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Topkapi is considered one of the most famous districts of Istanbul. The region, which is a neighborhood of Fatih, has always been a place that maintains its popularity from the past to the present. The historical walls of Istanbul surround the district and for this reason, a part of the district is called the walled city. It is known that they first entered this region as a city during the conquest of Istanbul. With the effect of this situation, the region has become a precious place that hosts many historical places. With its history, newly shaped real estate projects, and investment potential, the real estate market in the region has been highly appreciated. There are some details to consider when buying real estate in Istanbul. These details are as follows: 

  • Determine the budget you will allocate for the purchase of real estate: In this way, it will be easier for you to find the most suitable option for your needs and budget.
  • Make a pre-selection: Find out what your expectations are from real estate and whether the options you have reached in this context suit you, you can pre-select from the options you reach.
  • Transportation is important: Nowadays, transportation has a very important place in living standards. Public transport and routes are of great importance when commuting to work, school, or a meeting. For this reason, transportation possibilities should be investigated in detail.
  • Market value: Compare other options with the same characteristics as the real estate you are considering.
  • Mortgage or lien on real estate: Mortgage and foreclosure status should be questioned during the buying and selling process in order not to face debts related to real estate after sales.
  • Investment potential: Investigate the investment potential of the real estate you are considering.
  • Get professional help: Buying and selling real estate is a very complex process. Working with a professional company will reduce your chances of encountering negative situations.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Topkapi?

The residences in the Topkapi region have different price values ​​depending on the features they have. The general price average for the region is as follows:


Average m² price: 


26,484 TL (980.76 USD)

Maximum and minimum price evaluations were made in the regional report prepared for Topkapi. Accordingly, the average maximum and minimum prices for 100 m² residences in the region are as follows:

Average 100 m² minimum price: 

Average 100 m² maximum price:

2,505,000 TL (92,790.00 USD)

5,702,000 TL (211,984,00 USD)

Prices vary according to the exchange rate.

In the evaluations made in the region, the recovery period of the purchased real estate was calculated as 16 years.

How are the Prices of Properties in Topkapi Determined?

Many features are considered in real estate pricing. In general terms, it can be examined under two headings the characteristics of the house and its surroundings. The location is an important factor that determines the price. Issues such as the construction quality of the purchased real estate, the materials used, and the workmanship are also extremely important in shaping the price. The earthquake resistance of the real estate is one of the factors that the buyers should pay attention to and that affects the price. Technical features such as infrastructure conditions such as water, electricity, natural gas, telephone, heating system, and security are very important. The environmental features of the real estate, such as important centers close to the region and ease of transportation, also shape the price.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Topkapi?

Buying real estate in Topkapi brings many advantages and positive experiences. These advantages can be listed as follows.

  • The real estate you buy in Topkapi, like any real estate in Turkey you can buy from any region, brings with it the privilege of gaining Turkish citizenship if the buyer fulfills the required conditions. The most important of these conditions is that the real estate price is over 400,000 USD. In addition, the real estate buyer has to undertake that he will not sell the real estate for at least three years from the date of purchase.
  • In case the real estate does not comply with the Turkish citizenship requirements of the Republic of Turkey, the real estate will bring the residence permit privilege to its owner.
  • Topkapi is the ideal environment for many people's dreams so it is an important county for those who prefer housing and regular lifestyles. This county is also a very attractive region for those who want to invest in real estate.
  • This district contains many different touristic places, most of which are historical.

What are the Features of Properties Located in Topkapi?

The variety of real estate that adorns the Topkapi district is quite high, which provides its buyers with a life full of luxury, comfort, and all positive features. The features of the properties in the region are as follows:

  • Perfect location: A region is an ideal place in terms of location. Being adjacent to central counties such as Zeytinburnu and Eminonu is an important advantage.
  • Historical texture: Having a deep-rooted history is one of the most important features of the region.
  • Transportation diversity: The transportation and route diversity of the region is an important advantage for the residents in the region.
  • Proximity to social areas: The proximity to social areas such as the shopping mall, theater, and cinema is another advantageous feature of the residences in this area.

What are the Reasons for Buying Property in Topkapi?

Topkapi is interpreted as a region that can attract the attention of people from many different walks of life for many different reasons. The reasons for buying real estate in this region can be listed as follows:

  • Living in a region with a historical atmosphere,
  • Owning one of the new, modern and prestigious housing projects,
  • The region's high investment value,
  • Diversity in transportation and social opportunities.

What are the Property Types and Options in Topkapi?

Topkapi has an extensive catalog in the real estate field. The options in this catalog can be listed as follows:

  • Housing complexes: Located in residential complexes that are highly preferred by everyone with their advantages. It is preferred for many reasons such as private security, camera security system, and architecture with a regular life plan.
  • Apartments and detached houses: It can be said that this option is more affordable than residential complexes, but at the same time, they have the equipment and competence to meet your expectations with their features.

Who are the Properties in Topkapi Suitable For?

Topkapi, one of the most distinguished districts of Fatih, shows the potential to appeal to people from all walks of life with its spiritual atmosphere and deep-rooted history. The groups suitable for the region are as follows:

  • Crowded families, 
  • Foreign nationals,
  • Newly married couples,
  • Pensioners,
  • Students,
  • Persons interested in literature and the arts.

What are the Living Standards Like in Topkapi?

This region, which has a unique atmosphere in cosmopolitan Istanbul, is dynamic and peaceful. When the current resident population is examined, it can be stated that it is at the A+ level by taking the socio-economic situation of the Fatih district as a reference. The proximity of the region to Istanbul University, which is one of the most prestigious universities in Istanbul, positively affects the living standards of the region.

What Are The Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Topkapi?

Although Topkapi is a region with unique characteristics, other regions where it has common ground and similarities are as follows:

  • Eyupsultan: Eyup Sultan is a popular tourist destination with its Eyupsultan Mosque.
  • Fatih: Fatih has common features with Topkapi. It has historical texture and peace that penetrates the soul of the people.