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Buying an apartment is a major deal and not always an easy decision to make, especially in a foreign land. Istanbul, Turkey has become an attractive option to buy an apartment in recent years thanks to affordable prices, citizenship privilege, simple buying process, profitable projects, low-cost living, vibrant culture, and active lifestyle. 

Bahcelievler, located on the European side, is a county in Istanbul and it has one of the most upscale residential complexes in the city. It has a surface area of 16.7 km2 with a population of 592,371. Whether you are looking for the perfect investment opportunity or dream home to live in, and Istanbul apartments for sale, here are some of the things to consider while buying a property in Bahcelievler.

  • Identify your needs: It is important to identify your needs before making a decision, such as the type of apartment. This could be a luxurious apartment, an apartment with a sea view, or a simple apartment. Having a clear idea will ease the process of buying an apartment in Bahcelievler and help you find the perfect match.  
  • Decide on the neighborhood: Bahcelievler is divided into eleven neighborhoods in different locations with different types of properties. Once you decide on a neighborhood, you can go through the properties to buy an apartment that fits your expectations.  
  • Investment returns: Buying a property is one of the best ways to invest. Capital growth and return on rentals are two key factors before deciding on buying an apartment and Bahcelievler county comes with a lot of options.  
  • Research projects: The city of Istanbul is residential project heaven from sea view flats to family concept apartments and Bahcelievler is no different. The county offers numerous projects and requires extensive research before buying an apartment. 
  • Expenses in the process: Buying an apartment comes with a significant amount of expenses. To avoid unexpected fees, it’s best to know the expenses of making the purchase. Luckily these expenses are low in Turkey compared to other countries. Registration tax and fees, property tax, compulsory insurance, legal fees, maintenance costs, real estate agent fee, and other paperwork costs should be considered when buying an apartment in Bahcelievler.  
  • Selecting the right agent: Choosing the right real estate agent is a vital factor when buying an apartment in a foreign country. The right agent must understand your needs, come with a vast of projects, and offer professional services of the highest quality. 

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Bahcelievler? 

The average price of a 125-square-meter house in Bahcelievler county ranges between US$120,000 and US$316,000. 

Average Unit Price 

1,336 USD 

Average Price 

180,947 USD

Min. Max. Unit Price 

982 USD - 2310 USD 

Average Gross Area (m2) 


How are the Prices of Properties in Bahcelievler Determined? 

Property prices in Bahcelievler differ from one project to another project but the location of the property plays a big part to determine the prices. A property that has a central location in Bahcelievler, such as being nearby to a shopping mall, a hospital, and schools would affect the property prices. 

The number of rooms and the space they take in an apartment also help determine the price. The view from the apartment has a big effect on determining the apartment price in Bahcelievler. While an apartment with a sea view has the highest value, other views such as a forest play an important role in the prices. 

Each apartment in Bahcelievler has a different feature. The prices of an apartment vary if the apartment is a studio, penthouse, duplex, or residential complex. Also, the facilities offered inside and outside of the apartment and the decoration of the apartment determine the price of an apartment in Bahcelievler. 

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Bahcelievler? 

Buying an apartment in Bahcelievler has been a popular choice among foreigners due to its central location in Istanbul. Here are the benefits of buying a property in Bahcelievler. 

  • Turkish Citizenship and Residence Permit: The top advantage for those who want to buy real estate in Turkey is to obtain Turkish citizenship and residency. Any foreigner who owns the property is eligible to apply for a residence permit in Turkey. Foreigners who buy an apartment in Bahcelievler worth US$400,000 are granted Turkish citizenship. 
  • Value for Money: Projects in Bahcelievler offer the best quality you could get from an apartment and a wide range of deals with the most affordable prices. 
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living in Bahcelievler, such as electricity and gas, taxes, maintenance fees, groceries, transportation, and other costs are relatively cheap compared to other counties in Europe. With the advantage of the exchange rate, foreigners are guaranteed to live a comfortable and high-quality life in Turkey. 
  • Return on Investment: Buying an apartment in Bahcelievler makes it an excellent investment for many reasons. Having promising projects around Bahcelievler, it is one of the best and safest counties in Istanbul for long-term investment. 

What are the Features of Properties Located in Bahcelievler?   

Apartment features are a set of important details that helps identify the apartment type and its amenities. Having a clear idea of the features will help you to choose the best apartment that fits your budget and expectations. Here is a list of the features of properties located in Bahcelievler. 

  • 24/7 security system.
  • City view.
  • Fitness and gym.
  • Indoor car parking.
  • Playground.
  • Housekeeping and laundry service.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Sports facilities.
  • Shopping center.
  • BBQ area.
  • Spa.
  • Terraces.
  • Modern design.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Bahcelievler?

Some of the top reasons to buy a property in Bahcelievler are listed below. 

  • Great views of the city and green landscapes.
  • Central location in the city.
  • Numerous social facilities and open spaces.
  • Easy access to public transportation and malls.
  • Opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship for you and for your family.

What are the Property Types and Options in Bahcelievler?

The property types and options in Bahcelievler can be found in the list below. 

  • Modern, luxurious apartments.
  • 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1 flats.
  • Apartment sizes range from 71 m2 to 318 m2.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • Stylish bathrooms.
  • Luxury Istanbul villas with multiple floors.

Who are the properties in Bahcelievler suitable for? 

The properties in Bahcelievler are suitable for the following people. 

  • Families with children.
  • Newly married couples.
  • Single people.
  • Investors.
  • Businessmen.

What are the living standards like in Bahcelievler? 

People who purchase property in Bahcelievler will enjoy a high quality of life in the middle of Istanbul. Surrounded by green spaces, residential complexes in Bahcelievler offer a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. 

Apartments are designed for comfort with spacious rooms and panoramic windows. Social spaces, sports facilities, and amenities help individuals and families have healthier lifestyles. 

What are the Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Bahcelievler? 

Residential projects can be found in many districts of Istanbul. Here is a list of other counties that have properties similar to Bahcelievler. 

  • Firstly, Basin Express is highly recommended by investment experts as it's located in a strategic position.
  • Secondly, Zeytinburnu is a culturally and historically rich district and with this feature, it never ceases to amaze foreigners.
  • Lastly, Bagcilar is preferred by many as the district is located in the center of the city.