Contemporary Villas with Green Nature View in Bahcesehir, Istanbul (IP-722)

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Starts from: $855,000
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Property Features
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  • 24/7 Security Systems
  • BBQ Area
  • Garden
  • Central Heating
  • Water Purification System
  • Walking Tracks
  • Parking
  • Fully fitted kitchen
  • Green Views
  • Landscape
  • Kids Playground
  • Terraces
  • Central Location
  • Smart Home System
  • Generator

What is Artea Bahcesehir in Bahcesehir, Istanbul?

Artea Bahcesehir (IP-722) project is one of the most aesthetical and contemporary properties in Istanbul located in the Bahcesehir, Bahcekent district at a close distance from the city center, which reduces all the troubles and chaos associated with the crowded parts of the area. Built with sophisticated architecture and innovative designs aiming to provide a premium lifestyle. The compound adopts the “Healthy Home” concept, rising within spectacular green nature, full of refreshing breeze, intertwined with landscape surroundings.

The project includes 5+1 residential units, designed with innovative details, offering a unique perspective on life. The villas are equipped with spacious living rooms, stylish bathrooms, and carefully designed balconies to receive healthy sun exposure. Artea is one of the modernist projects that will make your living experience even more pleasing and comfortable all day long.

The Artea Bahcesehir is established by Artea Ileri Yapi Teknolojileri who also owns other giant projects in Istanbul. It is their efficiency with clients and the ability to commit to delivering dates that make them unique in the thriving Turkish real estate market.

Where is the Location of Artea Bahcesehir?

These villas for sale in Istanbul are located in the Bahcekent district, one of the most valuable areas of Istanbul. In addition to being surrounded by vast green nature where you can enjoy a peaceful environment, the project is also close to the center of the neighborhood, but far from the hustle and bustle.

The project also benefits from proximity to Millet Garden Park, educational institutes, primary and high schools, shopping centers, and hospitals.

What are the Important Locations Near Artea Bahcesehir?

The project is established near various landmarks, such as the following:

  • 500 m to TEM highway.
  • 3 km to E-5 highway.
  • 1 km to Akbati mall.
  • 1 km to Liv Hospital.
  • 500 m to the pharmacies, supermarkets, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants.
  • 50 m to Millet Garden park.
  • 1km to Bahcesehir Lake.
  • 1 km to the College Zone.
  • 23 km to Istanbul Airport.
  • 7 km to Beykent Univesity.
  • 5 km to Alkent Private Schools.
  • 19 km to the Mall of Istanbul.

Aside from enjoying the lush nature and experiencing the fresh breeze, Artea Bahcesehir Villas also offers you a premium lifestyle, a tranquil living environment, and premium shopping opportunities, since you can access various social facilities.

What are the Features of Artea Bahcesehir?

These villas are created with top-quality materials developed according to A+ level comfort, to ensure a one-of-kind experience with these essential qualities:

  • The compound includes 8 blocks of 32 villas, created with high-end standards.
  • The Artea Bahcesehir Villas are built on a total area of 9400 m2.
  • The areas of the residential units range from 235m2 to 327m2.
  • Luxurious villas of 5+1 plans come with spacious rooms and heart-opening living spaces.
  • Quality construction materials are used to ensure efficiency and durability. 
  • Versatile facilities are available here, such as a stylish kitchen overlooking the villa's private garden,  to ensure you spend quality time with your children, where all family members can enjoy the view while having a delicious meal.
  • Artea Bahcesehir provides a peaceful and safe environment. The security cameras installed at various points of the villas, secure 24/7 protection monitored by professional security guards.
  • Meticulously outlined kitchens and bathrooms, designed with classic features, added to maintain a chic style of life.
  • High-security steel entrance doors, double-glazed windows, heavy-duty air conditioning, High ceilings, and underfloor heating were used as a part of the implementation of the project.
  • Each Villa includes a master parking space for a minimum of 2 cars.

What are the Reasons for Buying Property from Artea Bahcesehir?

The reasons why this project is the best for you are :

  • The project is suitable for obtaining Turkish Citizenship.
  • The potential to earn profits by renting or investing in your property.
  • Because of the safety facilities in the venues, and the “Healthy Home” concept adopted within magnificent green landscapes, you can enjoy the eye-catching scenery as well.
  • Forget about the daily stress of life when you meet your loved ones or family in your private garden, away from the city’s noise.
  • The rooms are comfortable for working or studying at home, due to their spacious area, where you can be productive and enjoy your time.
  • Earthquake Structure Regulations are fully met by this project.

For Whom is Artea Bahcesehir Suitable for Purchase?

This project is recommended to : 

  • Medium-large-sized families who prefer living in a private community, where all the residents know each other and can enjoy the social nature of the area.
  • In addition, the proximity to entertaining amenities, education centers, and medical institutions attracts dynamic homebuyers.
  • Families who’d like to have quality time with each other in a sanctuary-like atmosphere.
  • Businessmen, investors, and anyone seeking a great investment opportunity that allows you to obtain Turkish Citizenship.

Is Artea Bahcesehir Suitable For Families with Children?

Yes, this project satisfies the needs of families who want to provide their children with a conducive atmosphere, where full security provides privacy and safety to all family members.

Is Artea Bahcesehir Suitable for single people?

No, the spacious areas of the villas are not suitable for single people since it doesn’t include 1+0 or 1+1 residential units.

Is Artea Bahcesehir Suitable For Those Who Want to Be Turkish Citizens?

Yes, obtaining Turkish citizenship is possible when buying this property, as you can benefit from:

  • Visa-free travel to more than 116 countries for personal passports and more than 155 countries for business passports.
  • Furthermore, it offers the security of guaranteed investment returns along with such a reputable passport.
  • The process of obtaining a passport and citizenship can be completed in just 3 months.
  • Multi-nationally and wealth disclosure-free authorizations.
  • The whole family can benefit from comprehensive medical insurance and quality education.
  • Pension system benefits.
  • The right to live a safe, democratic, and free life Privilege of Middle Eastern-European Turkey. 

What Kind of Services Does Artea Bahcesehir Provide?

  • 24/7 camera security.
  • 2 car parking areas for each villa.
  • Green Nature View.
  • Kids playgrounds.
  • Walking Tracks.
  • Central heating.
  • Smart home system.
  • Fully fitted kitchen.
  • Terrace and private garden area for all villas

What are The Payment Methods of Artea Bahcesehir?

You can benefit from the versatile payment terms offered by the projects in which you can get competitive discounts on Cash payments.

What is Life Like in Artea Bahcesehir?

Unique apartments in Turkey are designed with contemporary technology and a specific pleasant interior to ensure you live in a fascinating atmosphere and with a luxurious lifestyle. The exterior design of these residential units ensures a warm environment for all family members while enjoying the daily sunshine and fresh air.

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