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Kadikoy is on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Kadikoy stretches along a very long coastline in the northwest-southeast direction from Haydarpasa to the end of Bostanci along the Marmara coast. The D-100 Highway also forms the northern border of the county. The district has a surface area of 25,22 km2, consisting of ten neighborhoods with 533,452 people in total. 

Kadikoy, which is one of the oldest settlements on the Anatolian Side, has an important location in terms of transportation. The main transportation roads connecting various districts of Istanbul pass through the Kadikoy District. In Kadikoy, which ranked 2nd among all districts in the "Quality of Life Survey in Istanbul" lastly conducted in 2015, facilities are diverse and the quality of life is of a high standard. In Kadikoy, there are both traditional houses with unique structures and modern houses built in recent years. It is a district with a large number of housing projects. Some important points to consider when purchasing a property in Kadikoy are listed below.

  • Returns on Investment: Buying from new projects in Kadikoy will provide both high rental income and confidence that will keep them away from future risks.
  • Determine Your Requirements: First of all, a target should be determined whether it is rental income or to maintain or increase the value of the future residence. Accordingly, the project products to be selected can be determined. Because there are housing types suitable for all three purposes in Kadikoy.
  • Project Options: In Kadikoy, there are mostly new types and extremely durable and modern apartments built according to the new official regulation. These are successful structures that have emerged as a result of a wide variety of projects. In addition to these, there are overdue houses in urban renewal. Before buying a house, it is recommended to examine the date of construction and the regulation at that time. It will be safe to follow new projects.
  • Real Estate Agent: When buying a property in Istanbul, it is very important to work with a professional real estate agent because the firm must fully understand your needs to offer you the best options.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Kadikoy?  

The average price of a 135-square-meter property in Kadikoy ranges between US$146,700 and US$631,700.

Average Unit Price              2,900 USD

Average Price                      349,740 USD

Min. Max. Unit Price         1,626 USD - 4,293 USD

Average Gross Area (m2)      135

How are the Prices of Properties in Kadikoy Determined?

The price of the site in Kadikoy varies according to its size, type, and features. The size, nature, and structure of the residence are three of the most important factors in determining the price, but the date of construction of the property also plays an important role. The coastal part of Kadikoy has several houses with sea views. These houses have a maximum of four floors and have a long coastline in front of them. It is possible to do walking, sports, picnic, and various social activities on this beach. As you enter the inner districts, there are more valuable residences along Bagdat Street. As you go north from Baghdad Street, the districts are quieter and more residential quarter. It has a peaceful atmosphere. In these regions, there are residences in the new projects. The price is affected by the construction date and district of the house.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Kadikoy?

The district of Kadikoy is a popular and attractive place among both locals and foreigners, as it offers a wide variety of opportunities and has a high demographic structure. Having more social opportunities, and the advantage of its location are among the benefits of buying a house. In addition to this, it provides high returns for those who plan an income for rental purposes, as there is no risk of loss of value for investment purposes.

  • Turkish Citizenship and Residence Permit: A residency permit is available to everyone who owns a property in Turkey. Foreigners who buy a residence in Kadikoy for at least US$400,000 will be eligible for Turkish citizenship.
  • Value for Money: When the right residence is chosen in Kadıkoy and the right investment is made for the purpose, the value of the money will be multiplied upwards. The district risk level is low in protecting the value of money.
  • Living costs: Costs of living, such as electricity and gas bills, insurance, and property taxes, are inexpensive in Turkey compared to other European countries.
  • Return on Investment: Kadikoy is a district with a large number of successful housing projects that have become an investment area of many and varied types in Istanbul. There are many opportunities because there are different projects and different types of housing in different districts of the county.

What are the Features of Properties Located in Kadikoy?                

You can find a list below of the property features in Kadikoy.

  • Outdoor, indoor, children’s swimming pools
  • Marina
  • Sea Views
  • Commercial units
  • Cinema room
  • Garden
  • Terraces
  • Pool
  • Children’s playground
  • 24/7 security
  • Gym and fitness center
  • Walking tracks
  • Activity room
  • Sauna
  • External heat insolation

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Kadikoy?

The reasons for buying a property in Kadikoy are listed below.

  • Seaside apartments, modern apartments
  • Having all city amenities
  • Close to the train station, Metrobus station
  • Shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes
  • Luxury facilities
  • Turkish citizenship

What are the Property Types and Options in Kadikoy?

Property types and options in Kadikoy can be found below.

  • 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 4+2, 5+1, flat and duplex apartment options
  • 5+2 Istanbul villas with private balconies

Who are the Properties in Kadikoy Suitable for?

Properties located in Kadikoy are suitable for the following people.

  • Families with children
  • Working professionals
  • Single People
  • Retirees

What are the Living Standards Like in Kadikoy?

Property owners in Kadikoy will have an opportunity with comfortable and high living standards in Istanbul. All needs will be easily met and they will have transportation opportunities and diversity. Kadikoy's beautiful settlement combines good everyday life, work, shopping, and entertainment. In addition, the residences in the districts have a peaceful and calm structure. Kadikoy also has a coastline where they can relax and watch the breathtaking views while living in a comfortable environment. Social amenities, entertainment alternatives, and other elements are benefits for residents.

What are The Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Kadikoy?

Other counties of Istanbul that have properties similar to Kadikoy are included below.

  • Besiktas: The lively fish market in the center of Besiktas, located on the coast on the European side, forms narrow streets. Neighborhood shops, pleasant bars, and affordable restaurants are lined up on these streets. Dolmabahce Palace and Naval Museum overlook the Bosphorus. Besiktas stadium, which has a world-famous view, where the Besiktas football team plays in sports competitions, is located in this district. It is very similar to Kadikoy with its housing diversity and new projects and these mentioned features.
  • Pendik: Pendik is an ancient residential area on the shore of the Marmara Sea. The most important similar feature of Kadikoy is the diversity and structure of the new housing projects.
  • Maltepe: Maltepe is the neighboring district of Kadikoy, which has the characteristics of Kadikoy to a certain extent with its settlement style and districts, and has a coast to the Sea of ​​Marmara.
  • Uskudar: Located on the Asian side of Istanbul, Uskudar properties are a popular option for foreigners and residents.
  • Beykoz: Beykoz is a county of Istanbul that comes with a large number of high-scale residential complexes similar to Kadikoy residences.