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Investing in this sector by purchasing real estate can be expressed as a satisfying and highly profitable investment strategy. This might be a great idea for you, especially if your area has a developing real estate market.

Investing in the real estate industry is a huge responsibility. It is very important to know and understand this field well before investing.

At this point, whether investing in real estate is a good idea will depend entirely on you and your strategies. Your current financial situation and future goals affect the success of your investment. Thus, real estate investment may not be suitable for everyone, but when applied with the right strategy, it can be a great earning tool. 

What is Investment Property?

Investment Property refers to owning real estate to generate income in the form of future value increase, rent, and royalties. Properties acquired for this purpose are not used as the principal residence of the investor. Investment properties can be purchased on behalf of an individual investor, a group of investors, or investment companies. Investments are considered short-term or long-term investments, depending on the payback period.

The most important factor to consider after deciding to invest in the concept of valuation. A valuation can be expressed as an opinion or estimate used to express the value of the property at a particular date. The purpose of a valuation is to determine the most probable price that the property will bring to the market. The concepts to be considered while evaluating real estate can be listed as follows.

  • Insurance Value: It refers to the cost of replacing the real estate in case of damage.
  • Ceiling Value: It is the highest value that reflects the equivalent of the real estate in the current economic conditions.
  • Mortgage Value: Indicates the value of the whole or a part of the real estate to be shown against the receivable.
  • Real Value: It is the expression used as a criterion for determining the value to be paid to the owner by the public in case of expropriation of the real estate.
  • Investment Value: It is the expected profit of the real estate in the future. It may vary in line with the characteristics of the investment real estate and the expectations of the investor.
  • Cost Value: It is the value obtained by deducting depreciation and other expenses from the investment expenses of the value of the real estate.
  • Booked Value: It is the value of the real estate registered in the accounting data for tax pricing.
  • Version Value: It is the monetary value agreed between the seller and the buyer, which varies according to the properties of the real estate.

Following the relevant evaluations, the types of real estate that investors can choose in Turkey are as follows:

  • Housing: These are the buildings used for shelter and protection. In line with the purposes of use and the needs of the buyer; It has various types such as apartments, residences, villas, and waterfront mansions.
  • Commercial Real Estate: It covers all kinds of real estate on which commercial activities are carried out. Shopping malls, parking lots, and offices can be given as examples.
  • Industrial Real Estate: These are the places where the industrial production of the products sold in commercial real estates is made. Real estate such as factories and power plants can be given as examples.
  • Agricultural Real Estate: Real estate is used for the production of agricultural products. Farms and fruit and vegetable production gardens can be given as examples.
  • Special Purpose Real Estate: These are public places such as hospitals, schools, places of worship, and public lands.

Is Buying Property in Turkey a Good Investment?

Buying real estate in Turkey has been a safe and low-risk investment tool for many people. In changing world conditions, current standards and living conditions are constantly changing. As a result of this, the idea of ​​investing in the real estate sector to secure the future of people has come to the fore. Real estate investment is considered a reliable and good investment tool for the future of people.

From this perspective, the Turkish real estate market shows extraordinary growth potential. In this direction, it is observed that the number of foreign investors investing in real estate in Turkey is increasing every year. Foreign investors generally prefer residential and commercial real estate investments in Turkey. The most preferred location by foreigners for investment is an investment in Istanbul, Turkey. In Istanbul, where trade, tourism, and industry activities are quite intense, the need for housing has increased as a result of the high demand from investors. With this increasing need, the construction sector in Istanbul has shown great developments.

Could You Get Citizenship in Turkey by Property Investment?

The foreign investor program that the Republic of Turkey has implemented recently, provides the chance to acquire citizenship to foreigners who invest in real estate worth $400,000 within the borders of the Republic of Turkey. In addition, foreigners who establish a company with a capital of $ 500,000 are given the same chance of citizenship. Foreign investors can also get the chance to become a citizen of the Republic of Turkey if they deposit $500,000 in state investment vehicles or state banks operating in Turkey. The only condition for this is to keep their investment in the bank, provided that they do not withdraw for three years. At the end of the day, Istanbul properties are one of the best investment options out there.

How is Real Estate Investment Market in Turkey?

Turkey is shown as one of Europe's most promising real estate markets. The “location” discourse, which is frequently used in real estate markets, expresses the Republic of Turkey quite well. Turkey is located in a region that draws attention with its strategic location at the intersection of Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. However, Turkey, with its 83 million population, draws attention by bringing together the strong construction sector with the ever-growing commercial and industrial production. This presents great opportunities for real estate developers and investors. The opportunities are listed below:

  • Urban transformation works and mega projects to be realized within the scope of Istanbul will guide the activities planned to be realized in the short term. Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, and Istanbul Airport can be considered among these projects.
  • The Urban Renewal and Transformation initiative to be realized is planned to cover over 7.5 million residences. The private sector contributes greatly to this project, which has a budget of over 400 billion USD.
  • In 2021, the total number of houses sold in the Turkish real estate market is over 1.5 million. Especially, as a result of the abolition of the reciprocity law in 2012, the increase in real estate sales to foreigners is noteworthy. In 2021, more than 41,000 residences were sold to foreigners in Turkey. In the evaluation made in 2021, the province with the highest number of housing sales to foreigners was Istanbul. Istanbul was followed by Antalya, Ankara, and Bursa with the housing sales.
  • Class A office stock in Istanbul is over 5.6 million m² as of 2021. In addition, the construction of an office supply of over 2 million m² continues to be completed in the future. By the end of 2022, the total A-class office stock is expected to reach a gross area of ​​7.4 million m².
  • There are 447 active shopping malls in Turkey. The total leasable area in these shopping centers is 13.6 million m².

With all these features, the Turkish real estate market attracts investors from many parts of the world in terms of investment.  

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