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Real estate at reasonable prices is available in virtually every Turkish city. Due to the rising demand, there are more cheap housing options available in both big cities like Izmir and Istanbul as well as smaller towns like Bursa.

Where can I find Turkey's cheapest real estate? is one of the first questions investors and purchasers have for us. We can respond to this query since we have in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector.

Before providing you with a clear solution, we evaluate the current status of the market and our understanding of the industry. We leverage our in-depth understanding of the neighborhood real estate market to offer customers guidance beyond just buying. In this piece, we'll look at where you may find inexpensive real estate in Turkey. We'll also look at some more property market factors that buyers need to consider.

The construction of several new complexes has made buying real estate in Turkey a smart economic choice. As a foreigner with an interest, there are a few things you should know before buying a cheap apartment in Turkey in order to experience a smooth process of purchase. There are other aspects to take into account, so you shouldn't make your selection just based on the cost of the house. These include the expense of legal transactions and the percentage of return on your investment.

Turkish real estate is appealing to foreign purchasers due to its affordable prices in addition to the high rate of return on investment. Real estate is far more inexpensive in Turkey than it is in the majority of other countries. Turkish real estate continues to provide certain homes for sale at reasonable prices despite ongoing price increases.

One of the primary factors in this is Turkey's recent entry into the world real estate market. Turkey's rapid rise in several international sectors, including healthcare and tourism, has positioned it as a place with open opportunities. The same is true in the housing market, where there is a bigger need for Turkish homes than there are programs available to fill it.

When looking for affordable homes in Turkey, location is the first consideration. There are several considerations to evaluate when assessing a property's location. These can include nearby building sites, initiatives, and urbanization.

Is there easy access to services and transportation from the property? Existing or upcoming significant projects around the property? Has the intended area recently undergone urbanization?

Due to a difference in the global real estate market, you might consider scaling down to a local level instead of searching for cheap property abroad. Additionally, by responding to the questions above, you may gain additional knowledge regarding the elements that influence the price of Turkey's inexpensive homes for sale.

In Turkey, the cost of real estate is typically lower in smaller cities than in larger ones. Due to the city's amenities, property costs in small cities may occasionally be greater.

We advise looking at smaller places with fewer tourists if you're seeking an inexpensive location to stay.

Bursa: Bursa Turkey has a lot of affordable properties for sale. Bursa is well-known for its shops, parks, museums, and marketplaces. Bursa is also the second biggest city in the Marmara Region, behind Istanbul, and the second largest exporter.

With rising immigration, the property market in Bursa has gained traction. As a consequence, it is now simpler to discover real estate for sale in Bursa. And, as the variety of property types has grown, costs have fallen to an equally affordable level.

Alanya: Alanya is a popular choice for property purchasers searching for a location to reside during their annual holiday. Outlying districts provide considerable promise for long-term value growth. This is because the local government has made significant investments in local infrastructure. Furthermore, due to Alanya's attempts to boost its tourist industry, real estate sales are expanding. The increase in interest rates affects the housing market.

What is the meaning of Cheap property?

Affordable housing refers to housing units that are affordable to those whose income is less than the median household income.

Though many nations define affordable housing differently, the basic concept remains the same: affordable housing should meet the housing needs of poor and middle-income households. Affordable housing becomes a critical issue, particularly in developing countries where the majority of people cannot afford to buy dwellings at market prices.

What are the Features of Cheap Properties in Turkey?

Despite their modest pricing, cheap houses provide a variety of advantages. Here is a summary of the characteristics of low-cost properties in Turkey.

24/7 security systems

Biking path

Indoor and outdoor parking

Sea, lake, green landscape, and city views

Kids playground

Commercial units

Fitness and gym

Restaurant and cafe


Shopping center

Turkish bath

Modern, stylish flats


Fully fitted kitchen


Smart home system

Swimming pool


Basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts

BBQ area

Walking trail


How to Buy Cheap Property in Turkey?

The Mediterranean way of living does not require a lot of money. Turkey has several cheap housing options for foreigners. Property in Turkey remains reasonably priced for international buyers. However, there are various variables to consider before taking any action. For this reason, you could take a look at our Istanbul Property projects in many cities in Turkey. There are a few requirements that need to be known as follows:

Visas and Residence Requirements: Please keep in mind that purchasing a property does not entitle you to a work or residency visa in Turkey. However, if you do not have a residency permit, you must get a Foreigner Identity Number from the TNP Foreigners' Department before proceeding with the property acquisition.

Paperwork and Bureaucracy: According to Turkish legislation, property transfers can take place in Land Registry Directorates. You may be required to sign two sorts of deeds: a title deed and a land deed. They are available when you have gotten your occupancy certificate. Obtaining a habitation certificate is now time-consuming and complicated. As a result, you should seek the advice of real estate professionals who specialize in arranging properties for foreign people.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Follow the steps below to guarantee that your real estate investment transaction goes as easily and securely as possible:
  • Begin by conducting research. In Turkey, there are hundreds of thousands of houses for sale, as well as real estate agencies. First and foremost, locate the best real estate agent. Consult with anybody you know who has already purchased a property in Turkey and ask them to recommend a few real estate agents. You must investigate every option open to you.
  • Create an excellent connection with your real estate agent so that they can get you the greatest bargains.

The following step is to go to Turkey. You would want to know about the area, the communities, and the surroundings before making a purchase. You can also go on a Turkey property inspection tour to see what is available.

Negotiate the purchase price and terms, then reserve the property and lock in the price. The next step is to appoint a solicitor via power of attorney and complete the transaction. It will save you time.

Finally, you must register your Turkish TAPU (title deed). Purchasing property in Turkey is simple, although there are several limitations for foreigners: According to Article 35, foreign nationals must be citizens of the countries that Turkey has approved for property purchase. Property cannot be purchased in Security Zones or Military Forbidden Zones.

You may only purchase a maximum of 30 hectares.

What Makes a House a Cheap House?

If there are no other explanations for the low pricing, there could be undiscovered issues. There could be foundation flaws that are concealed by paneled walls or the upcoming construction of a new landfill across the street. The house could still be a good value if you can identify the issues and determine how much it will cost to fix them. There may be further shocks, though, if the vendor was concealing these problems. Any offer for these kinds of houses should include an inspection condition, and the inspections should be performed. In Istanbul Property real estate agent, you will easily know all the legal ways to learn if it’s safe or not.

On the other hand, purchasing an inexpensive house there may be a wise investment if there is obvious evidence that the area is improving. Once the improvement is apparent, things frequently move quickly after that. In a few short years, the value of the house can significantly increase.

Some vendors must sell quickly. Everybody has a due date. If you hear that a seller has to sell quickly because they need to move or for any other reason, why not make a modest offer? Given that you might not otherwise purchase the property and that the seller has the option to reject your offer, you are not taking advantage of anybody in this case.

Cheap homes might occasionally just be cheap. Want to pay $50,000 for a property that is worth $65,000? Though it happens infrequently, why not keep a lookout for it? Don't waste time feeling guilty. You're under no duty to help a seller out or give him more money than he's asking for. In any event, it's conceivable that he has valid justifications for his price.

How Much are Cheap Properties in Turkey?

The average price of cheap property in Turkey is US$80.000 for a 75-square-meter apartment. These cheap properties for sale can be found in Antalya, Alanya, Mersin, and Bursa in Turkey.

In Istanbul, expect to pay US$137.477,48 on average for a 75-square meter cheap apartment. These properties are usually located in the Esenyurt and Beylikduzu districts of Istanbul.

Having a budget as low as US$80,000 would easily make you a cheap property owner anywhere in Turkey.

Is There Cheap Property Tax in Turkey?

Property tax is a form of tax levied on property owned by an individual or a legal entity such as a corporation. Property tax is most commonly a real estate tax, which is a regressive tax. It is set by the local government in the region where the property is located and is paid for by the owner.

In Turkey, property tax is 2% and must be paid by both the buyer and seller when real estate is sold. These costs (which amount to 4% of the purchase price) are based on a property appraisal report prepared by an expert. Property tax will be low because the property is affordable.

Typically, the buyer is responsible for the cost. The assessment report, which is only valid for three months, should be delivered to the title deed office. This value will then be the stated value of the property. However, the stated worth of the property cannot be less than the local municipality's 'tax value,' which also serves as the foundation for the local property tax.

In May and November, the first and second installments of municipal property tax are payable. Contact your local municipality for further information and payment alternatives (Belediye).

The tax is depending on the value of the property and is quite low. Residences located inside a metropolitan municipality area are subject to a 0.2% tax. Residences located outside of a metropolitan municipality area are subject to a 0.1% tax.

What are the Advantages of Buying Cheap Property in Turkey?

Every home buyer wants to receive the best price possible. Low-cost real estate can be rented out or re-furnished and resold for a profit. Here are some of the benefits of buying cheap property in Turkey that may give you some ideas:

It is reasonably priced: You can get a big return on investment for your money. On the surface, it looks to deliver good value.

Suitable for cash investors: The price may be cheap enough to allow for a cash purchase, which means no mortgage is needed and the property does not have to meet financing requirements.

Low down payment, cheap monthly payments, and low-interest rates: When a property is purchased with a mortgage, the mortgage will be smaller, lowering the cost of financing the project.

Low risk: Less money invested often means less risk for the investor.

Value for money: Purchasing a home is an important financial investment. Property in Turkey is not only cheap, but it is also less expensive than in Europe. 

Rental returns might be excellent because prices are lower than in 'expensive' neighborhoods yet rentals are comparable. It can occasionally result in prices that are twice or even treble those in higher-priced places.

Investment growth: Residential property is the most reliable and secure option to invest in the real estate market. 

Low property taxes: Purchasing cheap real estate will result in lower tax payments.

Living expenses in Turkey are significantly cheaper than in European nations. Taxes, power and gas bills, maintenance fees, food, and transportation costs are low and significantly lower than in other nations.

Turkish citizenship and residency: Any foreigner who spends at least US$ 400,000 on a property in Turkey can apply for Turkish citizenship and acquire a passport that can be used anywhere in the world. Foreigners can expect to become Turkish citizens within six months. Foreigners who have purchased property in Turkey, including their spouses and minor children, will be granted residency permits.

Who is the Target of Cheap Properties?

Due to low vacancy rates and a shortage of inexpensive or acceptable apartments, lower-income renter households have few alternatives in the local rental market. Individuals with pets and other housing hurdles (e.g., a lack of rental references, mobility limits, or behavioral concerns connected to mental health issues) sometimes have the fewest options in the rental market.

Concerns about tenants' rights have been expressed in cases of bad building management, particularly for young families or immigrant families who may be unaware of the rules or lack the courage to confront their landlords. Similarly, landlords have experienced problems dealing with problematic renters.

The targets of cheap properties are listed below:

Households with Low Income: Couch surfers and households in inadequate or unstable housing are among the "hidden homeless" who are present in the majority of the region's villages.

Youth are frequently identified as being among low-income households and those having difficulty finding cheap or suitable rental homes.

Immigrants & Refugees: Some new immigrant families and refugees confront various challenges with housing, including language problems, prejudice, and unfamiliarity with the rental application procedure. A lack of flats or suites that can accommodate big families is frequently a source of anxiety for immigrant and refugee families.

Households with a Middle-Income and Homeowners: In Turkey, there are few houses for first-time buyers. Many homeowners have observed a scarcity of transition properties, which allow existing owner-occupiers to move up the housing ladder.

In Which Cities Are The Cheapest Property In Turkey?

Cheap homes may be found across the country. Here is a list of cities in Turkey with the cheapest real estate.

Istanbul: Real estate developments in Istanbul make it a popular alternative. The city has several properties for every budget, including low-budget ones. Cheap houses for sale start at around USD 140,000. Affordable Istanbul houses can be found in Esenyurt, Basinexpress, Topkapi, Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Sancaktepe, Basaksehir, Kucukcekmece, Bahcesehir, Avcilar, Gaziosmanpasa, Eyupsultan, Bagcilar, Kagithane, Umraniye, and Kartal.

Bursa: Bursa is Turkey's fourth most populated city, located near Istanbul. Bursa cheap homes start at $130,000 and are found in the districts of Nilufer, Mudanya, and Osmangazi.

Antalya: Antalya is Turkey's most popular tourist destination for both international and local visitors. Because of its climate, economics, and natural beauty, Antalya's real estate market has made it into one of the most intriguing towns in the Mediterranean. In Muratpasa, Antalya, property prices begin at $148,000. Kumluca, Konyaalti, Kepez, Kundu, Lara, and Dosemealti are other good places to buy affordable property in Antalya.

Alanya: Located between Antalya and Mersin, Alanya is one of the most picturesque and bustling cities in the southern Mediterranean area. Alanya features a variety of low-cost homes starting at USD 130,000. One of the nicest aspects of these apartments is their proximity to beaches and magnificent sea views. Kargicak, Kestel, Mahmutlar, Tosmur, Tepe, Oba, and Avsallar have cheap properties for sale in Alanya Turkey.

Izmir: Izmir is Turkey's third-largest city. Izmir real estate prices range from $200,000 to $400,000 depending on the kind of property. Buca county is the most preferred place to buy cheap property in Izmir.

Sakarya: Sakarya, also known as Adapazari, is a city in Turkey's northwestern region, near the Black Sea and Istanbul. The city is a significant agricultural and industrial center in Turkey. A 45 m2 home in Sakarya would cost you roughly $85,000. 

Mersin: Mersin is located in southern Turkey, where there is sunshine all year. The city has a multitude of low-cost real estate opportunities in Turkey. Mersin property prices range from US$80,000 to US$200,000. Mersin's most affordable neighborhoods are Tece, Mezitli, Yenisehir, and Erdemli. 

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