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Things to consider when buying a commercial property in Istanbul are various. For example, the city center and major highways are easily accessible. The working environment in the commercial space/office should be uplifting, and the property should have enough windows to allow for sufficient ventilation. A well-planned infrastructure is required for a commercial building. It should have internal/external parking or valet service at the very least. There should be central air conditioning and heating. It’s preferable if the property is near a commercial bank or an ATM. Buildings and elevators should be properly maintained regularly.

In recent years, Istanbul has become a crossroads for economic industrialization and business from the East to the West. It is an attractive location for commercial enterprises and offers profitable investment opportunities. Levent, Atasehir, Sisli, and Maslak are among the most sought-after neighborhoods for commercial development within Istanbul’s borders. The city is one of the most preferred for those wishing to make a safe commercial investment in Istanbul.

With a population of about 16 million people, Istanbul is an industrial hub for commercial property for sale in Turkey. While commercial real estate sales in the city are increasing, it is quickly ascending the ranks to become the world’s most popular property investment metropolis.

How Are Commercial Property Prices Determined In Istanbul?

Commercial properties’ prices are determined based on the following factors:

  • Being in a busy commercial area.
  • Being at a shopping mall or a business facility.
  • Having a signed contract guarantees rental income.
  • Access to public transportation, highways and freeways, parking, and green and pedestrian-friendly transportation features such as bike trails and walkability.
  • Vehicle access and exit — the easier it is to enter and leave a property, as well as the ability to turn left and right, the more user-friendly and valuable the location will be.
  • Property on the corner of a four-way junction is more valuable since cars and public transit commuters have more time to look at the property and its occupants.
  • The more automobiles and riders who pass by the property daily, the more ‘free promotion’ the property and renters will receive.
  • The surrounding of the property – a retail shopping complex with restaurants and supermarkets near big residential areas, for example, has a ready supply of potential customers living nearby.

What Are The Price Ranges Of Commercial Property In Istanbul?

To find out more about the prices of Istanbul’s commercial properties, here is a table of the average cost for each type:

Commercial property type minimum

Minimum price in Dollars

















What Are The Advantages Of Buying a Commercial Property in Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the most enticing cities for buying property in Turkey, especially a commercial one because it is a prominent destination for trade, tourism, research, and general investment. As a result, for a variety of reasons, many investors are interested in owning commercial real estate in Istanbul. Not to mention, real estate investment risks are low, and they are practically non-existent when consulting real estate experts like Istanbul Property before engaging in any commercial real estate investing activity.

Istanbul’s commercial real estate selection is equivalent to all of the city’s advantages. The strategic location between Europe and Asia lends itself to tourist-oriented commercial real estate. Considerable real estate prices have come from high demand for a variety of commercial assets. The value of commercial real estate in Istanbul has increased in recent years, and investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul has become one of the most rewarding possibilities.

  • Sufficient Income: Commercial real estate investments have several benefits, including the fact that the assets are often secured by leases, which generate a continuous income stream that is far higher than ordinary stock dividend yields.
  • Excellent Asset Value Appreciation: In terms of value appreciation, commercial real estate investments have a proven track record of outperforming other investment types. Internal factors like proactive management, which involves making cost-effective changes to a property to improve its usability and appeal, as well as external issues like supply and demand imbalances, can both boost a property’s value.
  • Use Leverage to Build Significant Equity: Another important element of commercial real estate investing is the ability to finance an asset with debt that exceeds its initial worth by multiple times. As your loans are paid off, you will be able to buy more assets for less money, resulting in a significant rise in your equity.
  • Use Leverage to Multiply Current Cash Flow: When investors utilize “positive leverage” on a property, they effectively multiply their net spendable cash by borrowing money at a lower rate than the property return
  • Exceptional Security Benefit: One of the few investment kinds with a tangible asset with high intrinsic value is commercial real estate. Both the land and the structure on which the property is built are important assets. If investors choose the location and asset quality properly, they can benefit from the security of knowing that they own an asset that can provide income regardless of what happens to the existing tenant. As a result, commercial real estate investments do not have the same level of volatility as stock market investments.

Who can Buy a Commercial Property in Istanbul?

Although most foreigners are allowed to buy property in Istanbul, it is a good idea to double-check with your local consulate before making a final decision. Once you’ve decided on the type of commercial property you want, talk to a local real estate agent about your alternatives in the area where you want to buy. There are many houses available to buy, but a real estate agent can help you go through them to find the right one.

In Which Districts Can I Buy a Commercial Property in Istanbul?

Among the most heavily targeted districts for commercial expansion and development within the city limits of Istanbul are:

  • Levent
  • Atasehir
  • Sisli
  • Maslak

Can I Become a Turkish Citizen by Buying a Commercial Property in Istanbul?

Many people also ask if buying real estate entitles them to citizenship or residence. You must buy property worth at least $400,000 and sign a declaration vowing not to sell it for three years if you want to become a citizen. Although both straightforward and easy, the residence and citizenship by investment programs differ from the house-buying process.

Istanbul is Turkey’s most important city in terms of trade, education, the economy, tourism, international real estate transactions, and the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Scheme. Many real estate investors and those seeking citizenship buy properties on the outskirts of Europe, where new developments with long-term payment plans and 0% interest rates rule the market.

Is There a Commercial Property Tax in Istanbul?

In Istanbul just like most Turkey, property taxes range from 0.1 percent to 0.6 percent, depending on the type of property and the city in which it is located. Ordinary properties, such as apartments or buildings in major cities, are subject to a 0.2 percent tax. The property tax rate for properties owned in large municipalities is fixed at 0.4 percent every year. In Turkey, commercial premises are taxed at a rate of 0.4 percent, while the land is taxed at 0.6 percent. We would like to remind you that these charges are based on the property’s pricing. With a few exceptions, it is impossible to purchase property in Turkey without paying the VAT. As a result, commercial premises are subject to an 18 percent VAT.

Do Foreigners Pay Commercial Property Tax in Istanbul?

Turkey’s tax legislation is straightforward and consistent, and it adheres to international standards and recommendations. Predefined taxes apply to property owners in Turkey, whether they are citizens or foreigners, according to Articles 8 and 18 of the Real Estate Tax Law, which went into force in 1970. In addition to the fact that real estate prices in Turkey are lower than in most European countries, the procedures for purchasing homes and paying taxes are also simpler. From the Turkish property tax article, you can find more information about the tax regulations in Turkey.

What are the Features of Commercial Property in Istanbul?

When you own a commercial property, it’s only half the battle. To be desirable in the eyes of future tenants, it must be more than just a building; most commercial properties in Istanbul have two or more of the following features.

In heavily populated locations, tenants commonly hunt for rental units. Employees, and hence businesses, are content if they can stroll to a downtown area with a choice of restaurants. This is especially important for tenants with growing enterprises or who work in fields that rely heavily on young talent. Younger people are more attracted to a work environment in a bustling part of town, and offering a fantastic location can help renters thrive.

Access to a neighboring parking lot with consistent vacancies can add significantly to the property’s value. For most tenants seeking a place to live or work, on-site parking, whether above or below ground, is a must.

Fitness and health facilities are among the most in-demand amenities, and they boost the value of commercial real estate dramatically. Many companies place a high emphasis on keeping their staff healthy, which often leads to lower healthcare expenditures in the long run.

No one wants to be cooped inside for eight hours with no glimpse of the world outside. To retain a modern style, an office should have large windows that allow natural light into the space and it’s a better alternative than fluorescent tubes.

The entryway of a building is often a reflection of its quality, and tenants who fear their clients would be disappointed may be turned away.

Visiting a restaurant or preparing lunch in the morning aren’t always realistic options for today’s busy workforce. An on-site dining facility saves time and energy that may be spent on projects or elsewhere when staff is short on time.

Any home should have a spot to sit and relax outside. Because it is inefficient and unhealthy to keep employees at their desks all day, tenants seeking commercial real estate choose buildings with more natural components.

As companies move away from the traditional cubicle form commercial real estate must adapt by providing floor plans that encourage creative thinking.

Every piece of commercial real estate must have complete interoperability with all contemporary technologies. The majority of businesses rely on internet access, and if that access is unavailable due to poor building maintenance or location, the property’s value will suffer.

Is it safe to Buy Commercial Property in Istanbul?

It is safe to buy commercial property in Istanbul. Commercial real estate, as opposed to residential real estate, frequently generates more profits. A commercial property recovers its capital in 11 years, according to real estate experts, whereas residential real estate investments take roughly 15 years to recover. Furthermore, residential buildings normally give 7-10% annual returns, whereas a commercial store or office may yield 10% to 14% annual returns. 

A tenant may not look for a property for a short period but instead chooses a long-term contract to establish his commercial project, and if you know that commercial property expenses are relatively low, you will know that this project will not cost you more than the principal amount purchased. Then, with increased economic stability, commercial growth, a favorable Turkish trade balance, and a high rate of tourism in Turkey, real estate will reap the benefits.

If you’re looking for commercial real estate in Istanbul and want to invest in this large city, you’ll need to do a complete analysis of the project, which you can do with the help of your real estate agent. you can always turn to Istanbul Property professional agents for the best advice in the market.

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