An Investment Opportunity in Taksim district in Beyoglu, Istanbul (IP-820)

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Starts from: $463,000
up to 3
up to 1
Property Features
Property Options
  • 24/7 Security Systems
  • Fitness and GYM
  • Garden
  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Central Heating
  • Turkish Citizenship
  • Central Location
  • Reception
  • Rental Guarantee

What is Tomtom Townhouse in Şişli, Istanbul?

Tomtom Townhouse is a pure investment project located in Beyoglu, on TomTom Street right next to Istiklal Street. Ando Living (The management company), ensures that you get the highest return on investment possible due to their experience. Tomtom Townhouse is a development project designed exclusively for investment purposes. It is strategically located in Beyoglu, with easy access to public transportation and proximity to a variety of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

Tomtom Townhouse is a 3-level building with a total of 40 units, including 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 apartment layout options. The investment project also features stores cafes and gardens in the detached building that has social facilities. While Tomtom Townhouse offers a limited number of apartments, it makes it that much more special because of its exclusivity, each unit is designed with high-quality finishes and is fully furnished, providing a turnkey solution for those looking to invest in the hospitality industry in Beyoglu.

The construction company of this investment project is Ando Living. Ando Living is not only a construction company but rather a property management company as well. The goal is to build compounds in really exclusive areas and operate these compounds as Airbnb-suitable apartments that would attract many tourists, hence giving a high return on investment to them and you, the investor, Ando Living has many compounds constructed in Madrid, Barcelona, Italy, and Dubai. They have now moved to Istanbul to help investors make smart decisions. 

Where is the Location of Tomtom Townhouse?

Tomtom Townhouse, as the name refers, gives the residents a feeling of exclusivity and privacy despite being in the middle of the town. It is located on Tomtom Street, close to many consulates and embassies, thus making the area extremely safe. The area is in the middle of the hill that leads from the cruise ship terminal in Galata Port to Istiklal Caddesi. When the resident leaves the compound, he needs a maximum of 5 minutes to reach the tramway that will take them to Sultan Ahmet and the historic city center. The location of Tomtom Townhouse is very attractive to tourists or travelers who want to be involved in the daily life of Turkish socials. 

What are the Important Locations Near Tomtom Townhouse?

Tomtom Townhouse is one of the most central investment projects in Istanbul. These are the important locations and their distances from Tomtom Townhouse. 

  • 8-minute walk to the T1 tramway station; 
  • 9-minute walk to Galata Port; 
  • 5-minute walk to Istiklal Caddesi; 
  • 3 stations away from the historic city center; 
  • Historic buildings and local grocery stores are surrounding the compound;
  • 45 minutes by car to Istanbul Aiport; 
  • 15 minutes by car to the 15 Temmuz Bridge; 

If you are looking to invest in Istanbul, it is important to talk with sales specialists who have knowledge of the options and which project can be the most suitable for your way of thinking. 

What are the Features of Tomtom Townhouse?

Tomtomt townhouse has many attractive features such as: 

  • Spanish Neo-classical architecture; 
  • Can make you profit by capital appreciation and through yearly income of 7%;
  • Location; 
  • Complete property management; 
  • Social Facilities. 

What are the Reasons for Buying a Property at Tomtom Townhouse?

One would buy at Tomtom Townhouse for the following reasons: 

  • Location: The location of the development project is in the middle of the city center close to all the important tourist attractions; 
  • Concept: The concept of Tomtom Townhouse is a pure investment as an Airbnb apartment concept; 
  • Social Facilities: Excellent separate social facilities including gardens, gyms, and Turkish hammams. 
  • Property Management: Ando Living is the manager of this development project, and they have many examples of how well their apartments are producing yearly for their investors. 
  • Close to public transportation and highway: It is very close to the tramway that connects you to the old city.

For Whom is Tomtom Townhouse Suitable for Purchase?

The Tomtom Townhouse project is suitable for: 

  • Investors who are looking for a yearly return on investment without having to work; 
  • People looking to get citizenship by investment; 

Is Tomtom Townhouse Suitable For Families with Children?

No, Tomtom Townhouse is only suitable for investment. This property project is not suitable for families at all. 

Is Tomtom Townhouse Suitable For Single People?

Also no! Tomtomt Townhouse has the concept of buying the property, getting Turkish citizenship, and receiving your return on investment yearly in Euros without working! 

Is Tomtom Townhouse Suitable For Those Who Want to Be Turkish Citizens?

Yes, after investing in Tomtom Townhouse, the owner will be able to apply for Turkish Citizenship. The benefits of having Turkish citizenship are as follows: 

  • Visa-free travel to 90 countries and easy visa issuance for many others due to Turkey's growing influence in the world. With the possibility of a European passport on the horizon.
  • Owning a Turkish passport also opens up the potential for trouble-free business opportunities in a country that bridges the gap between Asia and Europe.
  • Additionally, owning such a passport provides the safety of guaranteed investment returns.
  • The citizenship and passport issuance process is quick, taking only 4 months, and comes with multi-nationally and wealth disclosure-free authorizations.
  • Your family will also benefit from comprehensive medical insurance and quality education.
  • Finally, you will enjoy the safety, democracy, and free life privileges that come with being a resident of Middle Eastern European Turkey.

What Kind of Services Does Tomtom Townhouse Provide?

  • Around-the-clock surveillance; 
  • Property management contracts;
  • Full Social Facilities Building.

What are The Payment Methods at Tomtom Townhouse?

Tomtomt Townhouse offers installments until the time of completion. They also offer a special discount for cash purchases. When buying a property in Istanbul, contact our sales consultants to get more details about the prices, discounts, and installments. 

What is Life Like in Tomtom Townhouse?

Tomtomt Townhouse is made for investment. A person living there will have the luxury of leaving the hotel and being able to tour the whole city of Istanbul using the tramway and going to all the tourist hotspots that are important to them. 

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