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Bayrampasa is one of the regions of Istanbul that has gained value in the real estate market recently. Bayrampasa, which is followed with interest by real estate investors, is almost re-established with urban transformation projects. These urban transformation projects carried out in different parts of Bayrampasa are among the most important factors that increase the value of the region. These realized projects provide significant progress and development in the field of real estate for the region. As a result of the research made for Bayrampasa, one of the developing districts of Istanbul, a 33.44% price increase was detected in the real estate market within a year. This makes the region attractive to those who are considering buying real estate in the region both for settlement and investment purposes. 

If you are thinking of buying a house for sale in Istanbul Bayrampasa, you can make your choice from a model project as a new real estate or as second-hand real estate. No matter how you make the choice, there are some points you should pay attention to regarding this decision you will make. Some details are very important to minimize the negative situations that you may encounter. Some of the things to consider in this context are as follows:

  • Determining the budget you will allocate for the real estate product you will buy
  • Pre-screening of the most suitable options for your needs and tastes.
  • Conducting market research on the real estate product to be purchased
  • Proximity to transportation facilities and social activity areas
  • Return to be provided at the investment point
  • Working with the right company during the real estate purchase process

The average m² price of residences for sale in Bayrampasa, the developing district of Istanbul, is stated as 1042 USD. A house with this feature takes 19 years to return as a cost to the investor.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Bayrampasa?

Real estate prices in Bayrampasa vary from region to region. Considering the 2023 year-end statistical data, it is seen that the regions that gained the most value are Cevatpasa, Vatan, and Terazidere. Prices in the region vary according to the features of the real estate product, its design features, the possibilities of transportation, and social activity areas.


Average M² unit price:


1408,51 USD

Ismet Pasa

1300,33 USD


1030,45 USD


1160,33 USD


957,85 USD

How are the Prices of Properties in Bayrampasa Determined?

 Many factors are affecting the housing prices in Bayrampasa The most important of these factors are its location and the neighborhood it is located in. It is observed that being closer to the social and commercial areas causes an increase in real estate prices. The neighborhood has a direct effect on your lifestyle so, this also affects the price. The extent to which it responds to your needs can also be a factor affecting the price. Some features that you are looking for and want in-home standards can affect the price upwards. For example; a swimming pool, car parking area, gym and so on. The other factor is the type of house you will buy and the m² it has. Features such as how many rooms, how many square meters, and what type of residence the real estate product you are considering buying directly affect the price. However, it is another factor that has an impact on the real estate sector in economic indicators. Any difference in the variables within the scope of the economy affects the price.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Bayrampasa?

Bayrampasa is one of the districts that has recently increased its importance in the real estate market with new projects within the scope of urban transformation. Bayrampasa attracts the attention of real estate investors in the last period with its other features. The advantages of the Bayrampasa district to its buyers are as follows.

  • Opportunity to become a citizen of the Republic of Turkey: With an investment of 400,000 USD in the real estate sector in Bayrampasa, you earn the chance to apply for Turkish citizenship right away.
  • Location and ease of transportation: The region is very close to commercial and social centers in terms of transportation. It provides convenience to its investors with a variety of transportation such as subway, bus, and Metrobus.
  • Newly completed projects: You can have a modernly designed residence that meets your needs in the new urban environment shaped within the scope of urban transformation.
  • Investment opportunities: You can make a profit in the short term with your investment in this region, which is getting more valuable every day.

What are the Features of Properties Located in Bayrampasa?

Since Bayrampasa is a region within the scope of regional transformation, it offers its investors many privileged features together. These features can be listed as follows:

  • New and designed buildings according to the modern perception of the period: Projects completed within the scope of the transformation offer completely renovated buildings in Bayrampasa, designed by today's needs, to investors.
  • Ease of transportation: Bayrampasa has the opportunity to provide easy access to all areas around it as a region. Diversity in means of transportation is one of the obvious advantages.
  • Proximity to social areas: Proximity to the surrounding areas such as Forum Istanbul Shopping Center and social areas are among the characteristics of the properties in this area.
  • The advantage is given to its investors in terms of investment: When the recent graph is examined, it is observed that the region has appreciated and continues to be appreciated in terms of investment. The properties located in the Bayrampasa region provide income to their investors.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Bayrampasa?

Especially for foreign citizens, Turkey has the feature of being a highly preferred country for investment. The breakthroughs in the real estate sector and world-class structures are just two of the main reasons for this situation. Bayrampasa is just one of the remarkable names on the list when it comes to investment suitability in the real estate sector. It is possible to count many reasons to own a property in this district:

  • Opportunity to become a Turkish citizen: Foreign citizens who buy a property in Turkey worth 400,000 USD in Bayrampasa are allowed to become a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
  • Being a host: Bayrampasa has a wide catalog suitable for the modern residence of your dreams, which has the advantages of use, has a beautiful environment, and will meet all your expectations.
  • Investment advantages: It is a region that is highly preferred by investors of its increasingly valuable projects in the region.

What are the Property Types and Options in Bayrampasa?

Bayrampasa is a district with a very wide catalog in terms of the real estate sector. For investors who are considering buying a property, it contains many options in line with their tastes and preferences. The variety of real estate that can be found in the Bayrampasa district is as follows:

  • Luxurious and top-class residences: It has a variety of residences that offer a luxurious and comfortable life with many conveniences to its buyers, along with modern and marvelous residences.
  • Flats (1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1): Although they have a wide variety of flats with many options, these flats provide a lot of advantages to their users in terms of usage area.
  • Residences with the potential to provide prestige: Prestigious, magnificent, and comfortable residences with many examples both as offices and flats can be shown among the options waiting for their buyers in Bayrampasa.

Who are the Properties in Bayrampasa Suitable for?

The residences in Bayrampasa cover a wide range of people within the scope of suitability for living. Those included in this broad group are as follows:

  • Nuclear and large families with children
  • Those who live alone
  • Newly married couples
  • Pensioners
  • Businessmen
  • Investors

What are the Living Standards Like in Bayrampasa?

Bayrampasa district, consisting of 11 neighborhoods and a settled population of approximately 280 thousand people, is one of the settlements that has shown a great attack in the direction of development in the recent period. Bayrampasa region; Since it is a very active district in terms of business, education, health, and trade as well as culture, shopping, and sociality, it provides many advantages to those who live in this region. Bayrampasa, with its potential, provides the opportunity to live in a comfortable, peaceful, modern, and high-standard environment for those who want to own a house in this region.

What Are The Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Bayrampasa?

In many parts of Istanbul, there are districts with features such as the Bayrampasa region. Districts with similar characteristics are as follows.

  • Eyup Sultan: Eyup Sultan is a popular tourist destination with its Eyupsultan Mosque and Pierre Loti cafe with a magnificent view of the Golden Horn.
  • Bahcelievler: Neighboring Bakirkoy from the north, Bahcelievler comes with a vast of property options.
  • Zeytinburnu: Bordering Bakirkoy, Zeytinburnu has plenty of similar properties due to its location.