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Properties for Sale in Bakirkoy

Property Found: 5
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                Elite Property Complex Overlooking Spectacular Sea Views - IP-418

                Enjoy your exciting new life by the amazing shores of the Marmara Sea ...

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                2 Bedroom Apartments For Sale in Bakirkoy, Istanbul - IP-299

                A new living spaces is born in this peaceful neighborhood that symboli...

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                Own Your Ideal Home In The Heart Of Istanbul - IP-272

                IP-272 project which has a wonderful location in terms of accessibilit...

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                Things to Consider While Buying Property in Bakirkoy 

                Located on the European side of Istanbul, Bakirkoy is one of the oldest counties in the city. The county is stretched along the coastline of the Marmara Sea and has a surface area of 32.42 km2, consisting of fifteen neighborhoods with 226,229 people.   

                Before starting the process of buying a house in Bakirkoy, there are a few things to consider, as explained below. 

                • Determine your Requirements: Deciding on what you need from an apartment such as the apartment size and its location before buying a property can help for an easier buying process. It will also speed up the process of discovering the best match. 
                • Investment Returns: Buying an apartment in Bakirkoy could be great for investment returns such as long-term income since this county is home to promising projects. 
                • Numerous Projects: Bakirkoy offers many prestigious residential projects, from sea view apartments to duplexes with private balconies. It’s best to do extensive research before buying a property you are looking for.  
                • Costs: Buying an apartment comes with some additional expenses such as taxes and fees in the process. Knowing these costs while buying a property in Bakirkoy will ease the decision-making  process. 
                • The Real Estate Agent: Working with a trustworthy agent is important while buying a house since they need to have a good understanding of your requirements to offer you the right projects.  

                What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Bakirkoy?   

                The average price of a 105-square meter house in Bakirkoy ranges between US$684,514 and US$770,070. 

                Average Unit Price 

                6,926 USD 

                Average Price 

                727,000 USD 

                Min. Max. Unit Price 

                6,519 USD - 7,334 USD 

                Average Gross Area (m2) 


                How are the Prices of Properties in Bakirkoy Determined? 

                According to the property’s location, size, facilities, and features, residential complexes in Bakirkoy have a varied price range. 

                While the number of rooms and size of the apartment are two top features that determine the price, the view offered from the apartment is effective on the price as well. Bakirkoy is filled with sea view apartments and they all come at a higher price compared to the ones that have a city view. 

                Apartment types such as a duplex, triplex, or penthouse can effectively determine the price of a property in Bakirkoy. Plus, the amenities offered in the complex could change the price. The apartment’s decor and furniture that come with it can cause a price change for the property. 

                What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Bakirkoy? 

                Bakirkoy’s central location and luxurious complexes make the county an attractive option for foreigners in Istanbul. The benefits of buying a property in Istanbul Bakirkoy are listed below.

                • Turkish Citizenship and Residence Permit: A residence permit is available for anyone who owns a property in Turkey. Foreigners will also be eligible to obtain Turkish citizenship when they buy a property that is worth at least US$400,000 in Bakirkoy. 
                • Value for Money: Properties in Bakirkoy are modern, luxurious, and beautifully designed and offer the best quality you can get at reasonable prices.  
                • Living costs: Living costs including transportation and daily expenses are cheaper than in other cities in Europe. 
                • Return on Investment: Bakirkoy has many profitable projects, which makes the county a popular choice for investment. 

                What are the Features of Properties Located in Bakirkoy?   

                You can find a list below of the property features in Bakirkoy. 

                • Cinema room 
                • Sea view 
                • Hotel 
                • Gym 
                • Spa 
                • Swimming pool 
                • Smart home system 
                • Room service 
                • Tennis court 
                • Restaurant and cafe 
                • 24/7 security system 
                • Indoor car parking 
                • Private balconies and terraces 
                • Cycling tracks 
                • Kids playground 

                What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Bakirkoy? 

                Here are the reasons to buy a property in Bakirkoy as listed below. 

                • Panoramic sea views 
                • Chic environment 
                • Close to main transportation hubs 
                • Access to water taxis 
                • Surrounded by education and healthcare centers 
                • Turkish citizenship 
                • Shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes 
                • Entertainment facilities 

                What are the Property Types and Options in Bakirkoy? 

                Property types and options in Bakirkoy are listed below. 

                • 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1, 5+2 residence apartments 
                • 1+1 and 2+1 home office apartments 
                • VIP social facilities 
                • Duplex apartments with a private terrace 
                • Spacious apartments with a smart home system 

                Who are the properties in Bakirkoy suitable for? 

                Properties in Bakirkoy are suitable for the following people. 

                • Small families 
                • Large families 
                • Newly married couples 
                • Families with children 
                • Investors 
                • Working professionals 

                What are the living standards like in Bakirkoy? 

                Property buyers in Bakirkoy can enjoy a high standard of living in the center of Istanbul. Bakirkoy properties offer a modern, fresh style where daily life, working, shopping, and entertainment blend together perfectly.  

                Residents of Bakirkoy will be surrounded by green spaces where they can have a relaxing time along with panoramic sea views and live in a pleasant atmosphere. 

                The luxurious apartment complexes of Bakirkoy are spaciously designed for comfort with smart home systems. Residents will have access to social amenities, entertainment facilities, and various features that allow them to be socially active. 

                What are The Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Bakirkoy? 

                Other counties of Istanbul that have properties similar to Bakirkoy are as follows. 

                • Tuzla: Tuzla is a suburban area of Istanbul that is filled with various types of properties. 
                • Kadikoy: One of the most central locations on the Asian side of Istanbul, Kadikoy is home to properties with panoramic sea views. 
                • Zeytinburnu: Bordering Bakirkoy, Zeytinburnu has plenty of similar properties due to its location. 
                • Maltepe: Another seaside district of Istanbul, Maltepe is preferred by small to large size families and the working population. 
                • Kartal: From luxurious apartments to modern residential complexes, Kartal offers similar properties to Bakirkoy that are affordable. 
                • Bahcelievler: Neighboring Bakirkoy from the north, Bahcelievler comes with a vast of property options. 
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