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Bodrum, in western Turkey, is an essential and favorable place for foreign real estate buyers when criteria such as having a decent living by settling for a long time and having investment profitability are considered. It attracts visitors from all over the world for vacations or permanent residences, among other spectacular destinations on the Aegean and Mediterranean shores. It is a location where individuals looking for real estate will find what they are looking for in Bodrum, where the real estate market is moving quickly and favorably for the future.

There are some criteria to be considered while buying real estate in Bodrum which are listed below.

  • Requirements: It is important to make a list by determining the living needs and expectations and to identify suitable real estate according to this list. Appropriate candidate real estate is determined according to the budget. It is an important step for selection.
  • Region Suitable For the Structure of the People: After determining the needs and features of the real estate, an important factor is to choose a place that is suitable for the culture and structure of the person and their family. There are many alternatives in Bodrum.
  • Rental Returns: The return on investment is a critical factor that motivates investors to make a decision. Choosing the right property becomes very important. There are many projects in Bodrum that promise a guaranteed return.  
  • Property Purchasing Expenses: Buying a property can be much cheaper than spending on other places by making the right choice of areas in Bodrum.
  • Right Agent: Choosing the right real estate agency that understands people’s needs is of utmost importance. Real estate specialists give the best service possible.
  • Inspection Tours and information. The best way to know about real estate is to research where it is located and tour the whole place. All prices, conditions, projects, and opportunities are thus learned. It will provide a significant advantage in collaborating with real estate professionals to gather information.
  • Negotiation Ability: Having the opportunity and ability to bargain will provide the best deals possible.

While the average price of a normal 3+1 flat in Bodrum is 335.955,81 USD, 1+1 houses and studios may be had for as little as 150.000,35 USD. According to 2022 data, prices have risen 70.53 percent in the last year and 37.73 percent in the last ten years, with an average rental return term of 26 years.      

How Are The Prices of Properties in Bodrum Determined?

For a house to be standard, the first thing to do is to look at the house from a financial point of view. The real value of a house can be determined according to its rental price. This method is simple. A house or any of its assets ​​can be evaluated in parallel with its short depreciation life. There are many things besides one feature. Prominent homes exhibit rental and high values. Bodrum also has its unique way of determining real estate. Bodrum, first of all, is the center of real estate and the view of the resort is very important. This is a direct helpful factor. Accordingly, the ownership of real estate in nature increases its value to a great extent. If it is an apartment, the height of the floor is one of the important factors that determine the price. In addition to these, the date of construction and the project of the real estate are factors that affect the price directly. Even if the real estate is old, well-maintained real estate will always preserve its value in Bodrum. In general, factors such as transportation and demographic structure that are valid for every place are good and positive in every part of the basement, so this does not cause an extra change in real estate prices. However, Bodrum, which is expected to be affected by external factors like every other place in the world, did not have any negative effects, and house values ​​remained on a stable and acceptable positive scale according to the supply-demand balance. Bodrum real estate market is a favorite market for foreign investors. Real estate prices in Bodrum, which is a place where high return potential is realized, appear cheap when buying and high value when selling. At this point, the factors that ensure this profitability are the maintenance of the real estate and equipping them with new opportunities, and the increase in the value of the place where it is located.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying a Property in Bodrum?

In Bodrum, foreigners can easily get a loan at a Turkish bank when needed. If people want to sell a property in Bodrum, the money can be easily transferred to a foreign bank. Fees and taxes associated with purchasing real estate are eligible. The procedure for the registration of property rights is simple. The risks of the buyer who will buy the property are minimal. The standard of living is high in Bodrum. Those who want to settle in Turkey permanently can apply for citizenship by purchasing the property.

  • Advanced Facilities: When real estate is purchased in Bodrum, it is possible to live in a place with developed and versatile facilities in every field.
  • Hospital, School, and Police Center: Here, people who own real estate do not have problems accessing health services, which is one of the most important needs. This is also a feature that adds value to people considering an investment. Again, since the service buildings and systems of other public services are available in Bodrum, life continues at a good level. The level of trust and peace in the town is at a high level. There are schools and other education units at every level in Bodrum.
  • Shopping Centers: Both supermarkets are selling all kinds of products specializing in their categories in Bodrum. In this case, a person who buys a house in Bodrum does not have to travel long distances or have to meet the needs of cargo from far places. Having a large number of shopping centers in Bodrum provides access to all kinds of high-quality and diverse products.
  • Closeness to Important Locations: Bodrum is close to both the center of Mugla and the surrounding centers. In Bodrum, which has a strong transportation infrastructure, a person who owns a house will have the opportunity to comfortably reach any place they want whenever they want.

What Are The Features Of Property Located in Bodrum?

 The features of the property located in Bodrum are as follows:

  • Sea View: There are many real estates with stunning sea views in Bodrum.
  • Forest View: Many houses in Bodrum have magnificent nature views. There are many nature houses with forest views.
  • Life Quality: Since the living conditions, options, and opportunities in Bodrum are various, owning a house here provides a quality and comfortable life.
  • Diversity of Housing Options: Since there are many types such as villas, penthouse apartments, and bungalows, the desired variety can be obtained according to the needs in Bodrum.
  • Expat Community: It is a place where people from various nationalities live in houses in Bodrum, and because of the warm nature of Turkish people, it is an easily adaptable place. This factor has a very positive effect when buying a house here.

What Are The Reasons To Buy a Property in Bodrum?

The reasons to buy a property in Bodrum are owning home advantages, high and comfortable living conditions, high return on investment, and freedom of renovation and planning.

  • Owning a Home: When you own a house in Bodrum, you get the opportunity to have all the possibilities of Bodrum. In addition, it is a place with a very low-risk level for anyone who wants to invest in or live here.
  • High and Comfortable Living Conditions: Bodrum is a place with high living standards. It is a center of attraction for people who want a high quality of life.
  • Investment: For those who want to invest, it is a low-risk place that always preserves its value and provides investment profitability.
  • Freedom of renovation and planning: When people buy a house, they may wish to create new living spaces around it whenever they can. They may do so to improve their quality of life or the resale value of their home. In Bodrum, there is now no impediment to this. The atmosphere, as well as the regulations, are conducive to this. 

What Are The Materials of The Properties in Bodrum?

The structure of the real estate in Bodrum is made of stone according to the culture and geographical conditions of the region, as it is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea. This stone is white marble. This white marble stone is dominant in most basement houses. These stones are very hard and were laid to form solid masonry walls throughout the building. The feature of this material is that it is permanent and has a quality structure. It is also visually aesthetic. Since the design of the houses in Bodrum requires different products according to the requirements, these stones are suitable for this. It can also be produced in different shapes to suit design requirements. Although stone houses are dominant, wooden houses are being built rapidly in some regions of Bodrum. Bungalows are an example.

What Are The Property Options in Bodrum?

Various types of properties can be found in Bodrum. These are villas, apartments, lofts, and bungalows. Thanks to this diversity, it is possible to find a house that suits everyone's needs. Bodrum offers a variety to suit every budget which is listed below.

  • Villas: The villas in Bodrum are in 2 different locations, one with a view of the sea and one that is farther from the sea. Villas vary in themselves. There are 2 or 3-story large detached villas with pools as well as smaller villas. There are also villas consisting of 2 or 3 flats. There are also villas with a single household. According to the lifestyle, villas within the site or neighborhood are also options.
  • Apartments: It appeals to those who want to live in the area for a long time, from apartments in Bodrum, to rent and direct sales. The apartments, which are suitable for both those who have businesses in the surrounding areas and those who want a classic apartment life, have a beautiful environment as they are located in and around the center of the basement.
  • Lofts: Bodrum lofts are mostly in a style that combines luxury and comfort. While the old buildings appeal to more economical budgets, the lofts in the recent projects both offer a view and a very useful comfortable space.
  • Bungalows: Bodrum's bungalows, which are located in the most beautiful places of Bodrum, intertwined with nature, are truly magnificent. Bungalows are becoming widespread in the last period and are in great demand. Bungalows, most of which have their private garden and area, are ideal houses for the living space and structure that all people in the world have turned to recently. It is also a very important investment tool if its maintenance is made regularly.

Who is Suitable For Owning a Property in Bodrum?

There are no special conditions or prohibitive procedures for who owns a property in Bodrum. Anyone who wants to invest in this settlement can become a property owner. If foreigners want to become Turkish citizens, owning property in Bodrum will enable this. People suitable for owning Bodrum apartments for sale are as follows:

  • People who want to live in an awesome place.
  • People who want to be Turkish Citizens.
  • People who want to invest.

Are Properties Located in Bodrum Suitable For the People Who Wants To Be Turkish Citizens?

Yes, properties located in Bodrum are suitable for those who want to be Turkish citizens. An important advantage of investing in Bodrum real estate is Turkish citizenship by investment. When 400,000 USD is invested in Turkish real estate, the door to becoming a Turkish Citizen is opened. So you can also get a Turkish passport by investing in different types of villas, penthouses, apartments, and even bungalows in Bodrum.

What are the Advantages of Property Buyers in Bodrum?

Bodrum is one of the most famous holiday resorts in Turkey. The coast of Bodrum, a magnificent holiday village, stretches to both the Mediterranean and the Aegean. It is a living space with many advantages and possibilities. Many foreigners visit Bodrum for vacation. After visiting Bodrum, most foreigners want to own property here. Owning real estate in Bodrum and having an investment in Bodrum have significant advantages and opportunities which are listed below.

  • Impressive Assortment of Properties: Bodrum is primarily famous for its luxury villas. In addition to traditional and modern planning, one can also choose from the real estate made for different tastes in recent years. The buildings fully comply with modern architectural, ergonomic, and design standards.
  • Rising Real Estate Prices Over Time - Investment Profitability: Bodrum is a place where you can get a good price when you decide to sell your property. If the property is well taken care of, the price of the property will increase significantly over time.
  • Freedom in Property Renovation and Planning: The authority does not impose severe restrictions on local housing. If it is desired to change property, it is not a problem to obtain the relevant permission. It is possible to make additions and structural changes to the property both to increase comfort and to increase the resale value of the property. In addition, formations such as a swimming pool can be added, as well as it is possible to build a terrace or a gym. There is no obstacle in these matters.
  • Transportation Facilities: Land transport is also very well organized. Some roads can reach the desired place at any time of the day. Buses are always on time. There is also a port in Bodrum that welcomes both small and large yachts and cruise ships.
  • International Communities in Bodrum: Bodrum is one of the most cosmopolitan places in Turkey. Therefore, a foreigner who buys real estate here will not have any difficulties with social issues and daily life while living.
  • Local Leisure and Entertainment Infrastructure: It is a living space with beaches, restaurants, nightlife venues, shopping malls, and so on. It is a place with a wide variety of operations and service areas. Bodrum businesses and service establishments appeal to customers of all tastes and ages. There are many places to visit and rest in Bodrum. Its mild climate is also an important advantage.
  • Living Standard: Bodrum is a residential area with high living standards and all kinds of facilities. Due to being in a magnificent nature and its location, the living level is also high in a comfortable quality.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Bodrum?

According to, residential prices in Mugla, Bodrum, climbed by 141.95 percent in November 2022. 133 square meters is the average size of a residential property for sale. In November 2022, the average square meter unit price in Mugla, Bodrum county for sale is 47.110 TL. The average ROI term for residential properties with the same qualities for sale is 26 years. In November 2022, house prices in Mugla Bodrum grew in descending order in Derekoy, Gumbet, Yenikoy, Yokusbasi, and Cumburiyet, based on annual averages. In terms of ROI (Return On Investment), the regions with the shortest ROI (Return On Investment) in November 2022 Ciftlik, Yakakoy, Peksimet, Bahcelievler, and Bitez, in that order.

What Are The Payment Methods to Buy Properties in Bodrum?  

Since owning a house in today's conditions requires a significant investment, people who want to own a house need the most suitable methods of buying real estate. In this regard, people who want to own real estate in Bodrum do not have much difficulty in finding the most suitable alternative for their budget while there are payment alternatives and conveniences.

The payment methods to buy property in Bodrum are as follows.

  • Buying a house with cash: Having cash equal to the value of the house to buy a house with cash payment.
  • Buying a house with partial cash, partial mortgage: The cash required for the partial payment method and sufficient credit points for the general-purpose loan to be withdrawn from the bank is required.
  • Buying a house where a down payment of a specified percentage is given and the rest is paid with an interest-free housing loan: Credit conditions must be met after the down payment. In this regard, it is provided as much convenience as possible to those who do not have a bad financial record.
  • Buying a home with a savings plan: A down payment condition is required.

What is Life Like in Bodrum?

Bodrum is a melting pot of immigrants from all over the world, locals and retirees, young people, and cultures from all walks of life. The people you will meet in Bodrum, whether they be residents or visitors, are friendly, helpful, and gregarious. Many homeowners in Bodrum, which has many diverse identities and lifestyles, enjoy a peaceful life. People who buy residences in Bodrum are part of a system that adapts swiftly to the region, making life in Bodrum lovely and vibrant. A beautiful life is led as a result of the effect of geography. While the music and dance in Gumbet, Bodrum, never stops, Yalikavak is a destination to view magnificent ships. Turkbuku, on the other hand, is a highly popular and active title, but Gumusluk, with its famous sunsets and uniquely excellent food culture, provides a peaceful resting setting.

What are The Other Cities That Have Properties Similar To Bodrum?

 It is possible to find various places in Turkey similar to Bodrum. These places are in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Alanya, and Bursa. The geographical conditions, demographic structure, city culture, housing structures, real estate markets, lifestyle, opportunities, and living spaces of these places are similar to each other. Considering each factor alone, Bodrum, which has a similar structure with different examples, also resembles Istanbul in terms of the real estate market and cosmopolitanism.

In many respects, the following places are similar to Bodrum.

  • Istanbul: Istanbul real estate market is the most active real estate market in Turkey, with major property and infrastructure developments being created daily.
  • Alanya: Between the cities of Antalya and Mersin, Alanya is one of the most beautiful and vibrant places in the southern Mediterranean region. Therefore, Alanya real estate is one of the best real estate opportunities in Turkey.
  • Antalya: The Turkish Mediterranean beach capital is Antalya. Due to its diverse topography, bustling economy, and seaside vistas, it would be a great idea if you decide to find Antalya apartments for sale.
  • Bursa: Bursa, formerly Prusa City, is a Turkish city in northwest Turkey. The city's appeal has grown in the Turkish and international real estate markets. You can find your dream apartment in Bursa through agents that gives service to buy Bursa real estate.
  • Izmir: After Istanbul and Ankara, real estate in Izmir, the Pearl of the Aegean, is the third-best option in your hands. If you're thinking about buying a home in Izmir, you'll be able to enjoy your social life while also furthering your career in such an investment environment.
  • Mersin: Mersin is one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations, and ex-pats are flocking to live there. The appeal of the city has spread throughout the real estate market, especially in the last ten years which makes Mersin real estate also another important option to consider.
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