Bosphorus, the Marmara, and the Black Sea, contributed to its prominence by making it one of the most sought-after commerce routes in ancient voyages. This ideal location was especially appealing for establishing significant industrial facilities using simple export-import procedures. Because Istanbul was once the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and then the Ottoman Empire, we can see traces of those extraordinary eras all around the city by enjoying the historic structures and landmarks. Some of the international wonders include Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, and Galata Tower.
  • Four Seasons: The refreshing sun rays, refreshing air, and relaxing vacation spots during daily ferry and boat cruises make Istanbul the best place for water activity seekers. A quick ferry ride in the Bosphorus, a full-day boat trip in Marmara, or The Black Sea is the cherry on top of fantastic holiday times. Istanbul's overall stable climate is super favorable for many of us.
  • Safe life: Although Istanbul is known for being the most crowded and multicultural city in Turkey, it is considered one of the area's safest and most expat-friendly spots. This is thanks to the reliable and efficient security systems and the city's touristic nature, which requires extra precautions.
  • Economy, Investment, and Business Society: Considering the social, industrial, and geographical aspects, Istanbul is the center of international relations, investment, and employment in Turkey. Job seekers, business people, and investors rush to establish their feet in this goldmine and feast on its blessings.
  • Accessible Transportation and Amenities: One of the pros of Istanbul being Turkey's most sophisticated metropolitan province is that it has it all regarding urban living standards. Modern, high-quality transposition networks and educational, Medical, and social institutes of international standards are always nearby.
  • Joint approach quality: We call it the all-size housing model because of the wide range of alternatives afforded by Istanbul's total living experience. The cost of living and everyday household expenses such as food, transportation, and utilities (water, gas, and electricity) vary depending on the budget of each family. Living in a public Turkish neighborhood is less expensive than living in an upscale, fully serviced residential compound near popular shopping malls and active subway stops.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Istanbul?

According to accurate east market analysis, as per Istanbul's neighborhoods, the average price of buying a property is shown in the table below:



Average Gross Area

Average Min Price

Average Max Price



Asian Side

126 m2

1,500,000 TL

50,000,000 TL



Asian Side

131 m2

3,750,000 TL

80,000,00 TL



Asian Side

117 m2

2,500,000 TL

40,000,000 TL



European Side

110 m2

1,225,000 TL

3,400,000 TL



European Side

100 m2

3.975,000 TL

34,000,000 TL



European Side

110 m2

3,750,000 TL

42,000,000 TL



European Side

139 m2

5,200,000 TL

14,500,000 TL



European Side

102 m2

1.550,000 TL

8,500,000 TL



European Side

120 m2

1.500,000 TL

5,500,000 TL



European Side

110 m2

700,000 TL

4,500,000 TL


Those ranges are not fixed figures. Underlying factors like foreign currency changes, seasonality, and urbanization plans may interfere with changing some values. The social standards of each spot, proximity to significant life amenities, and transportation facilities also play a vital role in the pricing levels.

What are The Payment Methods for Buying Properties in Istanbul?

The payment plans and financial routines for buying a property in Istanbul are generally flexible and straightforward. In most cases, they fall into the:

  • Advanced down payments of corresponding installment plans: The amounts and time frames are usually changeable based on commercial formulas. Long-term/short-term, as well as annual installments, are also among the patterns used.
  • One-time cash payments: Those financial terms are usually accompanied by competitive discounts. They are more applicable for affordable pricing modules.

What does Life Look Like in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a homogeneous blend of Modernity and an enthralling legacy inspired by the region's location and illustrious History, which stretches back to ancient times. Istanbul's compelling magic spells are cast by a unique blend of oriental civilizations combined with the openness of Western life, attracting visitors and encouraging them not to go forever. You may effortlessly follow your religious traditions in Istanbul without feeling out of shape. Alternatively, you might spend the evening with your loved ones, dancing the night away to your favorite music on a sandy beach. Burgeoning business opportunities, job offers, and well-thought-out educational plans accompany this. The many residential projects attempt to provide a wide range of alternatives and amenities, including location, views, designs, and price ranges. People seeking a decent living experience in an urban atmosphere can choose Istanbul.

What Are the Other Cities That Have Properties Similar to Istanbul?

We can name other cities in Turkey that resemble the Istanbul experience, like Alanya. Between the cities of Antalya and Mersin, Alanya is one of the best options.

  • Antalya: The Turkish Mediterranean beach capital is Antalya. Due to its diverse topography, bustling economy, and seaside vistas, it would be a great idea if you decide to find Antalya apartments for sale.
  • Bursa: Bursa, formerly Prusa City, is a Turkish city in northwest Turkey. The city's appeal has grown in the Turkish and international real estate markets. It's not hard to find Bursa apartments for sale; contact us.
  • Izmir: After Istanbul and Ankara, real estate in Izmir, the Pearl of the Aegean, is the third-best option. If you're considering buying a home in Izmir, you'll be able to enjoy your social life while furthering your career in such an investment environment.
  • Bodrum: When requirements such as having a decent life by settling for a long time and having investment profitability are considered, Bodrum, in western Turkey, is a vital and ideal location for international real estate buyers. It's hard to find real estate in Bodrum, but we suggest you not let it go if you can.
  • Mersin: Mersin is one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations, and ex-pats are flocking to live there. The city's appeal has spread throughout the real estate market, especially in the last ten years, making Mersin real estate another essential option.
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