Luxury Sea View Villas Near The City Center in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus (IP-8016)

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Turkey, Cyprus
Starts from: $718,055
Villa Luxury
up to 4
up to 1
Property Features
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  • 24/7 Security Systems
  • BBQ Area
  • Garden
  • Swimming Pool
  • Parking
  • Green Views
  • Landscape
  • Sea Views

What is The Hive Villas in Kyrenia, North Cyprus?

The Hive, a prestigious villa project in Northern Cyprus, combines comfort and style, offering an exclusive and peaceful living space. With modern architecture and high-quality materials, it's an ideal choice for a holiday home or family investment.

The Hive offers 4+1 duplex villas with private gardens, swimming pools, and leisure facilities. Villa owners can enjoy the Mediterranean sea views from their sunny balconies, providing an idyllic setting for relaxation.

The developer of The Hive Villas is committed to quality and has exciting plans for future projects, ensuring a commitment to excellence in the Northern Cyprus property sector.

Where is the Location of the Hive Villas?

The villas at The Hive enjoy a strategic location in Ozankoy, Kyrenia, North Cyprus, allowing residents to relish the beauty and comfort of Kyrenia while experiencing a private and privileged lifestyle. This peaceful setting, just a short drive away from essential social facilities like restaurants, shops, local bars, sandy beaches, and 5-star hotels, lets homeowners fully savor their ideal location.

  • Beach: A mere 1 km away
  • Kyrenia city center: Conveniently located 2 km from the city center
  • English School of Kyrenia: Just 1 km from the school
  • Bellapais Monastery: Approximately 4 km away
  • Airport: Easily accessible at 35/80 km

The Hive Cyprus villas feature close proximity to major attractions that enhance the overall living experience. Such proximity enables residents to fully enjoy their ideal location in Kyrenia.

What are the Features of The Hive Villas?

The Hive offers a range of luxurious features for a comfortable and upscale lifestyle:

  • Spacious 2-story villas with luxurious interiors.
  • The development consists of 8 villas with spacious 4+1 floor plans.
  • The project occupies a large plot of land with lush green spaces.
  • Stylish kitchens and elegant marble bathrooms.
  • Private swimming pool, garden and open terraces for each villa.
  • On-site facilities include BBQ, 2-car garage, all four en-suite master bedrooms, and a laundry room.
  • Inclusive property management services.
  • 24/7 security with camera surveillance and gated entrances0

What are the Reasons to buy Property from The Hive Villas?

Compelling reasons to buy from The Hive:

  • Luxury villas: The Hive offers high-end villas with contemporary interiors for a sophisticated lifestyle.
  • Breathtaking sea views: Enjoy stunning sea views and the convenience of being close to the town center.
  • Quality Social Facilities: Offering first-class amenities for a pleasant residential atmosphere.
  • Security and quality materials: prioritizing safety with 24/7 security systems and using premium materials for lasting comfort.
  • Private Leisure: Each villa has a private garden and swimming pool for added privacy and recreation.

For Whom is The Hive Suitable?

These villas are suitable for the following groups:

  • Discerning individuals who seek luxury villas with contemporary interiors.
  • Families who desire spacious and upscale living.
  • Those who enjoy breathtaking sea views and proximity to the city center.

Is The Hive Suitable for Families with Children?

Yes, The Hive is suitable for families due to its spacious villas, proximity to the beach, and family-oriented facilities, providing an enjoyable environment.

Is The Hive Suitable for Single People?

No, The Hive is not ideal for single individuals as it offers large villas with a focus on family-oriented living, which may not align with the needs of single individuals.

What are the Payment Terms of The Hive Villas?

The Hive offers competitive payment terms with cash discounts for Istanbul Property clients.

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