Tourist Area Fully Furnished With High Rental Yield Investment in Besiktas, Istanbul (IP-928)

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Starts from: $145,000
up to 1
up to 1
Property Features
Property Options
  • 24/7 Security Systems
  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Central Heating
  • Parking
  • Central Location
  • City Views
  • Hotel Services
  • Rental Guarantee
  • House Keeping

What is Suits Barbarossa in Besiktas, Istanbul?

Suits Barbarossa in Besiktas is an innovative investment initiative designed to deliver short rental returns. Targeting both investors and residents, the project offers fully furnished suites with guaranteed rents. What makes this project different than a typical hotel is that Suits Barbarossa offers offer housekeeping, laundry, guest house, and transport services without the need for long-term commitments or maintenance fees.

This project offers a sustainable source of income that is inflation-proof. Homeowners can manage their properties through the app, access real-time income data, and even book free stays, which ensures peace of mind and provides quick and secure check-outs. Suits Barbarossa includes a studio, 2+0 Duplex, 1 and  2-bedroom suites, and finally 2-bedroom duplex suites.

The construction company responsible for this project is SCC Construction. They are quickly gaining popularity in the construction sector, especially after their successful first project, Suites Barbarossa.

Where is the Location of Suits Barbarossa?

Located in the Besiktas district in Istanbul, Suits Barbarossa is amongst the best in terms of proximity to the tourist attractions, which makes it a highly preferred place for tourists. Besiktas welcomes millions of tourists from around the world every year, so why not invest in a suite in Besiktas?

Here are the near attractions to Suits Barbarossa:

  • Dolmabahçe Palace is approximately 4 kilometers.
  • Bosphorus Cruise is within 2-3 kilometers.
  • Ortakoy Mosque is around 5 kilometers.
  • Bosphorus Bridge (15 July Martyrs Bridge) is approximately 6 kilometers.
  • Istanbul Naval Museum is approximately 3 kilometers away.
  • Istanbul Modern Art Museum is roughly 6 kilometers away.
  • Taksim Square is about 7 kilometers.
  • E-5 Highway is around 5-10 minutes by car.
  • Istanbul Airport is approximately 42 kilometers northeast of Suits Barbarossa.
  • The nearest Metrobus and Metro stations are 7 km away from the suits.

These suites are a fantastic choice for property investment in Turkey, being one of the most popular destinations and located in close proximity to other tourist attractions.

What are the Features of Suits Barbarossa?

The features of Suits Barbarossa include:

  • First-class tourist destination.
  • Various suit plans for your liking.
  • Short-term rental income possibility.
  • Fully equipped modernly designed furnished suites.
  • You can easily rent out your property whenever you want or stay there yourself at any time.
  • Short-term incomes that are not subject to inflation.
  • A legal team where you can swiftly execute the purchase process.
  • Remote property and rent management.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property from Suits Barbarossa?

Some would desire a short-term income resource while others search for a long-yielding project. The ones who seek a long-term investment usually look for a property in Turkey meanwhile short-term income enthusiasts prefer suits where they can generate moderate but solid income.

If short but solid investment is your preference, these might be the most logical reasons to buy a property from Suits Barbarossa:

  • You can become a Turkish Citizenship if the property you're buying meets the criteria.
  • Different floor plans for you and your tenants.
  • A management app developed by professionals where you can easily manage your property or rent it out.
  • The project is situated in the top-notch tourist district, Besiktas.
  • Already furnished suits that are ready for renting.
  • Rental yield every month and a high ROI.

For Whom Suits Barbarossa Suitable?

The target customer group of this project is as follows:

  • Investors seeking Turkish citizenship benefits and a stable rental income.
  • Professionals who demand luxury, service, and a central location.
  • Individuals who reside alone in Turkey or frequently make visits to Istanbul.

Is Suits Barbarossa Suitable for Families with Children?

No, Suits Barbarossa is a project designed for investment purposes or single investors as previously stated.

Is Suits Barbarossa Suitable for Single People?

Yes, Suits Barbarossa is a suitable option for those who are looking for comfortable living spaces and amenities, in addition to a lively location in Istanbul's Besiktas district.

Is Suits Barbarossa Suitable For Who Wants to Be a Turkish Citizen?

When you buy a property at Suits Barbarossa, you may gain eligibility for Turkish Citizenship and enjoy these benefits:

  • Access to 114 visa-free countries and simplified visa issuance, as Turkey's global influence grows.
  • Potential for obtaining a European Passport in the future.
  • Ease of doing business spanning Asian and European continents.
  • Assured investment returns with quick 4-month Citizenship and Passport issuance.
  • Multi-nationality and wealth disclosure exemption.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance and quality family education.
  • Security, democracy, and freedom privileges in Middle Eastern-European Turkey.

What are The Payment Methods of Suits Barbarossa?

Special cash discounts and 12-month installments are possible, exclusive to Istanbul Property customers.

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