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Things to consider while buying property in Esenyurt start with investigating options that will meet your expectations. Do detailed research to reach the most suitable option that meets your expectations from the house you will buy. Make a preliminary assessment of the options you find as a result of your research.

Compare the value of the house with its market value. Compare the other examples of the house you will buy with similar characteristics and located in the same location.

Proximity to social areas, your workplace, and ease of access are important. The proximity of home and workplace, where we spend our lives the most, is one of the details that should be considered when buying a house. However, you should also pay attention to the proximity of the house you will buy to the social living areas and the variety of transportation it provides to you. Diversity in transportation possibilities and ease of transportation are very important.

Working with companies that are experts in their field while buying a house plays a major role. Working with companies that are expert, experienced and reliable will protect you against possible bad situations.

Esenyurt, which continues to develop day by day, draws attention, especially with the progress in housing projects.

The real estate market for sale in the region has increased by 3% in the last month. Average housing prices in the region were expressed as 3,562 TL (257.85 USD) per m². The recovery period is expressed as 12 years.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Esenyurt?

Esenyurt prices of houses for sale in Istanbul differ in price points depending on different variables. These variables can be evaluated as the region where it is located, environmental factors, and the characteristics of the house. When we evaluate regionally, the regions that gained the most value in Esenyurt as of December 2021, respectively; Fatih, Incirtepe, Inonu, Mehtercesme, and Baglarcesme.


Average m² price:


997 USD


904 USD


926 USD

Asık Veysel

912 USD


818 USD


545 USD


728 USD

The price varies according to the exchange rate.

How are the Prices of Properties in Esenyurt Determined?

In Esenyurt, one of the regions of Istanbul whose value is increasing day by day, the demand for buying flats has been increasing recently. Esenyurt has become a remarkable region with its urban construction and the Avcilar-Beylikduzu Metrobus line, the construction of which was completed in 2012. For Esenyurt, the location of the house, its width, and its features it has been effective in determining the price. On the other hand, the region has started to attract the attention of investors, especially in the last period, thanks to its earning potential. With the completion of the Bakirköy-Avcilar-Esenyurt-Beylikduzu-Buyukcekmece metro line, it is expected to become an increasingly valuable location. The fact that the residences in the region are being transformed into site-type projects with security and social opportunities, and that the region will also host new transportation projects, shapes the investment potential and real estate prices.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Esenyurt?

While it was an underdeveloped region until recently, Esenyurt is a district that is taking firm steps towards development and progress today. With the innovative investments made, it is now expressed by taking a region that is gaining value day by day. Buying real estate in this developing region provides many advantages to its buyers. To briefly mention these advantages:

  • Being a Turkish Citizen: By investing 400,000 USD in the sector of real estate in Turkey, you have the right to obtain Turkish citizenship of the Republic of Turkey.
  • Quality transportation opportunities: You gain the advantage of convenience in transportation, especially with the projects brought to the region in the field of transportation recently.
  • Living in a neighborhood with beautiful streets: With the Model Streets project, you will have the opportunity to live in a well-kept, forested, and clean neighborhood created in Esenyut.
  • New, modern, and stylishly designed projects: You will have the opportunity to live in modern, stylish residences designed for your needs.
  • Opportunities for health and education: You will have the chance to benefit from the advanced health and education opportunities provided in the district.
  • Advantages at the point of investment: You will make a profit with the investments you will make in this region, which is expected to make great progress and add value to its value in the short term.

What are the Features of Properties Located in Esenyurt?

The features of properties located in Esenyurt are as follows.

  • Larger usage area in the residence: The projects in the newly restructured region are offered to the investors of larger and more useful apartments.
  • Buildings with a new and modern design: In the newly shaped city structure, the architecture rises with modern and designed beauties.
  • Large garden and sports fields: The projects in the region give more importance to nature and protect green areas, while also hosting areas where people can socialize and do sports.
  • Suitability for investment: The investment potential, which is shaped by the predictions that its value will increase greatly in the short term, can be called the most important feature of the properties in this region.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Esenyurt?

Esenyurt is an area that shows new development as a region and has high investment potential. It has features that can be used for residential purposes as well as for investment purposes. The reasons for buying a property in Esenyurt can be listed as follows.

  • An investment of 400.000 USD or more in the real estate sector in Esenyurt will give you the privilege of being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, provided that you comply with the necessary official conditions.
  • The investment you will make in the real estate sector in the region has the potential to bring high returns in the long term.
  • The fact that the housing prices in the region are more affordable than in Istanbul offers good alternatives for those looking for affordable housing.

What are the Property Types and Options in Esenyurt?

Esenyurt is a district with a wide range of products in the real estate sector. It has many options for investors who are considering investing in the real estate sector. The variety of real estate you can find in the Esenyurt district can be listed as follows:

  • Apartments (1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1): Although they have the desired size of flats, these flats offer many advantages in terms of usage.
  • Residences, the most beautiful examples of vertical architecture: Prestigious, magnificent, and comfortable residences with many examples both as offices and flats are among the options waiting for their investors in Esenyurt.
  • Luxury and first-class Turkish villa options: The modern villas rising in the region have alternatives that offer convenience, luxury, and comfort to their buyers.

Who are the Properties in Esenyurt Suitable For?

Living in Esenyurt is suitable for many people. Esenyurt, where families, employees, and students can live comfortably, offers many housing alternatives of different sizes. You can use the housing projects for sale in Esenyurt, which have options suitable for different budgets, as an investment tool or you can lead a comfortable life in the house of your dreams. The residences in Esenyurt are suitable for the following groups:

  • Employees
  • Students
  • Those who live alone
  • Newly married couples
  • Families

What are the Living Standards Like in Esenyurt?

Esenyurt, a once-neglected but newly discovered area of Istanbul, is rapidly developing as one of the most modern and high-quality urbanization potential areas of Istanbul. The first step of the quality urbanization system in Esenyurt, transportation, environment, and infrastructure services are being shaped by successful housing projects. Looking at the present day, Esenyurt is the first choice of Istanbulites who prefer the part of the city with its clean air, neat and well-kept streets and well-lit streets, modern and sufficient infrastructure wide and spacious roads, and housing projects rising one after the other.

What Are The Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Esenyurt?

Although Esenyurt is a region with unique characteristics, the districts with some common features are as follows:

  • Gaziosmanpasa: Gaziosmanpasa is found on the European side of Istanbul. The county is characterized by being one of the closest counties to the city center.
  • Bayrampasa: Bayrampasa is covering a large area, Bayrampasa‘s historical reputation comes from being a large artichoke producer in the past.
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