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Luxury residences are more expensive than others in the surrounding region. They are usually part of a high-end development or locale. Their pricing is heavily influenced by the neighborhood or region. Finally, luxury is defined by the beholder and is valued.

What Makes a House a Luxury House?

A luxury residence is constructed with high-quality, long-lasting building materials and is elegantly completed. The aesthetic of a luxury home is perhaps the most essential factor in its success, and it is the determining factor for many when purchasing one. Luxury residences are larger than typical buildings, allowing each member of a family to have their own space in addition to being high-quality. The public amenities are much larger, featuring enormous kitchens, living rooms, and gaming rooms. Exclusive featured homes typically have luxuries not seen in standard homes, such as saunas, spas, and swimming pools, as well as theatres, cellars, or guesthouses. Many luxury residences can be located in the same area, but with a significant distance between them to ensure the privacy of the neighbors. They are frequently located in peaceful areas, behind gated communities with 24-hour security, but are nonetheless serviced by hospitals, retail complexes, and prominent international schools.

Best Luxury Properties in Turkey

The top 5 most luxurious homes in Turkey are chosen from among the most costly homes in the world, the most luxurious structures, and palaces. The most costly homes are those with the greatest equipment and technological features, as well as the highest land plot values, locations, and sales prices. The luxurious comfort of the home is provided by interior decor, furnishings, and technology enhancements. Each element is created to be the home of a luxurious lifestyle, from the number of bedrooms to the number of stories, from the view to the garden design. The price of the homes indicates which are the most luxurious in Turkey. The best luxury properties in Turkey are listed below:

  • Residence of Sehzade Burhaneddin Efendi: It is both the most costly property in Turkey and one of the most luxurious homes on the Bosphorus. The building, which was constructed on Yenikoy's shore, is valued at 100 million euros. The 64-room structure is called Sehzade Burhaneddin Efendi Mansion. The timber home, which has a neo-baroque style, was finished in 1785. In 1911, II. Sehzade Burhaneddin, the son of Aldulhamid, purchased it. The most precious building along Turkey's Yenikoy shore belongs to the same luxury category as Turkey's most costly home. 2015 saw the sale of the 3,000 square meter property to a businessman from Qatar.
  • Zeki Pasha Mansion: Zeki Pasha Mansion is one of the palaces that contribute to Istanbul's riches. The 110 million dollar building in Rumeli Hisari features eight bathrooms, four living rooms, and 23 rooms. The villa just beneath the Bosphorus Bridge features a 4000 square meter open area and a 3000 square meter closed area. With its 130-meter quay, it is also one of Turkey's most costly homes and among the top five most luxurious homes.
  • Yenikoy Mansion: One of the most costly structures ever constructed in Istanbul is the Yenikoy Mansion. It looks out over Yenikoy's stunning scenery. Ferendiz Hanim, the daughter of Koca Resit Pasha, was the mansion's initial owner. The mansion is no longer connected to the grove, which is a 17,000 square meter area behind it. The mansion was most recently utilized in the TV shows Ask'i Memnu and Binbir Gece starring Mujde Ar. The mansion's current owner, Suzan Sabanci, is the owner of one of Turkey's top 5 most opulent homes.
  • Maritime History Museum: Izmir-priceless Bornova's building is owned by Arkas Holding. The home of Lucien Arkas, which has been transformed into a museum of maritime history, is valued at $20 million. With its ancient pieces, interior design elements, indoor and outdoor areas, and square meters, it is among the most costly homes in Turkey. The museum now has 126 historic ships, 89 models, and 67 priceless artworks.
  • Ankara- Bilkent Mansion: Ihsan Dogramaci is the owner of the home constructed in Ankara-Bilkent. The 15 million-dollar house is more than 10,000 square meters. With its amazing construction, architectural characteristics, and protected acreage, it is one of the most opulent homes. One of Ankara's most opulent homes, the former YOK president's residence, is rumored to be getting ready to become a museum. Million-dollar residences and mansions, particularly those developing in Istanbul, comprise the most costly properties in Istanbul and Turkey. There are dozens of luxury housing alternatives available, with construction firms completing homes daily and ultra-luxury comfort content.

How Much are Luxury Properties in Turkey?

When you are in search of a luxury house you can find very different price points. The price of the property pends on many things such as location or its size. Luxury houses in Bodrum start from 300 thousand dollars and can go up to 2 million dollars or even higher. Villas in Fethiye can start from 400 thousand dollars and can go up to 2.5 million dollars or even higher.

Where are the Best Places to Buy a Luxury Property in Turkey?

Turkey has 81 provinces and 8 geographical areas. Beginners may struggle to select where to buy property in Turkey since possibilities range from large metropolises to tiny communities. Foreign purchasers have been drawn to sections of Turkey due to exceptional infrastructure, quick access to airports, and Western-style viewpoints. These are the territories of Istanbul, the Aegean, and its western shores.

If you've been to Turkey previously, you might know where to go shopping. Fortunately, many locations offer excellent portfolios of flats and villas. Prices differ by area. Turkey, the 36th largest country has a diverse climate and infrastructure. There are properties on the beach, an ancient apartment, a contemporary loft, or a refurbished cottage. Other properties are available for rent.

Foreign investors in Turkey have several property acquisition choices. Investors are drawn to Turkey because of its favorable exchange rate and vast selection of economic solutions.  The Turkish real estate industry benefits people of many ethnicities. The following are the finest areas to buy real estate in Turkey. The best places to buy a luxury property in Turkey are listed below:

1. Istanbul

Turkey's Istanbul region is a famous tourism center. The contrast between its historic districts and its contemporary, thriving commercial areas is remarkable. Istanbul is a year-round attraction because of its lovely environment, ancient landmarks, active nightlife, sophisticated retail possibilities, and contemporary property.

The city's population of over 15 million people is likely to rise over the next decade as it promotes itself as major banking, commerce, education, tourist, and economic hub.

Istanbul's European side is more well-known and popular than its Asian side. The European side owes this to the city's modern and old portions, Sultanahmet and Beyoglu districts. They are separated by the Golden Horn, and Asia is separated by the Bosphorus.

Bakirkoy's prestigious reputation and business significance are well-known across the country. However, Yesilkoy, a lovely beachfront neighborhood, draws more attention from beachgoers.

Sea views luxury properties in Bakırkoy of cost around 1 million dollars and up to 1.5 million dollars or higher.

Basaksehir is located inland and bordered by several other districts; to compensate for the absence of a beach atmosphere, the municipality established many parks and built Turkey's largest artificial lake. A luxury home in Basaksehir starts from 1 million dollars and up to 2 million dollars or more.

The fame of Beylikduzu stretches back to Ottoman times when rich citizens departed the main hub for summer vacation. Today, the city's plethora of enterprises and beachfront location contribute to its upper-class lifestyle. A luxury home in Beylikdüzü starts from 1 million dollars and up to 1.5 million dollars or more.

Esenyurt's cultural attractions, higher education institutions, lush parks, and inexpensive real estate draw international purchasers quickly. A luxury home in Esenyurt starts from 500 thousand dollars and up to 1 million dollars or more.

Kucukcekmece is famous for its enormous lake, but Turkish history enthusiasts also visit various Ottoman ruins. Kucukcekmece has seen real estate values surge in recent years as investors benefit from the neighborhood's strategic position. A luxury home in Kucukcekmece starts from 250 thousand dollars and up to 700 thousand dollars or more.

Zeytinburnu is a workers' district separated into 13 smaller districts. Its central position makes it appealing since property owners are far enough to avoid the drawbacks of city life while still enjoying all of the benefits of city living just a short distance away. A luxury home in Zeytinburnu starts from 200 thousand dollars and up to 700 thousand dollars or more.

While Turks and visitors alike have disregarded Istanbul's Asian continent for decades, its relevance has increased as the internet has evolved and outsiders' interest has grown. Its good transportation connections make it a great location for living and traveling to and from the EU.

Kadikoy is a well-known Asian neighborhood in Istanbul, and its cultural scene draws a great number of foreigners and like-minded Turks. Locals utilize the ferry port to get to Europe since it has the famed Haydarpasa train terminal. A luxury home in Kadiköy starts from 1 million dollars and up to 5 million dollars or more.

Maltepe is a stunning sight on the Princess Islands. Its distant position is ideal for people seeking a more serene way of life. The city's daily pace is slower than in other districts since it is separated into 18 local communities. A luxury home in Esenyurt starts from 800 thousand dollars and up to 4 million dollars or more.

2. Bursa

Bursa, located in northwest Turkey, is one of the country's most significant areas. Its name relates to both the city and the region, which is well-known across Turkey for its lush greenery and breathtaking scenery.

The district enjoys a pleasant moderate temperature and is made up of sixty-four communities. With its industry, agricultural, and animal riches, the district, which encompasses the most significant industrial sectors of Bursa, also contributes to the country's economy. Before the Ottoman Empire attacked Constantinople, Bursa was the sovereign capital of the Ottoman Empire. Visitors from all over the world come to see the Ottoman emblems on the UNESCO list.

Bursa is a port city in Istanbul that is bordered by the Marmara Sea. This colorful city's many offerings include skiing, antique Ottoman mosques, and hot springs. Bursa, which is close behind Istanbul in terms of economic growth and wealthy residents, is consistently a leader in international real estate sales, particularly of luxury residences and villas.

Bursa outperforms all other Turkish cities for high-end lifestyle enthusiasts. The ease of entry to the Bursa is also appealing. Bursa is accessible by ferry, plane, or vehicle. Because of its location and culture, Bursa has long been a favorite of Arab cultures. It is also close to several international airports.

Other goods farmed include vegetables, fruits, cereals, and industrial products such as sunflowers. Although fishing is prevalent throughout the region, it has lately dropped, and imports and exports account for the vast bulk of regional trade.

Bursa, which also serves as the top of Uludag, is one of Turkey's most prominent ski resorts. Mudanya and Yalova's beaches and sceneries are enticing. Every year, Turkish visitors flock to these spas and resorts. Despite its proximity to Turkey's most significant, largest, and well-known metropolis, the low square meter costs in Bursa may surprise purchasers.

Mudanya area, located on the Marmara Sea shore to the north of Bursa, is a famous tourist destination. The land area is 346 m2, and the population is projected to be 83 thousand people living in one town (Terelia), 36 villages, and 8 neighborhoods. It is thirty kilometers from the town of Bursa and benefits from the nice Marmara Sea environment. A luxury home in Mudanya starts from 250 thousand dollars and up to 700 thousand dollars or more.

Nilufer is Bursa's third biggest region, and it is seeing tremendous expansion in the building and real estate development sectors in Turkey, making it the city's most inhabited area in recent years.  A luxury home in Nilufer starts from 200 thousand dollars and up to 700 thousand dollars or more.

Gemlik, a pleasant and calm district in Bursa, is one of the most sought-after residential complexes due to its vast well-being and accessibility to a wide range of service options. There are different leisure facilities, service enterprises, private and municipal restaurants, and a major hospital offering a variety of services and treatments in Gemlik, Bursa. The region is also well-known for its numerous tourist attractions and enterprises that manufacture textiles, marble, equipment, autos, steel, and a variety of other things.  A luxury home in Gemlik starts from 10 thousand dollars and up to 300 thousand dollars or more.

3. Antalya

Antalya has long been a popular tourist resort on Turkey's eastern Mediterranean coast. Its multinational environment invites people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Of course, it boasts some of Turkey's most expensive hotels, but even those on a small budget will be comfortable. It is about more than just tourism. The Turkish Riviera, is a thriving commercial, retail, nightlife, and gastronomic hub. It also boasts a thriving real estate market and a sizable ex-pat community.

Starting with the weather may sound mundane, but Antalya has a distinct advantage. Turkey has three distinct climatic zones. Stop the weather in any month. The outlook differs across the country. The Northeast Kackar Mountains are frigid in June, but Antalya's beaches are mild. During the winter, Antalya's distinct climatic system shines out. While it snows in Istanbul, property owners in Antalya swim and eat outside. Its all-year attractiveness draws retired parents who want to spend as much time as possible in the sun.

The emphasis here is on the favorable exchange rate between the Turkish Lira and other foreign currencies. Buyers save money. Kepez, 15 kilometers north of Antalya's city center, overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by wonderful tourist sites. It is a highly attractive region for persons seeking tranquility, as well as freshly created villas and estates at extremely moderate prices.

Belek district, located 35 kilometers east of Antalya province, is administratively connected to Serik district, which is located between Antalya city and the Alanya tourism sector. Belek, with a population of roughly 7,000 people, is one of Turkey's most popular tourist sites, attracting over one million tourists every year, the majority of whom are Russian, German, and British.

Lara is one of Antalya's most prominent areas, where rich city residents and European visitors from all around come for their summer holiday. The neighborhood, on the other hand, offers several huge retail malls, countless cafés and playgrounds, theme parks, and various recreational facilities, including a magnificent beach, as well as many restaurants providing a broad range of superb food.

4. Izmir

Turkey's third biggest city, Izmir, is a Western-style metropolis. For its cosmopolitan, liberal culture, many compare it to Paris or Madrid, making living here a desirable option for both Turkish and international investors.

People prefer to invest in Izmir real estate because of the city's dynamic culture, art, and live events, as well as its closeness to some of the world's most stunning historical monuments. Izmir, with its westernized landscapes and dynamic city life, is ideally positioned to capitalize on the growing interest from international investors. It is most likely the nicest coastal town for an Aegean holiday.

Izmir's tourist, historical, and ecological qualities draw investment. Investing in Izmir has never been simpler due to Turkey's overall recovery. Izmir, which has a population of about 4 million people, is readily accessible by vehicle or bus.

Property in Bornova, Karsiyaka, Alsancak, Kemeralti, Balcova, and Narlidere is in great demand. Alacati, where rich Izmir youth enjoy fine meals, windsurfing, and lazy Sundays, is approximately 45 minutes from Konak. Cesme, a vibrant beach town with a beautiful castle, is a 20-minute drive away. Izmir has a diverse range of real estate holdings.

Alacati is a windsurfing paradise around 10 kilometers from Cesme. The historic stone homes that line the cobbled paths are frequently highlighted in tourist magazines as an in-depth insight into Greek history. Alacati is also proud to be one of the world's largest windsurfing destinations. A luxury home in Alacati starts from 300 thousand dollars and up to 1.5 million dollars or more.

Bornova, Izmir's third biggest district, is also a university town with a considerable student population. Tourists enjoy Forum Bornova, a 200,000-square-metre shopping, eating, and entertainment complex, among the 19th-century Levantine palaces in the old town. A luxury home in Bornova starts from 150 thousand dollars and up to 1.5 million dollars or more.

Cesme is a charming beach resort that has long been a favorite Turkish vacation destination. In 2010, the New York Times ranked it as the 14th finest location to visit in the world. Visitors return for outdoor activities like diving and motorcycling and the three marinas service hundreds of boats each year. Foreign buyers are interested in buying property in Cesme. A luxury home in Cesme starts from 300 thousand dollars and up to 1.5 million dollars or more.

5. Bodrum

Bodrum, in western Turkey, is a renowned international real estate destination. The Aegean and Mediterranean shores attract a great number of countries wishing for vacation or permanent residency.

In recent years, there has been a rise in local and foreign investment in hotels, real estate, hospitals, health tourism, sports, infrastructure, and other areas. Its closeness to the world's most significant ports, as well as its tourist nature and beaches, has distinguished it as a source of investment among Turkish cities.

Bodrum real estate investment yields a high economic return in Turkey, making it a popular real estate investment option. Given its tourist and geographic importance, it is one of Turkey's most significant cities for real estate investment. The strong demand for premium houses and unique tourist destinations demands a real estate framework that can accommodate that demand.

This Aegean luxury resort has its airport. Many Westernized Turks and foreigners live here. Wealthy buyers are drawn to Bodrum real estate for sale. Turgutreis and Yalikavak have become popular destinations for expatriates.

If you are searching for a luxury villa for sale in Turkey, the well-known Yalikavak is a perfect spot to begin your search. Buyers may enjoy amazing views of the Aegean Sea from the upper terraces of several exquisite properties on the Bodrum peninsula. This town has a sizable ex-pat population, but its popularity stems from its yachting culture, which features several mega-yachts parked in the port.

Gumusluk is ideal if you desire a traditional look with a modern twist. This little rural hamlet rarely goes above and beyond, preferring to appreciate each day for what it is. There are a few flats for sale, but villas dominate the market.

A luxury home in Bodrum starts from 300 thousand dollars and up to 2 million dollars or more. 

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