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When most people think of a penthouse, they usually think of the top floor of a luxury residential building as the dictionary meaning of this word is a hotel or an expensive apartment or suite of rooms at the top of a tall building. However, this unique real estate concept has changed a bit and has become more comprehensive nowadays. 

Penthouses have been a form of real estate symbolizing luxury and wealth since their inception.

What is Penthouse Meaning in Real Estate Context?

In real estate, the term penthouse, after a recent change in meaning, refers to an apartment with a different layout than the apartments in the building, with a large exterior area and a wonderful view. Thus, penthouses can be located on any floor that offers a view, not just on the top floor. The transformation of this concept from luxury apartments in Turkey only on the top floor to apartments with different luxuries and views on each floor shows how much the real estate type is loved and desired in the real estate world.

What is The Penthouse History? 

The idea for a penthouse in the real estate world arose in the 1920s known as the roaring twenties. With the sudden economic growth of the 1920s, a huge obsession with luxury and entertainment emerged in America, and because of this emerging understanding, lifestyle changes have affected many sectors, one of which is the construction sector.

In the 1920s, many people moved to New York City from different regions with economic development, which led the real New Yorkers to look for special things and outstanding places to differentiate themselves in society. During this period, the rooftops of houses in New York were in very bad condition. The water towers above them and the rotating pipes between the chimneys vomited dark soot. For this reason, the upper floors of the buildings were usually reserved for servants' rooms. Later, these roof parts, which were in terrible condition, started to be made luxurious while new buildings were being built.

Thanks to the height of the buildings, which increased in proportion to the population, they automatically had a magnificent view. So much so that these spaces have transformed from the rather gloomy apartments where the servants once lived to the representation of luxury and ostentation.

What are the 5 Common Characteristics of Penthouses?

Below are the 5 Common Features of penthouses, a magnificent type of real estate that represents luxury and ostentatiousness.

  • Privacy: One of the best things about living in a penthouse is that you can enjoy your privacy. A distinctive real estate, the penthouse is quieter and more exclusive. The elevated height provides optimum solitude in the urban chaos.
  • View: Penthouses are located in high-rise buildings above the city center, so you can feel the whole city under your feet. You start the day happy and energetic with its incredible view and you can enjoy this unique view with your loved ones in the evening.
  • Amenities: Since the penthouse is a type of property preferred by people with a luxury lifestyle, it has high-end amenities, modern furniture, state-of-the-art appliances, the best material equipment, and luxury flooring systems.
  • Space: The penthouse apartment offers a large space area to indulge yourself and your family. Some penthouses occupy more than one floor. The outdoor space is usually much larger than two balconies of lower floors put together.
  • Large Windows: Offering a comfortable and peaceful space with their high ceilings and large open windows, penthouses provide a luxurious use.

How Many Rooms Does The Penthouse Have?

Penthouses are designed and built with multi-rooms and add-on areas. This is why sometimes they are so large that they can cover the entire floor or more than the entire floor. In buildings consisting predominantly of single-story apartments, penthouses can be distinguished as two or more floors. These rooftops include a terrace, floor space, large windows, multiple master suites, a study/office area, a jacuzzi place, and guest rooms. It can be expected that there will be 8 or more rooms in a normal penthouse.

How is Penthouse Living?

When it comes to the luxury lifestyle, a penthouse is at the top of most people’s wishlist because it is a real estate beyond dreams with the quality of life and comfort it offers. It is a wonderful experience to live in Penthouse with its high-tech appliances that make life easier, the elevator leading to our apartment, a different view in the morning and evening, and the privacy and modern structure it offers.

What are the Advantages of Penthouse Living?

For a long time penthouse has always been a symbol of luxury living. With state-of-the-art devices, the best material equipment, and luxury flooring systems and facilities, they provide a magnificent standard of living compared to single-story apartments. All the advantages of living in a penthouse are listed below.

  • If you live in a penthouse, you're in for a contemporary and luxurious home.
  • The exterior and interior areas of your property are so large that you can have your privacy in each area.
  • Penthouses offer residents the best view of the city
  • They offer a peaceful space in the heart of the busy city.
  • A penthouse location is central, making it easy to get anywhere.
  • Many high-end condominium developments are located on the property, which may include everything from additional outdoor recreation space to fitness centers and swimming pools.
  • As the heat rises, loft owners often take advantage of the increased temperature of the units below. This way they don't have to pay high bills.
  • You never have any doubts about your security.

What are the Disadvantages of Penthouse Living?

Although living in a penthouse may seem perfect, everything in life has its downsides. The disadvantages of living in a Penthouse are listed below:

  • Penthouses are expensive places to live.
  • In older buildings, the attic could have a leaking problem.
  • When the elevator breaks down, it is very difficult to get to your apartment.
  • Management and upkeep could be really hard to track.
  • No weather protection.

How Many Square Meters Is The Largest Penthouse?

The largest Penthouse is located in the USA. A newcomer to the real estate market, the largest penthouse in the world is the 14-story penthouse unit of Genesis Puntarenas. It is 68,459 square feet, 10 times the size of a standard American mansion. The expected asking price for this luxury property is $50 million.

Who is the Target of Penthouse?

Penthouse is a type of real estate that is frequently preferred for living by people who love luxury, want a modern and glittering life, have money, or have great success in their life. Thanks to this property, status holders can feel unique in a building in the heart of the city. It is usually preferred by young rich people or famous people who live their life fast. People who are fond of comfort or privacy love this type of real estate.

What Are the Differences Between a Penthouse and an Apartment?

The key differences between a Penthouse and an apartment are listed below:

  • Firstly the apartment is just a housing unit that offers a room or suite of rooms designed for your comfort yet the Penthouse will be serving you a lifestyle.
  • Apartments have always been an affordable option whereas Penthouses are always expensive places to live.
  • Penthouse has unique additional features that will make you feel special. These features include private elevators, parking spaces with guest parking, high ceilings, a separate balcony, private outdoor space, and roof access. Besides apartments only offer balcony space, and common usage elevators and some of them have parking spaces additionally.
  • Even though an apartment is affordable, it offers limited features to a Penthouse.

What is the Demand for Penthouses in Turkey?

Recently, the demand for real estate for a Penthouse has been increasing in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. So almost newly construct luxury residences have penthouses.

Penthouses in the last period in Istanbul are very busy in the sector thanks to the crowdedness of the city and the demands of people who want to live their luxurious lives while in the city. These properties ensure that you do not compromise your comfort in any way while watching the Bosphorus view morning and evening. Some penthouses are highly demanded in the Sisli, Mecidiyekoy, and Sariyer regions in Istanbul.

What are the Advantages of Buying a Penthouse Apartment?

The penthouse is the top luxury and modern property of the building. Since the penthouse is located on the upper floors of the building, you will have a magnificent view, which is a feature that increases your quality of life in itself. Penthouses also offer you great privacy. With this privacy feature, you have your floor, your elevator, and your private terrace. In this way, you will be safe and protected in this special property where you live.

What are Istanbul Property Penthouse Features?

There are many penthouse properties for sale in Istanbul Property. These types of luxury real estate options have features that are quite different from the others. First of all, the penthouses in Istanbul have a magnificent view of the Bosphorus connecting the two continents. This feature is not found anywhere else in the world.

Other features are the high ceilings, the fact that almost the entire house is surrounded by large windows, the elevator feature that provides direct access to the garage, the elevator that can be used at the building entrance, the smart home features it offers, and the terrace that offers a magnificent space are great features for living in a property in Turkey penthouses.

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