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Turkey is a very unique country surrounded by seas on 3 sides, offering a wonderful life and holiday opportunity. Each sea of this country has its characteristic features, as well as the diversity of the nature of the country, which will stimulate and excite you. Seaside houses are special structures that are located 100 meters from the sea and offer you the opportunity of a pleasant life where you can be one with nature right next to the sea.

With the effect of the sea and nature, beachfront houses are also very popular in the real estate sector. By owning these magnificent houses for sale, you can spend your day with the smell of the sea, create pleasant moments with the view, and thus have a very high-quality standard of living. Beachside homes can come in many different categories and varieties. The important thing is that you come across a property that will appeal to you and that you will enjoy living in. Our real estate agents are ready to work with you on this.

What is Beachfront Property? 

When a house facing the beach is mentioned, it is meant to be explained that the house is located by the sea, offers you the advantage of instant access to the beach, and has a magnificent sea view. These houses, which are considered niche structures in the real estate world, provide their owners with a lot of conveniences in terms of sunbathing and swimming. Thanks to these types of houses, you can have a comfortable beachfront experience by protecting your privacy on your property in Turkey rather than being on a crowded beach.

What are The Features of Beachfront Properties? 

Beachfront houses are often the most sought-after and desirable property type worldwide. It usually appeals to the upper class, as it is expensive due to the high demand and the different features it offers. The features of beach houses are listed below.

  • This type of property has large windows, so the house gets a lot of light and you can enjoy the view.
  • They have a very simple and modern design.
  • This type of house is located by the sea and offers you an amazing sea view all day long.
  • They have a luxury kitchen.
  • They have a gorgeous terrace. 

Where are the Best Places to Buy a Beachfront Property in Turkey?

Every city in Turkey has its unique beauty and privilege. We have listed the most preferred cities for those who want to evaluate their real estate investment in Turkey with beachfront properties. The best places to buy beachfront properties are listed below:

  • Istanbul: This outstanding mega city, which is the most well-known city in Turkey, is the first choice of those who want to buy a beachfront property with its rich history and high-quality living standard.
  • Antalya: Antalya is also a great place for foreigners to buy beachfront property in Turkey, as it is both a holiday paradise and a highly developed city. This city, which hosts many foreigners, is one of the most preferred regions in the sector with its magnificent architectural structures.
  • Mugla: Mugla, a magnificent city that offers the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas at the same time, is one of the most preferred cities with the beauty of its nature and private beachfront properties with luxury living standards in incredibly beautiful cities such as Milas, Bodrum, and Fethiye.
  • Bursa: Bursa province, which resembles a small Istanbul, is one of the most livable cities to buy beachfront property in Turkey with its clean air, luxurious life, and incredible modern buildings.
  • Kusadası: Kusadasi, which is famous for being a touristic city, is located on the Aegean coast of Turkey. There are all types of real estate properties in the region, offering a luxurious life. In addition, life in this city is more comfortable and affordable compared to other big cities.
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