An Affordable Living Opportunity In The City Center In Kagithane, Istanbul (IP-844)

Istanbul Istanbul
Starts from: $545,000
Apartment Investment
up to 2
up to 1
Property Features
Property Options
  • 24/7 Security Systems
  • BBQ Area
  • Fitness and GYM
  • Garden
  • Walking Tracks
  • Parking
  • Turkish Citizenship
  • Forest View

What is Genyap Loft in Kağıthane, Istanbul?

Genyap Loft in Kağıthane, Istanbul, offers a modern and luxurious residential experience. With its stylish design and thoughtful amenities, it provides a comfortable and contemporary living environment for residents. The residential project features a range of apartments, catering to different lifestyles and preferences. The construction encompasses a significant area, including ample green spaces, allowing residents to enjoy a serene and refreshing atmosphere within the bustling city.

Genyap Loft consists of 1, 8-story high block, with 71 apartments. All the apartments in this residential building are 2-bedroom apartments with different spaces ranging from 128 square meters to 150 square meters. Genyap Flats offers a generous amount of green spaces, creating a relaxing balance between nature and urban living inside one of the World's Busiest Metropolis, Istanbul. 

Genyap, the construction company behind Genyap Loft, is widely recognized and respected in the real estate industry. Genyap has 6 major real estate projects in Istanbul in the past 3 years under its belt. Combining their extensive experience and excellent finishes, Genyap has established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality projects. Genyap's commitment to excellence ensures that Genyap Loft reflects their dedication to creating exceptional living spaces that meet the needs and expectations of modern urban dwellers.

Where is the Location of Genyap Loft in Kağıthane, Istanbul? 

Genyap Loft is located in the Kağıthane district in the upcoming area of Hamidiye bordering Sariyer. Kağıthane is a vibrant and rapidly developing district inside Istanbul, known for its convenient access to major transportation networks, business hubs, and entertainment centers. Situated in such a strategic location, Genyap Loft offers residents the advantage of being close to important amenities and attractions. Whether it's shopping at popular malls like Istinye Park 2 and Vadistanbul, or accessing universities, hospitals, and major highways, the location of Genyap Loft ensures easy connectivity and a convenient lifestyle for its residents.

What are the Important Locations Near Genyap Loft in Kağıthane, Istanbul? 

Genyap Loft in Kağıthane, Istanbul enjoys proximity to several important locations, offering residents convenient access to various amenities and attractions. Here are some key destinations near Genyap Loft:

  • 7 minutes by car to Liv Hospital Vadistanbul
  • 4 minutes by car to Vadi Istanbul Mall 
  • 25 minutes by car to Istanbul New Airport
  • 5 KM to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
  • 16 minutes to Uskudar on the Asian Side 
  • 10 KM to Taksim Square and the historical city center

If you are looking into buying an investment property in Istanbul you need to check with our consultants and they can give you the best advice regarding the best options that are suitable for investment at the time of inquiry. 

What are the Features of Genyap Loft in Kağıthane, Istanbul?

Genyap Loft in Kağıthane, Istanbul offers a range of features and amenities designed to enhance residents' living experience. Here are some notable features of Genyap Loft:

  • Modern and Stylish Designs
  • Green Spaces and Landscape Area: Genyap Loft prioritizes green spaces, offering residents a refreshing and serene atmosphere in the middle of the bustling city.
  • Balconies and Storage Areas: Each unit in Genyap Loft comes with a balcony, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor space and panoramic views. Additionally, the apartments feature storage areas, providing practical solutions for organizing belongings.
  • Social Facilities: Genyap Loft offers a range of social facilities for residents to enjoy.
  • Strategic Location: The project benefits from a strategic location with convenient access to entertainment centers, shopping malls, universities, hospitals, and major highways, making daily life more convenient for residents.

What are the Reasons to buy at Genyap Loft in Kağıthane, Istanbul? 

There are several reasons to consider buying a property at Genyap Loft. Here are some key factors that make it an attractive investment:

  • Strategic Location close to the city center and the rich part of the city
  • Range of Amenities as most property complexes in the area don't have the same extensive facilities
  • Growth Potential and Capital Appreciation
  • Competitive Prices compared to the area of Zekeriyakoy 
  • Relaxing green, lush views
  • Reputation and Expertise of Genyap the construction company 

Buying a property in Turkey is so much easier when you have a real estate agent with a whole team that supports them. Our teams at Istanbul Property work together to get the newest information for our clients at all times and make sure our clients' journey to make their investment in Istanbul as smooth as possible.

For Whom is Genyap Loft in Kağıthane, Istanbul Suitable for Purchase?

The Flamingo villas are excellent options for many people, such as: 

  • Families The building is excellent for families since it offers decent-sized houses. 
  • Investors interested in making money in capital appreciate since Kağıthane is a growing district on the border with Sariyer with lower prices. 
  • Businessmen and investors who are interested in getting citizenship by investment through the Turkish Citizenship Scheme. 

Is Genyap Loft Suitable For Families with Children?

Yes, it is suitable for families with children. The residential compound offers features and amenities that provide a comfortable and convenient living environment.

Is Genyap Loft Suitable For Single People?

Genyap Loft is suitable for single people as well. However, not everyone might like living in that area as it is a family-oriented part of Istanbul. 

Is Genyap Loft Suitable For Those Who Want to Be Turkish Citizens?

Yes, it is suitable for Turkish citizenship.
When you purchase a property in Turkey, it is possible that you might not get citizenship, since some projects have the wrong evaluation on the expertise report. However, in Genyap Loft, the evaluation is 100%, thus, buyers in this compound become eligible to apply for Turkish Citizenship.
The benefits of having Turkish citizenship are as the below: 

  • Visa-free travel: Turkish passport holders can travel to many countries without a visa, including Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Malaysia, and many other countries.
  • Visa-on arrival: these sorts of countries make it easier to apply for visas directly on arrival to the country of destination without having to apply beforehand
  • Business opportunities: Turkey is strategically located between Europe and Asia, making it an attractive destination for business owners and investors.
  • Guaranteed investment returns: Owning a Turkish passport can provide access to guaranteed investment returns.
  • Quick citizenship and passport issuance process: The Turkish citizenship and passport issuance process can be completed in as little as four months.
  • Multi-nationality and wealth disclosure-free authorizations: Turkish citizens are allowed to hold dual citizenship and are not required to disclose their wealth.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance and quality education: Turkish citizens have access to quality healthcare and education, for free. 

What Kind of Services Does Genyap Loft Provide?

  • 24/7 security 
  • Private parking area
  • Balconies for each apartment 
  • Sports saloons
  • Walking paths inside the compound's walls 
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