Versatile Apartments With Spacious Terraces in Kagithane, Istanbul (IP-926)

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  • 24/7 Security Systems
  • BBQ Area
  • Fitness and GYM
  • Walking Tracks
  • Parking
  • Sauna
  • Terraces
  • Central Location
  • City Views
  • Meeting rooms
  • Activity Room

What is Azure Terrace in Kagithane, Istanbul?

Azure Teras, located in the Kagithane district of Istanbul, is a memorable place with its social privileges, spectacular city views, and strategic location. The heart of investment in Istanbul, where Asia and Europe continents are connected, starts to beat in Azure Teras. The name "Azure Teras" derives from the many spacious terraces and balconies the project offers.

The project offers a range of amenities for residents, including indoor and outdoor play areas for children, a seminar room, a mini cinema, changing rooms, a sauna, table tennis, foosball, billiards, a fitness center, a walking path, and a gazebo. In addition, it provides technical facilities such as a water tank, shelter, generator, underfloor heating, and multiple elevators and fire exits. One could easily say that this project aims for the best.

Azure Teras presents a variety of residential choices, encompassing loft apartments, 3+1 apartments, 2+1 apartments, and 1+1 apartments and penthouses with huge terraces.

It is being constructed with the assurance of TURKAZ INSAAT, which has years of experience in the construction sector and their motto is "human safety first". The Azure Terrace project has been under construction since 2022.

Where is the Location of Azure Terrace?

Azure Teras is located in the Merkez Mahallesi (Central Neighbourhood) of the Kağıthane district of Istanbul, Turkey. Known for its mix of residential and commercial developments, Kagithane is a fast-growing area. It is centrally located on the European side of Istanbul, providing convenient accessibility to various parts of the city.

  • The project is only 7 minutes away from the Vadistanbul Mall.
  • Also, Axis Mall is quite close, around 4 minutes drive.
  • Zorlu Center, the most known mall in Turkiye, is a 15-minute drive.
  • Metro Station is a mere 3-minute drive from Azure Terrace.
  • You can access to E-5 highway in 8 minutes.

Having a property in Istanbul with this kind of strategic location is a blessing for an Istanbulite.

What are the Features of Azure Terrace?

Below you can find the features Azure Terrace offers to its residents:

  • The project consists of 12 floors, making it a relatively medium-sized residential.
  • The total construction area is 22.615,0 m2.
  • The complex has 100 apartments and 16 loft apartments ranging from 80 m2 to 205 m2
  • The construction is based on luxurious architecture, high-quality materials, and elegant finishes.
  • Azure Terrace offers numerous social amenities such as; indoor and outdoor children's playgrounds, meeting rooms, cinema room, fitness, sauna, table tennis, pool, walking tracks, and last but not least an indoor parking place.
  • Various floor plans such as loft houses with gardens, penthouses, duplexes, apartments, 3+1, 2+1, and 1+1, and more.
  • Ultra-modern kitchens with stylish interiors where you can cook and dine with your family.
  • The building is under surveillance 24/7 and has professional security staff.
  • Spacious apartments with large terraces and balconies.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property from Azure Terrace?

There might be many reasons behind an investment, but each investor has their own taste. Generally, here are the most important reasons to buy a property from Azure Terrace:

  • You can apply for Turkish Citizenship.
  • It's an earthquake-resistant reinforced concrete building.
  • It's situated in a developing district of Istanbul, Kagithane.
  • Opportunity to benefit from pre-launch price.
  • Central location and ease of access to important areas in the city.
  • High investment value.
  • Various floor plans.

For Whom is Azure Terrace Suitable for Purchase?

The Azure Teras project is suitable for these groups:

  • Families in search of spacious and comfortable living accommodations.
  • Investors interested in properties that are eligible for the Turkish Citizenship Program.
  • Professionals seeking residences conveniently located near transportation hubs.
  • For those who want to combine indoor and outdoor living with large terraces and balconies.

Is Azure Terrace Suitable For Families with Children?

Azure Teras is the perfect choice for families with children. The project offers numerous amenities specifically designed to cater to families, such as indoor and outdoor children's play areas, ensuring that children have plenty of space to play and socialize. The spacious apartment options, including loft apartments and larger units like 3+1 apartments, provide big families with the necessary living space to comfortably accommodate their needs. 

Is Azure Terrace Suitable for Single People?

Yes, as we can understand from the slogan of the project "Azure Teras always has a property to suit your dreams...", it is possible to find apartments for every lifestyle.

Is Azure Terrace Suitable For Those Who Want to Be a Turkish Citizen?

By purchasing a property in Turkey it is possible to apply for the Turkish Citizenship. But specifically buying a property from this project will grant you the right to apply for Turkish Citizenship. By having Turkish citizenship you can access many privileges such as;

  • Access to visa-free travel in 114 countries and streamlined visa procedures for numerous nations, facilitated by Turkey's increasing global prominence.
  • The possibility of obtaining a European Passport in the near future.
  • The chance to establish a business in Turkey.
  • Authorization for individuals of various nationalities, as well as exemption from wealth disclosure.
  • Availability of comprehensive medical insurance and top-tier education for your entire family.
  • Enjoy a secure, democratic, and liberated lifestyle in Turkey.

What are The Payment Methods of Azure Terrace?

Istanbul Property's clients benefit from exclusive discounts and flexible payment terms, including the option to pay in Turkish Lira over an extended period. 

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