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Istanbul Istanbul
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  • 24/7 Security Systems
  • Basketballs Playground
  • Fitness and GYM
  • Kids Playground
  • Metrobus
  • Parking
  • Ready Title Deed
  • Sauna
  • Shops
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis court
  • Turkish Citizenship
  • Turkish Bath
  • Marina
  • Sea Views

What is Vira Istanbul in Istanbul, Beylikduzu?

The Vira Istanbul Property Project located in the Beylikduzu district represents an attractive residential development within the modern real estate for sale in Istanbul. This project offers a combination of social privileges established nearby (Yasam Vadisi) which extends from the heart of Beylikduzu up until the coast. Vira Istanbul is significant from other projects in the area by being within walking distance of various public services, recreational, entertainment, and sports areas to education and health facilities. Based on the previous features, Vira Istanbul attracts both families to start a quality life experience, and foreign investors to start a valuable investment in the surging Turkish real estate market.

The project comprises a diversity of residential units. Those units range from (1+1 to 4+1) and (31) shops that come with various design styles with private balconies where you can enjoy the green views and refreshing sunshine, stylish bathrooms, and modern kitchens. 

The Vira Istanbul was established by Gul Insaat and Liv Yapi Construction Companies, famous names in the Turkish Real Estate market. The execution procedures of this project started in January 2015. The Gul Insaat also holds the property of other projects like the Yedi Mavi and Meydan Halkali in Istanbul.

Where is the Location of Vira Istanbul?

Vira Istanbul was established in the Beylikduzu district of Istanbul city. The project has the privilege of being a neighbor of Istanbul's largest park (Yasam Vadisi) which covers (1,000,000 m2) of land, a nearby wide variety of social facilities, and a central transportation network. These properties in Beylikduzu are located 3 minutes from the coast of Kavakli, and 2 minutes from the E-5 and the Metro station.

What are the Important Locations Near Vira Istanbul?

The project has the privileges of being near major landmarks and amenities which include (but are not limited to):

  • 27 Km from Istanbul New Airport
  • 39 Km from Taksim Square
  • 3 Km from Yasam Vadisi Park
  • 4 Km from West Istanbul Marina
  • 4 Km from the Marmara Sea coast
  • 3 Km from E5 Highway and the Metrobus station
  • 4 Km from Marmara Park Mall and Beykent University

Proximity to transportation hubs, shopping malls, and educational institutes also add prestigious life privileges to these residences in Turkey which secure comfortable living experiences that make everybody happy and relaxed both inside and outside their own new house.

What are the Features of Vira Istanbul?

  • The total area of the project is (92.000 m2 ). Whereas the social area covers (74.500 m2 ) of it.
  • The project consists of (17) blocks comprising (1189) apartments and (31) shops that shall be established during 2 phases.
  • The floor plans of the available apartments are (1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1) in addition to the integrated services that provide you with a healthy life with unlimited pleasure.
  • The areas of the residential units range between (70 – 200 m2 ).
  • The layout of the units was attentively designed to ensure the feeling of spaciousness decorated by vast green areas.
  • The panoramic window designs for each apartment, which extend from ceiling to floor, ensure relaxing views and healthy sun exposure all day long.
  • From relaxation areas to walking paths, swimming pools to sports facilities, and open-air cinema to a butterfly garden, there is something for everyone.
  • The units also include (1-3) stylish bathrooms with modern designs.
  • Top-quality materials and finishes are used in this project such as High-security steel entrance doors, Double-glazed windows, Heavy-duty air conditioning, and security systems.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property from Vira Istanbul?

  • The spectacular green views will refresh your morning routines.
  • The project is suitable for obtaining Turkish Citizenship.
  • The spacious residential units, make this development a Family concept project.
  • Located in the most popular area between the Metrobus line and the coast of Beylikduzu.
  • The available prestigious social facilities will make every day like a holiday.
  • Proximity to shopping malls, business, and commercial centers.
  • The high quality of material used during all construction phases increases its value in the real estate market
  • The offer is Discounts for cash payments that yield attractive financial opportunities.
  • The project consists of 2 stages. The first stage is ready to move in, and the second stage will be delivered in June 2020, so the project is an opportunity both for living and investment.

For Whom is Vira Istanbul Suitable for Purchase?

  • This project is suitable for medium-large size families, due to the availability of spacious residential units that come with sufficient facilities and social spaces. Moreover, the proximity to schools, universities, hospitals, and transportation hubs, adds further attraction factors to this category of homeowners.
  • Small families and newly married couples that seek living inside resort-like environments privileged with proximity to amenities.
  • Businessmen, investors, and anyone searching for a great investment opportunity that offers to obtain Turkish Citizenship privileges

Is Vira Istanbul Suitable For Families with Children? 

Yes, the dynamic location of the project with its proximity to transportation facilities, educational institutes, and healthcare centers allowed this project to be the best choice for this category. As well as the peaceful living environment, available facilities, swimming pools, walking tracks, and playgrounds. 

Is Vira Istanbul Suitable For Single People?

Yes, in addition to location, versatile flats options, facilities, and quality standards, the project yields the privilege of obtaining Turkish Citizenship for people who seek such investment initiatives, which opens the door for social and commercial opportunities

Is Vira Istanbul Suitable For Who Wants to Be Turkey Citizen?

Yes, this housing project is suitable for obtaining Turkish Citizenship which has the benefits of:

  • Ability to visit more than 116 countries for Personal, and more than 155 Business passports visa-free. Besides the potentiality of including EU countries shortly
  • Besides owning such a prestigious passport, it provides the safety of guaranteed investment returns
  • Quick Citizenship and Passport issuance process, down to 3 months only
  • Multi-nationally and Wealth disclosure-free authorizations
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Quality Education for the whole family
  • Pension system benefits
  • Safety, democracy, and free life privileges of Middle Eastern-European Turkey

What Kind of Services Does Vira Istanbul Provide?

The project features top-quality social and service facilities such as:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Sport Center
  • Walking Paths and Cycling Tracks
  • Children Playgrounds
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Open-air Cinema
  • Social Areas
  • 24/7 Security Systems
  • Parking

What are The Payment Methods of Vira Istanbul?

One of the unique features of this project is the 10% Discount for cash payments.

What is Life Like in Vira Istanbul?

Neighboring the iconic (Yasam Vadisi) Park, expected to become the largest city park in Turkey and aims to be the new attraction point of the city, secures a fresh air environment with lush green nature landscapes to enrich the project qualities. The available apartments feature modern interiors with spacious plans and attractive exterior designs that reflect luxury and style. You and your family will have access to the social facilities you desire, from swimming pools to children's playgrounds, and sports clubs to walking tracks. Vira Istanbul will carry you to the favorable lifestyle you always dreamed of.

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